Dislike An LV Character?

definately grissom, he acts like he is smarter and above everyone else everytime i turn on csi lv. plus the whole relationship with sara was just handled so badly in my mind. to me it could of been a perfect teacher/student relationship but nope not the case
I actually liked sarah, she reminds me of me! lol. But the people i dislike is conrad, you just wanna such smash his nuts with a lead boot yah know?:guffaw:

Sofia, i sort of like or she's ok. I know she had shake in bake in the sack with nicky boy, which he never called back. lol

Hodges, major ass kisser, always wanted grissom's attention... even almost stalking poor grissy when he went online on grissom's seminars as spanky243. He knows he smart but over ego narisim!

Seraphira, Nick and Sofia never did the deed together in the sack and never were together. It was other blonde I don't know who she is that he dance with, (Built to Kill.)

I still don't like Sofia, Ecklie and sometime Hodges, once in a great while, he don't kiss up with Grissom.

Catherine, I sometime I like her and sometime I don't.
Sofia, i sort of like or she's ok. I know she had shake in bake in the sack with nicky boy, which he never called back. lol

That was actually Detective Secula that he had dinner with and didn't call afterward (doesn't mean he wasn't going to!). :) Season One, "Sex, Lies, and Larvae".
I don't like Ronnie that girl that replaced Sara she likes her job to much like she wants a crime to happen. Which i think is totally wrong!
I agree with that statement. Ronnie was a very annoyingrookie. She asked way too many questions and i felt like they got her to replace Sara. But all of sudden Sara leaves and we don't see Ronnie anymore. That made no sense whatsoever.

The character on CSI that I dislike the most is Catherine. I think she is very nosy and she doesn't quite fit the CSI profile. She is a great CSI but I think she gets emotiuonally involved a lot. She also doesn't like to listen to her authority. My favorite character is Sara.
I don't like:

Sara - she has this "I am b*tch" watch out mentality. Especially with her feelings for Grissom (earlier) I mean he doesn't want her then move on. Don't bring private feelings into a professional workplace.

Catherine- I used to love her character because she was so strong and intelligent. But then the more I watch the show, I have noticed that she thinks the world owes her. There is always a comment that goes "I earned it....I have been here longer so I should get it...." Whether she is able to do the job or not, she thinks she should get priority in all cases. In my professional experience, I would have canned someone like her.

Warwick- he's the man and there is really nothing wrong with his character. I just hate his "zoolander" look that he gives ALL the time.

Ecklie- well, I don't have to say why I hate him and I am pretty sure everyone agrees he is one of the most hated characters on the show.

my favs are (in no particular order)

I'm not a big fan of Wendy. She just comes off as sort of... I don't know, flighty to me. She's just annoying and unnecessary, in my opinion. Maybe that's why she and Hodges make such a great couple. :p
I don't know. I find that at one time or another, each person has annoyed me OR made me love them. I suppose it depends on the circumstances. I find it interesting, though, that most of the "disliked characters" that are mentioned in this thread are female. Sad. :( I like the women on this show. But I've noticed this is a trend on a lot of shows' sites.......
^ I agree. I really don't get why it's always the female characters that most people dislike, or even bash. Even sadder is that most of the time it's women who do the bashing.
Thanks. It's always seemed weird to me. I don't think that men do that so much to other men. I wonder why it is women sometimes seem to feel the need to do it to other women. And the weirdest thing to me is that I happen to LOVE the women on this show in particular simply because they ARE flawed and interesting and different. I'd rather see "bitchy" or "flighty" or "nosy" than boring or normal any day of the week!!! Anyway, don't mean to preach...it's just my (female, by the way) opinion....
Just to put it out there, Wendy [and Sara] are the only one's I didn't like. I'm a huge Catherine, Sophia, and even Mandy fan. But there was just something about those two particular women that annoyed me. To be honest, I do like the men better, because I've always been able to identify better with males; and I don't see anything wrong with that.
I'm not a big fan of Catherine 'cause she jumps to conclusions really quickly and you can't do that in that line of work.

My favorites though are:
Sara (even though she's not on the show anymore)
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I love Sofia. She is the epitome of a perfect woman. Not only is she strong, intelligent but also very human. I would like to see her more in CSI.