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Charity said:
There will never be a resolution if both sides don't make some consessions. That's how negotiations work.

I agree with this. It's about time both sides got back to the table and made some compromises. The strike has effected to may people and their lives. Come on writers lets get back to the table and settle this mess.
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Well, as I said before, I too, agree in fighting for what you rightfully deserve, because you have to look out for yourself and your future, but enough it enough. The key word as JACQUIE pointed out is "compromise!" If they put forth the effort to get back to negotiations with the AMPTP, like they do, picketing outside the studios of the talk shows and the various award shows...then they'd probably be able to get somewhere and get this mess cleared up once and for all.

And it's obvious both sides have forgotten about the people indirectly involved. Everyone else in between that contribute to any successful show. Ok, so I can't say that for sure, but it sure seems like they have!
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i really dont care how much the writers make, i just dont agree with strikes in general. especially when people who have no say in the matter are affected. i think even if the writers get everything they have asked for, by this point the end certainly doesnt justify the means. theyve already lost an amount greater than what they hoped to gain, 100s of people have lost their jobs, and because of the lack of award shows the host cities are out 10s of millions of dollars.

i find it really hard to understand the motive behind the strike. especially when all the information ive seen so far is so obviously biased against the studios its laughable. i agree that the writers should get everything they are etitled to, but if the studios arent agreeing to some of their terms maybe they arent entitled to it. i dont know, i dont understand how the whole business works. but it seems the writers will only settle for everything theyve asked for and the studios will only give in to a few. there must be a reason for that.
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there must be a reason for that.

There's money, plain and simple. Studios don't want to have to give away any more pieces of the pie to writers because they'll end up having to give a bigger share to actors and directors. And let's not forget that what the writers are striking for is a greater minimum percentage of the profits. Any 'name' writer/actor/director is going to be looking for a contract that far exceeds the minimum agreed. IMO, it is a bit unfair for the writers to be promoting that they're 'only' looking for x percent of the profits. It makes it seem like the studios could keep the rest for themselves, when there's more splits to be made.

That said, the studios aren't exactly doing themselves any favours either.
The strategy in a good negotiation is to put everything on the table and then take away some in exchange for getting others. But that'll only work if both sides negotiate and from what I've heard it's the studios more than the writers that seem to be digging in.
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It wasn't the money, they already got the 8%. It was the internet and youtube they want on that contract. WGA already got the contract ready for AMPTP to sign it. When AMPTP saw the internet and youtube on the contract, they want it out the contract. That is why the writers are mad about it.

Weinsten CO. make a deal with the striking writers. We may hear the end of the day, if the writers go back to the table.

They already went to talk yesterday about make a deal.
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So here's an interesting article that I wanted to pass on:

CBS Chief Moonves Wants to Get Back to Table With Writers

According to the article he says steps are being taken to get back to the table. As you guys probably know, CBS is the weakest position of all the networks in terms of "new" programming for the rest of the tv season, and despite what Moonves says, they are the most willing to bargain.

Who wants to call Les? Tell him to stop messing around and make a deal with the WGA with or without the rest of the AMPTP!

The phone number: 1.212.975.4545

In case you are unsure of what to say, heres a script for the call: Click here.

Thanks in advance for taking a moment out of your Friday to help with this important action.

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I hope this works, I love the idea and if it does work then Kudos, if it doesn't it took guts and was worth a try, something has to be done. - George Clooney Recruits All-star Mediation Team.
"He's robbed millions from Sin City vaults, so who's to say he can't solve the unsolvable? George Clooney is assembling a "mediation panel," composed of several Hollywood heavy hitters, which would set out to get the WGA strike resolved once and for all. As reported by Nikke Finke's, Clooney plans to ask Steven Spielberg, Tom Hanks and John Wells ("a controversial ex-WGA president"), as well as three or four producer-sympathetic bigwigs, to join this strike-striking squad.
While pitching the idea in a phone call to Harvey Weinstein (who is also onboard), Clooney is said to have suggested that the panel lock all involved parties in a room and then tell each side as each term is negotiated, "You have to live with this and get over it."
^^ AMEN To that last part. :D
Re: Writers Strike - Is it going to have an effect on TV sho've got that right Destiny. I hope this brings some resolve to the situation on hand.
Re: Writers Strike - Is it going to have an effect on TV sho

lol I know there's a reason why I love George Clooney. :lol:
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Finally someone says what we have all benn saying!

They do need to get over it and stop acting like 4 yr olds. This isn't a piece of candy this is people's jobs and lives.

Thank you George Clooney for having the guts to make this all known!
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Good Luck to George Clooney and his team. It's about time someone treated the parties like children. We can only cross our fingers and hope this works out.
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sadl both sides care more about their egos than the people they've put out of work
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As far as I'm concerned they all need to just grow up. I'm afraid I'd tell them if they didn't want to get back to work that there were some young eager writers starting out that would love to get a shot at writing for a hit show. Besides some of these shows could use better writers. (CSIM for one) Please I'm sure these writers starting out would do a whole lot better. These people act worse than my grandkids do. Grow up!!!!!!!!!!!!
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You know what my concern is?

When we had the baseball strike many,many years ago, even before some people on this board were born, it was a long, long time before people took the time out to actually watch the games again both in stadium and on TV.

So my concern is that while I think there's a general sympathy for the writers, the ratings will never get back to where they were before the strike.

If the strike continues, it could have long lasting effects down the road and in the long run, everyone is going to lose from this-the writers, the studios, the actors and the fans.

People will genuinely find other things to do with their time because no one is going to wait around forever for these guys to actually sit down and come to a compromise.

Again, my sympathy is for the writers because I truly believe they deserve a better deal, but on the same token they may need to look at the big picture and wonder if it will all be worth it in the end. It maybe a long time for the ratings to recover from this.

People will not sit around waiting forever, life does go on without TV-hard to believe even for me.
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For anyone trying to keep up here is a bit of help. This help isn't for or against either of the sides but rather for some who are not sure what happened last or who just want to keep up if possible.
Yahoo News: Writers Guild Strike Full Coverage

These links go to individual news stories of late regarding the strike, I don't really read to many places I only keep it to a couple and what I find and what someone else might find of interest. Striking Writers Head For The Internet.
Yahoo News: Writers Guild mulls pickets for Grammys
Yahoo News: Grammys seek use of striking writers
Yahoo News: Studios cancel writers contracts
Yahoo News: Director John Singleton loses TV deal due to strike

Dear lord please let George and gang succeed in helping to bring this to an end, I am keeping my opinion on what I think of all this to myself for now to see what the out come will be. :lol: