Degrassi: The Next Generation

Next Gen CSI: New team in new season!

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  • OK! The current team is broken anyway!

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  • Nah! It won't change the show anyway!

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It was like Emma and Manny switched places. Im surprised The-N didnt edit out the part where Emma says "It least Im not getting pregnant!"

A ton of people at where like "Manny is pregnant??" But she was in Season 3 with Craigs baby.

I knew...they took off the episode cause it was 'too much' for fans to take.And she got an abortion and her parents kicked her out of the cousion got preggers in HS. Plus i mean the fans would of liked that drama. I know i would!

I watched it and it was good. Degrassi brings up a lot of tough issues and thats one of them... I knew about the episode a while ago but lately it has become a huge discussion online..

I dont remember her parents kicking her out of the house though. At the end of Accidents Will Happen Part 2 Manny is at the clinic signing the forms there. Then she asks some questions about the procedure etc and then the episode ends. I havent seen all that much of season 3 anyway....
I love that show

Jimmy is a HOTTIE!!!!!!!!!!!!
Almost all the guys are hott on it. I love Marco (even though hes gay he is sooooo hott!!!!) and Craig is fine too.. And Jimmy....... And Spinners skater haircut.....ahhhh *wipes off drool*
I use to watch Degrassi but i stopped like monthes back. I then started watching CSI!! I still like it.. It's on right now.. Emma and Jay!!!?? Emma is so... I don't know..
The whole friends with benefits thing...Ewwwww.. And the van.. EWWWWWWWW X10
I love Jimmy. Emma is getting a little annoying so the only reason I watched this new episode is to see Jimmy in his new wheels.
Hey Dance2nite926,
I absolutely love Degrassi:TNG!!! what site was it that u got to watch degrassi on?? :confused:
I tried looking for it, but I don't think we get it here. Is the channel a special order one??
I tried looking for it, but I don't think we get it here. Is the channel a special order one??

Its on digital cable. Or satellite, but it isnt the most basic service of satellite (at least where i live..)

Its usually Nog/N cause its Noggin during the day (6 am to 6 pm) which is for younger kids. Then its The-N at night. Check out the official website of the-n to help..