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Ooo, I want in, I want in :D
ok, here goes nothing:

Speed/Calleigh: Ok, I have to admit, I never actually thought of this until I visited this part of the forum and saw the thread for it. I just thought "AWWW, THAT'S SO CUTE!" so I started reading through the threads and went back and watched a few of the episodes, and now I've been picking up on the little things. For example, the way they are always teasing each other, like in Wet Foot/Dry Foot when Calleigh is trying to tell him how to do something, and he says "Do you want to do this?" and Calleigh replies with "No. It's a guy thing". Just things like that. Little pieces of banter that remind me of early childhood when a boy likes a girl, so he'll tease her to let her know that he likes her. I, like the other Talleigh fans (we're a dying breed out here) am rather annoyed about that fact that we only got one true episode in Blood Moon. That was the only case that they worked together by themselves. I mean, and no disrespect to Hip Huggers, but Eric and Calleigh worked heaps of cases together over the same period, and we only got the one. It was very frustrating. Which brings me to my next point - the scene in 'Invasion'. Of course, the Talleigh shippers will know what I'm talking about, but it's this scene where Speed is trying to get evidence out of a balaclava, and Calleigh is trying to tell him how to do it and then he says "Calleigh, I've uh, done this before" and then they kinda of exchange smiles, but Speed smirks at her. I mean, he SMIRKS! He never smirks. I think I've only seen him smile once or twice, and the other time was when he was talking to Alexx about Jimmy Hutton, but thats a story for another day. The fact that Calleigh was able to make him smile in any way, shape or form was a big indication because he's so broody and sarcastic. And also, since the start of season 3, Calleigh doesn't seem to be her normal bubbly self. She now seems to be a lot more serious and (I hate to say it) robotronic. But that may have something to do with Hagen, but she definately seemed to have changed before then.

Ok, now that being said, I'm inclined to agree with some of you guys. I'm all for ships in fanfics, but it wouldn't be good for the show. Let's face it, CSI is supposed to be about forensics not relationships, and's fun to speculate :p

*wipes brow* phew, that was a lot of writing :lol:
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carlz31 said:
I mean, and no disrespect to Hip Huggers, but Eric and Calleigh worked heaps of cases together over the same period, and we only got the one. It was very frustrating.

None taken. We feel your pain! Season 2 was definately Hip Huggers heaven, but we are paying for it now. Did you happen to watch Season 4 at all :lol:.

To be honest, I really wished we could have seen a bit more Speed/Calleigh interaction. I think they had a good dynamic. I never really got into them when Speed was still on the show *sobs* because I hardly ever saw them together much, and truthfully, I was just looking out for the E/C moments ;). But like I said, I read the odd fic with them in, and all though I prefer E/C, I would have been totally open for them to get together on the show.
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That's actually kind of the thing I like about the Speed/Calleigh relationship -- the subtlety, the tiny things that make you go 'hmmm...'. Don't get me wrong, I would have loved to see more between them; but it's the little things that get me. The little things that are supposedly nothing more, nothing less than what they are, but there's a whole world of interpretation that can be read into it.

Like I said before...that was my one peeve with Ryan/Calleigh - that they're always right up in your face and I just find that excessive. Early season three I loved them, but as it went on, I just found it too much. So with S/C, and even E/C, it's the little things more than the huge shippy moments that get me...although it is great when they do decide to throw in something huge, like the "trust you with every fiber" line, of course. :D
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^Every time I watch that episode I end up rewinding it to watch that scene about twenty times :lol:. I agree with you, especially about Ryan/Calleigh although part of me thinks I don't like it because I resent Ryan for replacing Speed ;). But I just really can't get into the character (Ryan) and the pairing. Season 4's love triangle didn't help things either :rolleyes:.
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That line is like the line. I find it significant because knowing Calleigh's past (or what little pieces we know of it), Calleigh doesn't seem like the type to readily put her trust in just anybody. Her deep loyalty in Horatio is one thing, but for her to trust Eric with every fiber of her being? That gets me every time.

I love Ryan to death. Calleigh too. I just don't like them together. Inversely, I don't care too much for either Horatio or Yelina, but I like them together. I'm odd like that. :lol:

But yeah, Ryan/Calleigh. Their first episode together; the one where he gave his lunch to the gator or whatever. Was that Under the Influence? 'Cause I loved that episode. I remember seeing all the R/C interaction and thinking, "aww, this could be cute every few episodes or so," and then bam! It's in every episode. It may not even be the pairing I dislike as much as how often we see it. Which obviously is the one point I keep coming back to. So much of the same thing just doesn't appeal to me. I've gotten annoyed with other pairings in other fandoms because of that too.

Season 4's love triangle didn't help things either

Season four in itself didn't help things. :lol:
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Yeah that's the one problem I have with Ryan/Calleigh, as Jessica237, pointed out. It seems as though it's being shoved in your face in every episode, and don't get me wrong, I love banter and playful chit chat, but there comes a time when I just want to watch the episode, and not the characters' undying love for each other. :rolleyes: (If you believe they have an undying love for each other of course)

But the reason I loved Speed/Calleigh so much is that they didn't have something in every episode. And when you did get an inkling, it was subtle but noticable. Like the scene in 'Blood Moon' at the end where Speed gets upset and walks away, and Calleigh stares at the door with that sad look on her face. :( (And plus I found it cute when he held the door open for her when they were with Melanie Hines in the interrogation room)

But it's a shame they never worked together so much, and it would have been great to see more from these two because it's obvious they have a nice chemistry. (No disrespect to the other ships.) Then again, Calleigh has good chemistry with almost all the CSI men. :lol:

*sigh* In all honesty, it just makes me mad because Speed died so that ship was essentially blown out of the water. But you have to admit, Calleigh hasn't been the same since his 'death' and really, if Hagen had died and Speed was still there, would things have played out the same? ;) Who knows.

...Now that I'm done ranting, you may all step in at any time. :p
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Yeah, Calleigh does have this bubbly thing going on that makes the whole flirting thing seem realistic with everybody. Or at least, she used to. After Lost Son, those bubbles just seemed to go pop. :(

Sure, losing a friend is hard, but Calleigh's done a complete 180. She's the complete opposite of who she was in the first two seasons. And that huge personality change did come around the time of Lost Son. I was also kinda upset that we never really saw her react to Speed's death. I mean, Eric did everything he did in season three, but Calleigh? She just hid everything away and turned robotic and went on like that was normal. I keep comparing Speed's death to that of Janet Medrano, and sure, Calleigh was upset about the latter, but then she was bubbly again in season two. Speed's death seems to have rocked her very core, and she's just now getting to the point where she smiles again.

Man, I'm gonna have to watch Blood Moon when I go home this weekend.
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I still don't think she's quite there yet. Sure, she became a little happier towards the end of Season 4, but if you compare her to Season 1 Calleigh, she's a completely different person. As much as I love her being a strong independant woman, but that doesn't mean she has to be devoif of any emotion. It infuriated me that they didn't really explore any of the teams emotions after Speedle's death, that's why I always mantain that at some point, preferably now, they need to have a confrontation. Especially Eric and Calleigh. Neither have been the same since and they've drifted so far apart. They were probably the closest to Speed as well. I hope more than anything we get to see Calleigh (and Eric for that matter) happy by the end of this season :(.
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*sighs* Long live that Talleigh scene in Invasion *points down to signature teehee*

Calleigh hasn't been the same since Speed died. Sure, I'm a talleigh fan and I'm speculating but face it. She's not bubbly she's not all "Ohhh it was a fantastic voyage" she's more like "Ok, great someone die. I'll get right on it." And I think it got even worse when Hagen died.

And yes I am still peeved about how we only got one Talleigh episode. So I tend to savor all the little moments between the two just to try and balance it all out. But sometimes less is more. But when you think of all the E/C episode there are with them working cases together it really isn't far. I mean even Speed and Eric worked together more then Calleigh and Speed did.
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I love how this has turned into the Talleigh thread. :lol:

So let's just bump this back to it's original purpose. :p

I'd like to see some Calleigh/Eric interaction in season five, because in season four we really didn't get much at all, as said above. And I'm not liking the whole Eric/Natalia ship because it just seemed so contrived to me. I could never get into it, even if I kept an open mind.

As for Horatio/Yelina, that's something I'll be shipping more when season five rolls around.

And, the jury's still out on CaRWash for me. :rolleyes:
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Yeah, it's safe to say that Season 4 has deprived several ships from watching their favourite couple together. I know the pain unfortunately :(.

Sometimes, it seems as though the writers don't know how to balance out the pairing. They keep sticking the same characters together all the time. It gets frustrating.

And I agree strongly that Calleigh is not as cheerful as she used to be. And she's not having much luck in the love department either. Poor Cal.. :(. She deserves some lovin'.
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Oh, I forgot about Eric/Boa Vista....maybe that's because I tend to block out that part of season 4....ok yeah so i tend to block out all of season 4 but still.

I didn't like that ship because I thought it was kinda forced into the show. It was hurried and there wasn't anything to it really. Except for that whole pregnancy scare or what not.

Vista: I'm late
Eric: For what?

...I'm sorry but that was like the best scene ever! lol.

But all joking aside I just don't see how it would have worked.
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Vista: I'm late
Eric: For what?

I was surprised the writers didn't have Eric say something along the lines of "well, you better get going then! Should I drive you?" :rolleyes: :lol:

Personally, I thought that whole ship came out of nowhere. No build-up, no real beginning, just bam, right in your face. If I hadn't read spoilers, I think my thought would have been "...wha? where did that come from?"

And then the whole Ryan/Natalia/Eric thing? For a little while there I thought we were in Miami Dade High School or something instead of the crime lab.
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I agree with the whole love triangle seemed so ridiculous and forced to me. Like, they brought in a new character, and while we were still adjusting to it, they had her sleep with two of the CSI's for no apparent reason. And I agree that it came out of no-where. There was no lead up or warning, just one episode Eric said "I had fun last night" or something like that and I was just like "What the...?"

and yes, the "I'm late" "For What?" was the best scene ever! but then again, it was kinda ridiculous too, I mean Eric is supposed to be a scientist and he still couldn't pick up on what she was saying...when that bit was on, I don't think I saw the rest of the scene because I was laughing so hard :lol:
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Haha yeah the whole "Oh yeah you left your bracelet under my couch." and it turns out that it wasn't her bracelet. That just went to show how much of a playboy Eric is again.

But I do love later in that episode...what was it Skeletons with the whole pregnancy scare. Anyways Paula's like "Its easier if you just press the button" I love Paula.

But seriously, that whole love triangle thing was idiotic. "Clear for landing" yeah, Delko didn't mean it the way it sounded I think. And for Ryan to go and say that to Boa Vista was just wrong. I think the whole thing was nothing but a big jealousy thing...well for Ryan anyway because he liked her. And then in the end I think Vista only went out with Ryan to make Eric Jealous.

*sighs* Its just like High School