Debate/Dislike a Ship Thread -- CSI:Miami


Whenever someone starts a thread to discuss a general topic from all three shows, I've noticed that CSI: NY and CSI: Miami always seem to be overwhelmed by various permutations of Grissom/Sara/Catherine/Nick. Thus, this thread is for discussing and debating the pros and cons of the various ships from CSI: Miami only.

There will be some ground rules. If the rules are followed, we should be all right.

Ground Rules
1) No personal attacks/flames on individuals or groups (ex: "Those Ryan/Calleigh people are jerks" or "All Eric/Ryan shippers are whiney babies"). You have to respect each other.

2) No homophobic comments when discussing slash.

3) No trolling. (ex: Don't jump on and say "This ship SUCKS!!!") This is a discussion thread, so present a reasoned argument.

4) No polls. We have TONS of poll threads. This thread is for discussion and discussion only.

5) There will be NO discussion that couple A or character A cannot be gay since everybody has a right to ship who they want.

6) It does not matter if a couple is CANON or not. This is about ANY couple you ship.

If you use this thread to flame or otherwise abuse each other, we'll warn the offenders and lock the thread. When in doubt, check the Board Rules.

So, what are your thoughts on the various Miami ships? Would you like to see romance on the show? Is there a couple that doesn't make sense?
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Re: The Great Ship Debate--CSI: Miami

First off, I'll just say that I'm not into ships going canon on TV. I like them much better in fanfic.

The very first fanfics I ever read were Tim/Calleigh. That is my favorite Miami ship. They are just too cute together. He's the strong, silent type. She's the perky, hyper type. They fit so well together. They had great chemistry and worked well together. I loved how she always called him Tim instead of Speedle.

Horatio/Calleigh - I never really pictured them together but I had started reading the series fics on and kind of got hooked on them. While I can't see them together on the show, they work well in fanfiction.

Calleigh/Delko - While they have great chemistry on the show together, I just can't get into this ship. I have read several of them and the chemistry is lacking IMO.

I've never read Calleigh/Ryan...but they have great chemistry and if I came across one of them, I would read it.

CSI:Miami slash - I never could get into any of the guys paired up together and I did read a couple Speedle/Delko and one was Speedle/Horatio/Delko. They just didn't do it for me.

One pairing that I am very fond of is Speedle/Danny (from CSI:NY). I love reading fics on those two. I guess because I like both characters so much.

I guess I like these crossover stories because I'd love to see a fic with Calleigh and Flack (also from NY). I don't know why but I can just see them sizzle as a couple. Call me crazy but if I wrote fic, I'd write about it. (Fay, where are you when I need you?)
Re: The Great Ship Debate--CSI: Miami

1CSIMfan said:
First off, I'll just say that I'm not into ships going canon on TV. I like them much better in fanfic.

I'm the same way. I love ship in fanfic, but I have serious misgivings about it on the show. Now, that is not to say I wouldn't be interested in seeing Ryan get a girlfriend we hear about once in a while or seeing Calleigh off on a date when she's called into work. That's real life, and I would love to see that on the show.

What I don't like is having two major characters shoe-horned into a relationship that doesn't make sense for the characters. I also don't like the potential of canon relationships to ruin what I love about CSI. Romance on the show is good in small doses, but if two main characters got together, I worry it would overwhelm the show.

Also, as a multi-shipper, I like having the freedom to imagine Calleigh with Ryan one week and Eric the next. I like to pair different people up and see what works. If one of the ships became canon, all of that would be taken away from me. For me, the fun is in the possibilities.

Having said all of that ;), there is one ship I would like to see made canon on the show, and that is Horatio/Yelina. It makes sense within the story, and if done correctly, could add a lot to the story. Horatio is at his most human when he's with Yelina. Take the end of "Hurricane Anthony" for example. Horatio was vulerable in a way only Yelina could make him.
Re: The Great Ship Debate--CSI: Miami

Yay, what a nice thread! :D I'm a faithful shipaholic and I practically love Calleigh with every guy in the team (except Speedle).

I used to be a dedicated DuCaine shipper, but ever since S1-2 all the good things I used to see between the two of them have disappeared, so I'm a little disappointed now.

Same thing with Eric/Calleigh. They once had a great chemistry, but I haven't seen that in the last two seasons. They're still two hot people who could share a hot relationship, though.

I'm seriously into CaRWash, cause Cal and Ryan have a great chemistry and there are so many eps where you just can't help thinking "It's impossible nothing's going on between the these two!"

ATM they're my fav pairing and I believe they'll always be.
Re: The Great Ship Debate--CSI: Miami

CalleighDuCaine said:
Yay, what a nice thread! :D I'm a faithful shipaholic and I practically love Calleigh with every guy in the team (except Speedle).

Heh, that's me! Except I like her with everybody except Ryan.

I used to think Ryan/Calleigh could have potential. My problem with it now is just that it's been excessive. It seems like in 3/4 of the episodes since Ryan's been there, those two have worked together. Too much of what could have been a good thing, I suppose. I love Ryan, and I love Calleigh, and I could love CaRWash (took me forever to figure that one out, btw :lol:); I'm just tired of seeing them work together.

I think I might even get tired of E/C if the writers had them working together that much, and E/C is my favorite.

I've always had a bit of a thing for Horatio/Calleigh. Lost Son was the first whole episode I ever watched, and the hug there at the end just grabbed me. Then, watching through season one, I was really into that pairing, with episodes like Kill Zone, and...uh, that episode where he pulled the leeches off her leg. Dude, I wouldn't pull leeches off anybody's leg, no matter how close I was to them. :lol: I've always loved the unquestioned loyalty Calleigh's always shown toward Horatio.

Speed/Calleigh; I've only just recently gotten into that one, and I really can't say why that one appeals to me. There really weren't that many S/C episodes, so I guess I just like the whole sunshiny-cheerfulness vs the sarcasm. They even each other out, I guess. :D

And my favorite; Eric/Calleigh. What did it for me the first time was when I saw the cap of the hiphug from Simple Man. I don't know, maybe Eric and Calleigh are just that close, but I don't think I would reach out and just grab one of my guy friend's hips. And then the look he gives her after she walks away; that's the scene that did it for me. And he was protective of her when she was with Hagen (though, that could be argued the same for H/C; perhaps both of them just knew Hagen was bad news), and then when he "undermined" her with that guy in Pro Per. ;) I miss the easy chemistry they used to have in the first two seasons. They used to have so many great scenes together. Whacked in season three brought a little of that back with the "trust you with every fiber" quote, and it's the little pieces like that that keep this my favorite ship.
Re: The Great Ship Debate--CSI: Miami

Well, this is what I wrote in the other thread and I stand by it.

Hip Huggers:

The perfect couple. They are so hot and cute together. I cannot really see either of them with anybody else, and they have more chemistry than you can shake your stick at. In the early seasons, I really thought they'd get together, but apparently the writers felt it was too early.

Personality wise, they are perfect. It's obvious that they trust and respect each other and have a great friendship, but I always felt like it went a little beyond being platonic. I know they've drifted apart since Speed's death, but that could be the perfect storyline for them to get together. They need a confrontation after everything that has happened to them both, then after that they could get close again. I miss the interaction they used to have. But they have always been with each other when the bad things happened, Eric was there for her when Hagen died, and she was there for him with Marisol. I could go on forever about them, but I'm about to get arm ache. Basically, they have everything going for them.


Car Wash:
I view them the same way I view Sandles. Anything between them is just friendship and what comes form Calleigh being his mentor as a CSI. Purely platonic. I challenge anybody to try and convince me otherwise.

Horatio/Calleigh: Respect and friendship. Nothing I've ever seen transpire between them can be construed as anything but.

Natalia/Anybody: Self explanatory.

I stand by that, although I forgot to mention that I quite like Horation and Yelina
Re: The Great Ship Debate--CSI: Miami

I'm purely a CaRWash fan, I know people disagree with me (thats ok) but I just love these two together. I think the flirting scenes that they have are so cute.

As far as CaRWash fanfiction goes CLICK HERE
Re: The Great Ship Debate--CSI: Miami

Ah! Miami! :D Hmmm.....lemme see....

H & Cal: I can't get enough DuCaine. Since day one, when I saw even the very first episode, I knew there was chemistry. Then the thought lingered until I found the DuCainer thread and alas! I'm obsessed. Like what CalleighDuCaine said, there haven't been much happening but I've never really been able to forget them even if things don't happen between them. :p Living off fanfiction helps too :D.

H & Yelina: Ahh...I shipped them so crazily before. You have to admit that they make a very nice couple. :D

Besides that, I can't picture...

Cal being with anyone else.
Eric being with Natalia.
Re: The Great Ship Debate--CSI: Miami

Oh, I think I'm going to like this thread. lament, you're right about CSI ships overwhelming the other series and their ships. I'm so glad this thread was created, because I'm more into Miami, and the ships here seem to have gotten overshadowed.

So, I'd like to say that I'd much rather prefer relationships in Fan Fiction, but little inklings here and there on the show wouldn't hurt. Plus it keeps the audience wathing. ;)

The one ship I know and love is Horatio/Yelina. If it was made canon, I would very much love that. It wouldn't hurt the show, but I believe it would improve the quality of the show, and give more depth into two characters that seem so hidden.

Another ship I support and hold dearly to me is Speedle/Calleigh. Now, this one will probably stay in Fan Fiction and it will most-likely not end up on the show. :p But, the thing that dissapoints me, is that us Talleigh fans only got one episode really, (Blood Moon), and then everything else was just dropped in within various episodes, but not for very long. (Obviously)

I just really think they would make a cute couple. And as stated above, Speedle is the more strong and silent type with an attidue, and Calleigh is the bubbly, upbeat, sweet and fun-loving one. Opposites attract. ;)

One ship, I have to say that I dislike, and that ship would be CaRWash. It's not like I absolutely hate the ship, because if they decided to make that a canon, I wouldn't mind. BUT, that being said I just don't see the right chemistry, and I don't feel a really strong connection between the two characters. Now, I know a lot of people disagree, and that's fine but I just don't see a relationship between these two characters to be 'realistic'. But that's my opinion, and I stick by it. :)
Re: The Great Ship Debate--CSI: Miami

I feel the same way about CaRWash. I know some people dig it, but I don't get anything from it. I feel as though their relationship is more teacher/student. They sre friends, but I don't think Calleigh sees him as a equal, if that makes sense. Could just be me though ;)
Re: The Great Ship Debate--CSI: Miami

That's exactly how I feel. I don't see them to be anything other than Teacher/Student. But if people would like to see them together, I have to qualms with it. :)

One ship I had neglected to mention was Eric/Calleigh. Now, these two I can see together, and I would have no problems with it. (I just love Talleigh more. Wouldn't that have been an interesting love triangle? Hee)
Re: The Great Ship Debate--CSI: Miami

Well, obviously E/C are my fav ship. I think they have awesome chemistry together. To me, it's also the most realistic ship on the show.

I don't mind Talleigh, but there really wasn't that many scenes between them for me to really judge whether I liked them or not. I liked the fact that they were sort of opposites, Calleigh was very bubbly and chipper whilst Speed was very negative and sarcastic. I always used to overlook them because of E/C back then, because S1&2 were big seasons for them. I still read the odd Talleigh fic though ;).
Re: The Great Ship Debate--CSI: Miami

speed_cochrane said:
That's exactly how I feel. I don't see them to be anything other than Teacher/Student. But if people would like to see them together, I have to qualms with it. :)

*CaRWash heart breaks* :(

:lol: Nah, just kidding. :lol:

At first I thought they were like menotor and pupil (for like three seconds :lol:) and seeing Calleigh always protecting and defending him from his "big bad brother Eric" I guessed they were meant to be good friends, but then I paid attention to all their scenes together and started realizing they weren't so innocently friendly as I thought (obviously that's how I see things, but I also thought my bf had light brown hair and he went nuts when I told him, cause he's clearly blond... :rolleyes:). Then Driven happened and the look they shared at the end of the ep was far too long and ambiguous to leave me indifferent... I just couldn't help melting. :lol:

Anywaaays... Yay, it's so fun to discuss about ships (possibly without ending up biting each other :rolleyes:), cause it shows how everyone has their different POVs and opinions. I really hope the thread's going to keep this nice, confronting atmosphere.
Re: The Great Ship Debate--CSI: Miami

I love to discuss ships. I like see things from other people's perspective, and finding out why :D.

But anyway, speaking of Driven, I watched it earlier and got a completely different vibe. It's obvious their is a friendship there, but in that scene, I felt as though it was Calleigh sharing her experiences with somebody who hasn't been through those things before, like using her experience to help a friend out. I can see how some people might see more from that scene, it depends how much you read into it. Obviously if you like the pairing you naturally take more out of scenes like that. I just really can't see that pairing though.
Re: The Great Ship Debate--CSI: Miami

That's what I got from that scene too. I've always seen Calleigh as being the one Ryan can run to easiest for advice. Sure, he may be attracted to her, because, come on, it's Calleigh; but I think he just looks up to her an awful lot. I also see it as just Calleigh taking him under her wing, so to speak, since Horatio is busy and stuff, and Eric clearly isn't that fond of Ryan, given everything that's happened. So to me, Calleigh just seems like the natural person to mentor him.

(I just love Talleigh more. Wouldn't that have been an interesting love triangle? Hee)

Yay, I'm not the only one who thinks that! :D I would have loved to see something like that; and there's also been a couple times I've wanted to write a fic out of something like that, but I just never got around to it. Besides, I wouldn't be able to decide in the end who I wanted Calleigh to be with! :lol: