Danny/Lindsay #20: BOOM!

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Please call me LLK, it's pretty much what I'm know as on the net. Pretty much everyone I know calls me LLK with the exception of my RL friends, but I think even they know that I'm called LLK.

Did I say my own name enough in that paragraph?

Oh well, you can also call me Kathy, I suppose.

I don't have the dvd's but I'll go check out the episodes. I do watch the tuesday night episodes almost every week, but every now and then I'm watching Futurama and then Family Guy with my roomate because that's what she prefers. I am asking for them for my birthday/christams so let's hope it works out for me!

I think I will go youtube all of those clips and see what I can learn. I do want to be a hardcore about them as humanly possible, they can become my second to Catherine/Warrick.

And yes, that was the episode. I didn't know when/where it was from... just that I loved Danny in it. There was just something about him... and now every episode I see where he's looking especially "white and nerdy" just fuel the fire.

So, I'll go start watching clips like right now.

ETA: Thank You for all the wonderful welcomes. I didn't mean to be a total skank and not say thank you before, I do appreciate them.
LLK it is! ;) Howdy again :D You'll love this ship and I'll "warn" you right now, they are very very easy to become obsessed with! They find their way into your heart and burrow in so deep they'll never leave...of course you'd never want them to, so it's all good! ;) And another thing, it's very possible they will begin to work their way up to #1 as your favorite ship...I'm just saying! :D They are very good at doing that, if it's the banter, the looks, the hand holding, the smiles, the teasing...it just...all of it is so D/L and so very amazingly fabulous! :D

18 minutes...can't wait! :D
I have shipped YoBling for almost 8 years now, so I doubt that D/L will take the place as my number one, but... I am already working on demoting my number two in favor of D/L and I only spent about three seconds with them, so I'm sure that I'm going to adore them very much.

But yeah, yobling has been my number one 'ship since the orignial air date of "Cool Change" 2000 so yeah... kinda hard to replace and I don't think it's going to happen.
It started, yay! Lol, I love how I get excited over each and every new eppy each and every time! :lol: Lol, I feel a little like a giddy little kid...but oh well, I love my ship and my show in general! :D

I just have to say, I really do love our new credits and the new mix of opening song...it took a bit to grow in me, but now I LOVE it! :D

And LLK okay so D/L may not overtake your #1, but I guarentee you'll love them in no time, it's impossible not to! ;)

Yay for a new eppy...bring on the fluff! :lol:

ETA: "I've heard of leave the gun, take the cannoli, but leave the gun take the bullets?" Awwww Daniel Messer, I so love you! :lol: Right off the bat I knew this would be a good D/L eppy....Danny looked hot right off, and Linds looked gorgeous walking up...and they grinned at eachother and he kept close to her the whole time...AWWW love! :D

ETA again: yay for a LOLD replay type scene...I loved the "across the desk" scene with D/L...it wasn't anything big, but it was just them and perfect! Yay! :D And can I just say again, how totally beautiful they are...wow!
^^ Welcome LLK! Like everyone already said, you'll love this ship and be prepared to get totally hooked... :D

^ LOL Mo...breathe...

Stuffy sweety, it's already thursday in this part of the world....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

catie[/b]!]Wow that sounds so great! They're actually touching each other, there's bantering AND they're talking about personal stuff (Lindsay youth)...I can't believe it...
And I know I say it every week, but I appreciate it so much that you take the time every week to come here and give us a little recap :D *hands buddy a big virtual strawberry & chocolate pie* :)

Hmm, the ep got pushed back an hour in Canada, txs for explaining the little 'problem' I had with *ahem* my recording :rolleyes:

Mo! *high fives back* I should have inhaled the pink fog a lot sooner :p...we were right! :D Oh and after I've seen the new ep, somewhere tonight *sigh* I'm gonna check out THAT other scene again, and I will take notes... :)

PE I'm sorry about your family and the other stuff that is troubling you :(...take care...

As for the Thanksgiving, I think it would be fun if they invited the team over to Danny's place for dinner...I love the image of Danny struggling with the turkey :lol:...And they can also use that opportunity to tell anyone (who doesn't know it yet :rolleyes:) that they're a couple... :)

Well I have to go, talk to you guys after I've seen the ep!
SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!! YAY that was the totally cutest scene...I am in love with the recreation scene!! Danny pulling Linds against him and then her teasing him, pinching his side lightly and grinning...him calling her a "wise ass" teasingly and then them staying fitted perfectly together like that for a bit...grinning totally cutely! And then her building that slingshot...yay for her country girl side coming out! And Danny whining about not getting to shoot it, totally classic! :lol: And did you like how Linds totally got her country twang back when she said "No I used to shoot boys!" :lol: And dang the girl can shoot a slingshot, 3 perfect shots...rock on Linds! YAY for good D/L!! Okay Catey or anyone...I want the caps of that D/L scene...lol, I'm expecting lots of new avies and banners of them pressed close against eachother now! :D YAY, I am SOOOO happy with this eppy thus far...aww the D/L joy! :D

*Mo giggles and pats her fluffy bubble happily!* We should go with our gut feelings more often Dutch babes...yay for you staying fluffy longer...you'll like this eppy! ;)

P.s. I hope y'all don't mind that I give you a play by play...I figure since I'm the last one to see it air live here on the West Coast, it's okay...yeah? Hope so...cuz I can't contain my Squeeee's! :lol:

Oh and how cute is Danny's new nickname for Linds..."Dennis the Menace"...how totally cute are they? Seriously! And can I just say...Flack and Angell make a TOTALLY cute couple! (And yeah it relates to D/L cuz now we KNOW Angell isn't a threat...not that she ever was, but still! ;) )

Real quick...there is a scene with D/L in a shoe closet, Dutch babes, Aud my wub...you two will totally appreciate just the sheer number of shoes! :D Not to mention the fact that technically D/L was in a "closet" together! :lol: :devil: Lovely lovely! :D
Im just poping in to wish you all a beautiful Thursday and to give Stuffy a hug and birthday bouquet - well of sorts


Ill be back to squee with you when Ill have seen the epi :)
I know all the Danny smiling was very nice to see again, I miss his beautiful teeth. Thank you Lindsay for making him so happy!!!!
Sorry guys, it's been awhile.. again. Heh.

I'm so glad to hear of the DL scenes! Gonna go check it out right now! It's about time, seeing that DL has been a bit under the radar since season four started. Yayness! :D

Oh... and it's a bit disturbing that there's someone in that episode called 'Fern'... yoiks... :lol:
Does Danny say the name? Then I can brag to my friends that Carmine actually said my name... bwahahahah... :p
Finally I have time to pop in again! I missed you guys and I had to catch up pages of new posts :D

But I really like what's been said about last nights ep...can't wait to see it!


That pink fog is actually catching me (it's about time it did...), so I'm in the mood for some lurvely pics and stories!

Oh, and my baby is doing great! I've seen the heart beating yesterday, so all should be fine! Yay!

I hope I'll be around more soon, it looks like I'm feeling a bit better now.

Anyway, see you soon!
"Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday dear Stuffy, Happy Birthday to YOU!" *Mo giggles and comes in bearing yet another gorgeous cake with lots of streamers and balloons and candles...*
Happy Birthday Stuffy Hon! Here's hoping you have a fabulous b'day and yay for a good pre-birthday present of a D/L eppy last night and Danny's ready to play today! ;)

(Because every girl deserves one of these on her birthday, even if it's a cake version! ;) )

Okay so now y'all...how much did you enjoy our eppy last night? I'm still giggling and smiling over it this morning! I watched our cute little scenes again after the eppy was done last night (thank goodness for VCR's!) and they are just so adorable...and so comfortable with eachother! Linds tickling/pinching Danny's "love handles" and then them staying fitted close together like that while they're grinning...it is so dang adorable! *Sigh!* I am a happy shipper! :D

Fern hey hon! Yup there was a "Fern" in the eppy and I am fairly sure at some point Danny said that name, so feel free to brag away! ;) Lol! :lol:

JenP lol, yay for the pink fog catching you :D Wait until you see the eppy, it will envelop you quite nicely! :lol: Yay for your baby doing good too, we need another adorable little D/L shipper in the world! ;)

I am so very glad we got some cute D/L last night...I think I might have to make a point of predicting this more often, since I had no idea before hand of any spoiler saying we'd get anything and my gut said we would...if only it always worked that way! :lol: Awww well, we got our cute D/L and I am a happy camper...*Mo giggles as she thinks yet again about the reconstruction scene...and Linds' shooting the slingshot...*

Okay I have to get to work, even though I'd much rather sit here and giggle over D/l all day long! Happy Thursday y'all...Happy B'day again Stuffy...see y'all later!

*Mo waves and shimmers off in her pink fog drenched bubble!*

P.s. Aud my Fluffy wub, how are you? Are you okay, alive, better?? :D
Okay girls and guy, I'm just poppin' in here for a second before I head off to class.

Thank you all for the b-day wishes and the lurvely gifts!! There is something else I wish to say, but it will be a long one and unfortunately I have to go, so I'll say it when I'm on my break.

To keep this on-topic....SQUEE!!!!!!!!! I pretty much died in that scene. "Stop fightin'" *giggles insanely*

"I used to shoot boys." WOOOO!!!!!! Oh how I love perky Lindsay. Finally, we saw the bantering we all love. And their smiles! *dies* I'm willing to bet Carmine and Anna had a blast filming that scene :D

I shall be back later, but alas I must be off. Learning and all that jazz ;) :lol:

HAPPY FREAKIN' BIRTHDAY, STUFFY! i hope you have a very nice day. dude, check your email. :p

here's another present:


^^^ credits to: CSI CAPS (csi-caps.com)

but for last night's episode:
-was it me or was danny's rear in lindsay's face many times in that first scene? i like how he got up to squat next to her.
-the lab scene with them working was nice as usual; did anyone else want danny to make a comment about the black dress to lindsay?
-love handles, poke, wrap!
-the 1/2-second perfect snapshot of danny and lindsay smiling as they are turned at the end of the wrap = :)
-"would you stop fighting me?" -- heehee!

L: "definitely could've gone through the love handles"
D: "that's too low, wise-ass"
bantering! bantering! *dancing* lindsay pokes danny!

-BOOM! (2 times)
-may i say that lindsay monroe is so cool?! she'd definitely be one of my fictional characters to take on a deserted island if i had to survive there. so resourceful and smart. that's my girl!
-slingshot and the montana/boys comments! giggles.
-the shoulder tap from lindsay with the slingshot in hand when when danny finds the bullet/casing was nice too.
-"dennis the menace!"
-shippy parallel scene in DL's office: Live or Let Die!

ETA: welcome LLK!

did i mention danny and lindsay in one another's arms while at the crime scene? SQUEEEE! this is more like it!
Happy Birthday Stuffy :).

Wow, page 6? my last post was on page 3, I've definately missed out a lot.

It looks like we've got some D/L scenes & moments that we've been waiting for...Can't wait to watch them on YT ;)
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