Danny/Lindsay #20: BOOM!

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*comes in pretty tired*

Carly I like the idea of them dancing to 'Everything' in the elevator and when the kiss on the forehead is added (better late than never :p) that would be fantastic! :)

Angel[/b] & Stuffy]Yeah it's probably Drew who takes Stella, but I've seen more reactions that the hostage taking may not have anything to do with the 333/Drew/Mac/Stella thing, so it could be Danny or Lindsay who gets kidnapped :cool:...but nobody really knows for sure and Stella is still the most plausible victim

Mo you'd better enjoy my fluffyness while it lasts ;) and lets just hope that you and I are right and that I still have enough reason to stay fluffy and optimistic after tonight's ep. :D

And yes that porch scene is the one I've been watching, but now I have the exact moment pointed out...txs... :lol:*huggles buddy and makes mental note to watch that scene again*

Liffy said:
I have a point! (oh I feel so proud). Whilst the TV relationships born from work usually end up bad, due to over exposure and some people feel drowned with no free time whatsoever, Danny and Lindsay, whilst they are colleagues, don't always work together.
And what a great point you have there! ;) I think this is a big plus in their relationship; although they are colleagues there's still plenty of time where they are away from each other, spending time with other people and just doing their jobs...They can do the more close and personal stuff when they have time off together, and altough it would be fun (big understatement :rolleyes:) to see some of the things they do in their free time there should be some extra spicy details :devil: left for us to 'assume' ;)

I'm off to bed - Enjoy tonight's ep! :)
Twinny Stuffy-wub said:
What I meant, oh darling Liffy, was that we've been assuming things lately and I feel we really shouldn't. For example, we all assume Danny called Lindsay "honey" - we don't know that for sure (don't get me wrong, I still believe he says it, but we don't 100% know that). And of course we can assume what they're doing behind-the-scenes...we all know what that is, don't we?
It's true that we shouldn't be assuming that Danny called Lindsay "honey" in that scene and that it should have been very clear, but I think the writers want to still downplay their relationship - possibly after the big finale we had last season. Maybe they're purposely playing the "did he or didn't he" card for now to lead up to us seeing them both in the relationship light. In Vegas we had coming out of the bathroom with Gris in bed, undeniable. We need something like that for D/L and perhaps the writers are drawing that particular "confirmation" scene out a while as they sort out whatever petty details that need to be handled beforehand (don't ask me what they are, to me they're purrrrrfect as they are)

Dutch said:
I think this is a big plus in their relationship; although they are colleagues there's still plenty of time where they are away from each other, spending time with other people and just doing their jobs
I think it's a big factor that they don't necessarily work with each other even if they are colleagues. Whilst they are spending time together off duty as their smitten-in-love selves, on the clock they're professionals, who don't always work together, a big different to a regular job where it's a contant thing. Their work allows them to just pop by once in a while, passing here and there without spending 'too much' time together.

I just need a clarification, our guys are the swing shifters right? In which case there's even MORE chance of them not necessarily bumping into each other. Wouldn't it be amazing to get a shot of Danny coming home after a late shift...say 4am ish and just yawning as he shuffles through his apartment and crawls into bed beside Lindsay? :) HEE! And he just snuggles and cuddles and falls asleep. Hours later he wakes up to a note on her pillow saying she had to run to work and to remind him to make sure he eats before coming back in :) Awww.....

I think I'm going to bed now. Hope y'all enjoy tonight's ep!! Here's to a secret D/L encounter!
Okay, sorry I'm late tonight, but they pushed the episode back an hour and I'm still watching it. So, I'm kind of biased here, but
has D/L galore! You are all going to love this. Danny and Lindsay are recreating the crime scene, Lindsay pretends to hold a gun to Danny, he grabs her, pulls her to him. He says it's to low, when she say maybe she tried to pop him in the love handles. He calls her a wise ass, with the biggest grin. They are so cute together.Oh, and we get two booms from Danny, and it is a slingshot that she was making. He says did you use to shoot squirrels back in Montana, she says no, boys. He wonders if he will ever get to shoot the contraption, she says no, they'll never get the work done. She comments that at least all three of her shots were on target, and they did find the bullet. Oh, and when they are recreating the scene, it is both of them smiling at each other. Whoever makes avatars can make some great clips of the two of them, this is the most contact they've had together since Snow Day. And the actual case, well, I'm just thrilled we had any D/L interaction that I'll have to get back to you on the case later.
Hiya, hiya, hiya! :lol: *Mo pops in carrying a day-early birthday streamers for Stuffy just cuz!* Hello all my darlings in here! :D

Soon to be birthday girl and all around darling Stuffy rolled her eyes cutely:
Why do I have the feeling I'll never hear the end of this from Mo?
Cuz you know me all too well and you know you're just asking for it! :lol: Awww you two are too cute! :D Heehee! ;) Anything that makes you smile though is a good thing right now Stuffers and silly Liffer, of course you get Danny on your b'day Stuffy honey! :D

Liff yay the novel size posts are back! Wow...you seriously wrote a looooooooooong one today! :lol: Nice! ;)

Dutch darling okay so you were watching the right scene, you'll have to rewatch it and tell me if you actually hear the honey...it took me a couple times with the volume ridiculously loud to hear it, but I really did! :D I'll have to go back and rewatch it again to just to check though...and then we can compare notes! ;)

And yeah I seriously want something fluffy tonight! I want it for so very many reasons, one of which is that I want you to say nice and optimistically fluffy! ;) Heehee! It's just so dang about time that we get something nice and confirming that they are together...I mean we got our awesome Snow Day which I will never ever whine about...but I want something after that that confirms the relationship we know they're in! And I just have a feeling we'll get something tonight...*fingers, toes and eyes even are currently crossed that this will really happen!* :D

Wouldn't it be amazing to get a shot of Danny coming home after a late shift...say 4am ish and just yawning as he shuffles through his apartment and crawls into bed beside Lindsay?
Ohhhhhhhh.....awwwwww I want that! That would be so perfect Liff so very perfect! I would love to have that scene...I would squee forever! :lol: I mean pretty much anything between these two lately will make me squee, but a scene like that...that would make my shippy heart happy for like a year! :D :D

Catey babes...any spoiler news yet? :lol: Okay I'll be back! :D

ETA: Catey[/b].....]YAY!!!!!!!! I knew it, I knew it, I knew it! I was right...I had a feeling that we would get good D/L tonight and I was finally right! YAYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!! Awww Catey you just made my night, thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you again, Ms. Star Anchor!

Angel, I like making random drops in here, because I never know what I'm going to find. Also, my Aunt's not well. You all know about my cousin. Plus, there's some other stuff I haven't mentioned to any of you. So ... I do my best to get here as well as the other, but if it doesn't happen, it doesn't happen.

Happy Birthday Stuffy.

So random question since Thanksgiving's coming up here in the US: How would DL spend Thanksgiving? Would they have dinner alone at one of their apartments; go to another team member's apartment; volunteer in a food shelter; or some other way?

Bear in mind, the options above are surmising that neither is scheduled to work Thanksgiving day.

I'm going to take a stab and say they'd volunteer their time by feeding the homeless (Lindsay's idea) and then go to a team member's apartment for dinner so they don't need to cook (Danny's idea). Yeah, it's simple. Hurt me.
T-minus 1 hour 58 minutes until eppy liftoff! :lol: Yay for new eppy and for D/L hope! :D

I love the West Coast...but on new eppy night's I so wish I lived on the East Coast so I didn't have to wait to watch our new eppys...then again, I do very much appreciate all y'all who post spoilers (Catey you SO rock!) so I have plenty of time to think about our new eppy! :D

Prepare to stay Fluffy!! Heehee, yay sounds like we get our fun D/L fluff tonight...no confesisons of love that I can see...but it sounds like we got some totally cute D/L moments still....so YAY for us being right! And double yay for fun D/L!

P.E. Hi hon! :D I think for Thanksgiving I would like to see them go to Danny's parents house...that would be really cool to see! Realistically though, if we get to see it (here's hoping!) I think they'll go to one of the teams' places for dinner! Which would still make for a really fun scene to see! :D

Can't wait to see our eppy tonight... :D
Thank you, Catie!

It was a very good episode.

And BTW Happy Birthday, Stuffy! May all your birthday wishes come true! :)

I wish i could recap the episode right now but I need to get up early.

Goodnight Shippers! :)
*runs into the thread post-ep*
SQUEE!! :D :D I loved that whole reenactment scene on the museum steps! Their body language and facial expressions were great! Very touchy-feely, and it looked very natural, not stiff like it would be if there was awkwardness between them. This is definitely a shippy ep. :D I liked how well they work together, and the scene of them sitting at their desks in the office was so reminiscent of Live or Let Die :)devil:) that it just made it even more enjoyable! Catie-doll was right, if you haven't seen it yet, you'll love it!! :cool:
Hey guys, I'm new.

A couple of months ago I caught one of my first ever episodes of CSI NY. Not my first mind you, but one of my first. I don't remember the episode name, but it was the one where Danny accidently killed the cop, thinking he was a suspect. It was in the subway. Well, I turned it on just in time to catch the begining and from the way he ran out after the perp, to the way he defended himself I just fell madly in love.

I've been watching every NY episode that I've had the opportunity to see, that didn't infringe on my Vegas time.

Anyway... I'm still just madly in love with Danny, and I didn't put much thought into him being with Lindsay because I pretty much wanted him for myself.

However, after tonight's episode. I think I'm a convert. I can't truly have him, no matter how absolutely sexy I find him, so... I'm willing to share.

I squeed a bit tonight and I want to watch more D/L episodes. So far, I haven't come across many.

I just wanted to share my story with you all. It's nice to meet you.
Lol, Mer & Vexxy I'm totally jealous that you all get to see the eppy's before me...now more than ever! :lol:

I need something to distract me...yeah I don't even have anything to ask y'all...no questions are coming to mind! :p I just want to see the new eppy! :D

ETA: lostladyknight Lol, oh honey there are a plethora of great D/L eppy's...plenty of them in Seas. 2...and not as many overall D/L eppy's in Seas. 3, but the ones we did get in Season 3 were SOOOOOO amazingly shippy and perfect, you definitely need to check them out!!
Hey, Lost! Welcome to the thread!

We can always use a new shipmate!

The ep you are referring to is season one's "On the Job". If you watch season two, following Lindsay's appearance in 2x03 Zoo York, almost all of season two is filled with DL goodness. Season three brought us the hug in Not What It Looks Like, angsty goodness in Love Run Cold, Danny going to Montana for her and a near kiss in Super Ep aka Sleight Out of Hand, ending in the certification of canon on a pool table in the finale, Snow Day. Just give them a search on YouTube and you'll have loads of fluffy goodness! *passes lost the m&m's*

Mo, it must be very difficult to resist spoilers on the West Coast. You would have to dissappear for hours if you were SF. I'm glad you're not. ;) Still, having to wait for you to see it to squee over details is like a waiting game, lol.

Gee, I dunno why, but I am in a good mood this evening! :D
Chocolate, anyone? I'm willing to share my stash!
Welcome to the thread, LostLadyKnight. If you don't mind, I'm going to refer to you as LLK from here on out. :D

As for "On the Job," that was one of Carmine's breakout performances as Danny. You'll find that all of the actors are good, but the show is basically the Mac and Stella hour. TPTB have granted us with a few Danny-centric eps, and those have all been stellar.

As for DannyLindsay shipping: if you've got NY DVDs, check out S2, beginning with "Zoo York." If you don't have DVDs, SpikeTv in the US has NY reruns on Tuesday nights at 11 PM Pacific. I would guess it's also 11 PM Eastern, as well.

Carmine and Anna have great chemistry as DL. You'll enjoy going back and watching the progression. :)
Yeah Lost if you look on Youtube, you'll find the "Danny & Lindsay Story" uploaded by the awesome Sugah with all the good D/L clips in one easy access place...I think it's up to like what 25 parts now or something fabulously swell like that! :lol: It's fun times indeed, I love reminiscing about our ship! I think that's part of why I love making these D/L vids...cuz I get to watch D/L clips and shippy scenes over and over! :D It makes for a good day always!

Lol, yeah Mer-bear it's very good I'm not SF...I'd go crazy! :eek: I don't know how Liffy does it...lol, my first thought when I get home from work on Wednesday is "I wonder if Catey has posted her spoilers for tonight yet?" :lol:

Can't wait, can't wait! :D
I have caps of tonight's episode, but I don't think I'm allowed to post them here, until after the west coast viewers have seen the episode. Unfortunately, I'll be in bed by then. Oh, well, they are some lovely caps, and if you are a member of DLC, I have posted them in the episode thread over there.

Stuffy, a big happy birthday to you, enjoy your day!

Mo, it's not a bad thing that you can't wait for my spoilers. I'm thrilled that it means that much to you all, and I didn't mean to give anyone a heart attack by not posting as early as I usually do. I didn't know until 5:30 tonight that the episode was going to be airing an hour later than normal.
Am I the only one of the West Coast? :lol: Sometimes I feel like I am! ;) I would love to see your caps Catey babes...but I think I will draw the line at caps, so I can at least see the scenes first hand...even though I know what's coming :D

Yeah Catey babes, I really cannot wait to read your spoilers each and every Wednesday...they are what I look forward when I get home on Wednesdays...yay! :D

T minus 40 minutes...yay for our new eppy! :D
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