CSI: Video Game #3 Coming Soon!!!!

Great,a new video game! its cool. If the first ones were amazing, this one should be better. Of course I have to finish Dark Motives first...lol, its giving me a hard time, but Im having fun, so its ok.
Amazon doesn't have the release date until the 31st of march...right before my birthday...maybe I will be patient and not have to pay for this one...lol
My friend Dangerzone told me thru his inside sources that the
official due date is the twenty-third of March although some online stores like games Universe will be carryting it a little earlier. :D
I'll have to write that on my calendar. I already finished with both the first and second games. and i'm bored now! ooohhh...can't wait. and newflame13 , i hope you actually get to exist too. in the last two, it was kinda weird, because nobody ssaid your name, even though you entered it, and so on. and everybody was looking a little emotionless
I doubt it. This game is suppose to have double the cases cause people were complaining about the length of the last game. another fact the graphics engine is brand new so this time you see facial expressions and the characters are suppose to look like there tv counter parts.yay imagine the CG Grissom rising his eyebrow. :lol: :lol: :lol:
Serious? I thought they'd realise a CSI NY one first, but oh well who cares as long as I get to play it.

I can't wait til it comes out, though it'll probably be forever before it comes out in my country!

I have all the other ones, and feel like playing them now...
In The UK CSI Vegas #3 Comes on the 31ST March. I Found out Yesturday so There you go all UK Fans

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I saw on a website for computer games I was looking on the other day that the CSI 3 comes out March 16. That is what I think I saw, but I can't say for sure.
Just had this game delivered from Amazon yesterday so am looking forward to playing it. I gave up on the 2nd game because I kept getting annoyed at having to go back to Brass. Here's hoping!
I have the 3rd game and it is sooo cool!!! I ahve solved the first case (with warrick-Yah!) and now on second case with Nicky (double yah!!!) its is both harder and easier than the scond one. But yeah its the bomb!