CSI: Video Game #3 Coming Soon!!!!

In the Miami game, your objective is to beat the Judge and it revolves around a set group of characters who are all members of the Palm Glen Country Club.

I understand your concern, however, CSI:NY is rather a late comer. There will be a CSI:NY game ! Just give the creators time to create it! And by creators , I mean Max Allan Collins who writes the dialogue, the artists who have to do the drafting for the characters, etc. Nothing comes from nothing, y'know!

I can't wait until the new Miami game comes. I'm a Speedle
lover too.

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Awsome.. I can not wait... Keep us in the loop when it comes out.. Exspecially up here in Canada.. :cool:
I didn't say there would be a 2nd CSI: Miami game, I was only saying that they should make one and gave a title suggestion.
read in a videogame web site it's suppose to come out this spring. I'm saving my money for it. Hehehehehehehehe. I hope there's a create a character and you play as a new Csi and you interact with the enviornment. And you interact with the characters see there facial expressions and end up building a relationship with the characters.
not that far away when you think about it. Just in time for my B-day. I'm so excited.yay. I wonder if they made the characters look like their human counter parts. :confused: