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Thanks to 1CSIMfan for the heads' up--we've got spoilers for 4.15:

4.15 "DOA for a Day"

~ This is the continuation of the Second Life story that was started in 4.05 "Down the Rabbit Hole"
~ There is a bar full of cosplayers
~ The female assassin that we first saw in 4.05 is back, but we may get to see her in one or more different guises.

4.15 airs on April 2. "Down the Rabbit Hole" will re-air the week before, on March 26.

When and if we get more information, someone will post it asap. As always, discussion can take place here.
Ok, a few spoilers for 4.16 (still nothing else for 4.15, unfortunately)

4.16 "Right Next Door"
~ Seems to be a Stella-centric episode
~ There's something going on with her neighbor
~ There is a fire at some point

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Faylinn said:
4.15 "DOA for a Day"

~ This is the continuation of the Second Life story that was started in 4.05 "Down the Rabbit Hole"
~ There is a bar full of cosplayers
~ The female assassin that we first saw in 4.05 is back, but we may get to see her in one or more different guises.

A little more on this episode:

Firstly, Ask Ausiello:

Question: Any post-strike CSI spoilers? — Meredith
Ausiello: Would you settle for CSI: NY instead? Because Mac is gettin' some. I hear that the sexy, professional, mid-thirties female who works in the mayor's office that is joining the cast will be getting all up under Gary Sinise's microscope, if you knowhutimsayin!

It looks like she will be introduced in episode 4.15. A woman named Jillian who works for the Mayor is featured in the episode, apparently Mac met her over a year ago and helped her out with a problem. She reciprocated by helping to get the Crime Lab sorted after it was blown up in Snow Day...
Ok, I went through and wrote down some more stuff from 4.15 and 4.16 because I know everybody is excited for spoilers. I'm trying to be careful about how far I spoil, so this should all be within the first half of the episodes (like with spoiler reports):

4.15 "DOA For a Day":

~ Flack is apparently a bit of a Star Wars nerd and compares the bar full of cosplayers to a bar from one of the movies (not being a Star Wars buff, I can't help there :p)
~ The Mayor is going to be speaking at a Green Rally that's being organized by Jillian Gates, the Criminal Justice Coordinator. Mac helped her out with a stalker ex-husband last year, and she helped him out by pulling strings regarding the clean-up of the lab after "Snow Day". (The Mayor wasn't too pleased with Mac for blowing up the lab, hehe.)
~ As for the case itself: I'm a bit confused, but I think the assassin has been assassinated. :eek: But it ain't over yet.

4.16 "Right Next Door":

~ Mac tells Stella to head home, and when she gets there, she sees her neighbor, Connie, dealing with a very unhappy little girl. Connie tells Stella that she promised to take care of her niece overnight and that it wasn't turning out very well. Stella wishes her luck and then heads to her own apartment.
~ Stella wakes up in the middle of the night and realizes that the apartment building is on fire. There is smoke in her bedroom. She rushes out into help get everybody evacuated, banging on apartment doors as everyone heads for the stairs. The sprinkler system doesn't seem to be working.
~ She finds Jason, Connie's son, and risks her life to get him to safety.
~ Once outside, Stella stays with Jason and Connie runs up. Stella asks why she left her son behind, but Connie said she lost track of Jason on the fire escape and the firefighters wouldn't let her get back near the building. Her niece, she says, it with paramedics.
~ Flack arrives--you know Flack. :p
~ The fire is clearly arson, and they discover a dead body in the building that makes them think it was meant as a cover-up. A convicted arsonist is their primary suspect, and during the interrogation, Flack points out to him that someone he cares about was in that building and that he's going to make sure the guilty person pays for what happened.


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I only assume its Stella.

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vegaslights posted bigger images of those promo pictures, as well as one more with Adam and Mac, in the CSI:NY Picture Thread #3 here. :D Thanks so much, vegaslights!

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(Discussion, as usual, over in That Other Thread. ;))

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Episode #417 - Like Water for Murder

New spoilers! Yay!

A woman is found dead on a beach, she's been partially eaten by a shark.

'Like Water for Murder' also features a party with models wearing bikini's made from chocolate...

eta: The lab is being reaccredited, so there is a woman (who Mac already knows - he seems to know a lot of women) observing their work. And, hurrah! Reed Garrett is back. :D :D
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#417 - Like Water for Murder (additional info)

I've had a chance to look through the spoilers so I wanted to add:

  • The woman (Quinn) observing the team is someone that Mac previously knew quite well. They both applied for the job Mac has at the lab.
  • Quinn observes Danny and Lindsay working together in the lab.
  • There is another dead woman in the episode, they suspect that the cases are linked.
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