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8.10 spoilers from Faylinn!

8.10 "Clean Sweep"

~ Anthony Brock and Darren Petrov are cage fighting, and Anthony gets the upper hand. He knocks Darren out, but Darren corners him after the fight and accuses him of cheating. Anthony doesn't rise to his bait, insisting that he just wants to go home and see his wife. Maybe Darren will beat him next time.

~ When a body is found burned beyond recognition, it looks like Anthony is dead. He was killed, doused with gasoline and set on fire. They find his driver's license next to the body.

~ A man named Marty comes into the precinct with a long coat covering himself. Flack approaches him and smells gasoline on his clothes, and they see that he's covered in blood. He says he might have killed someone the night before, but he doesn't remember because he was too drunk after celebrating his 21st birthday.

~ Aaron Coltrane knew Anthony in high school, and he blames Anthony for ruining his chances at becoming a professional cage fighter after he was injured during practice. He has been stalking and threatening Anthony and his wife since they lived in Colorado, but he denies killing the man.

~ Despite finding several likely suspects, the team discovers that the body doesn't belong to Anthony...
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8.09 "Means to an End"

~ There's a flashback to the rape case in DC. Senator Matthews contacted the FBI director and requested help from the crime lab after Serena was raped. He didn't want to deal with the police because he wanted to protect his daughter from the press, news conferences, etc - that's also why he didn't take her to a hospital. Jo and a man from the FBI crime lab, Frank, went to the Senator's house to process Serena.

~ Jo sees Frank in the courtroom in the present, after the preliminary hearing for John Curtis's current case. They have lunch together, and Jo finds out that he got divorced, and his ex-wife took their kids and moved to Indiana. A lot has changed in the past two years, but Jo had no idea - she might have tried to call him if she thought he would have answered. Jo says she's sorry about what happened in DC, but she doesn't regret turning him in after he made a mistake with the DNA evidence and then tried to cover it up. He knows he messed up, and he accepts that, but he still blames her for turning him in.​

8.11 "Who's There?":

~ Ron and Elizabeth are having dinner in their Upper West Side home when they hear the doorbell ring. Elizabeth heads to the door and looks through the peephole. She sees a package sitting outside, so she opens the door--and promptly gets pushed aside by a pair of attackers in ski masks. These two people tape their hands and mouths and demand access to Ron's safe--rich people like them always have a safe. They protest at first, but Ron acquiesces when one of the attackers holds a gun to his head. He leads the attacker into his office and lets the person empty the safe. Ron is able to get free of the tape around his wrists and starts to struggle with the attacker, pulling off the man's ski mask. Elizabeth gets a good look at him, but she doesn't know him. The man hits Ron and knocks him unconscious, and Elizabeth is forced into another room at gunpoint. They tape her feet together and tell her not to move or she'll be killed. She waits in the room until she's sure they're gone, then she crawls her way into the other room to her husband's side--but Ron is dead.

~ Ron is involved in real estate, and Mac has seen his face on billboards around the city.

~ Ron and Elizabeth's marriage is on the rocks, and it has been causing problems between Ron and his business partner, Phillip.

~ It looks like Lindsay and Flack have a scene together. They have some banter about the difference between men and women, and they go after a suspect.​


~ These links for TV Line and TV Guide are older, but the information about Jo's past is still relevant. (Thanks to Perfect Anomaly.) Some of the information in this CSI Files post is still relevant as well.

~ According to TV Guide, Olivia Crocicchia will be in episode 8.07 as a high school student who becomes a suspect after a classmate who humiliated her ends up dead.

~ 8.07 (scheduled to air November 4) will be the first of a three-episode arc that will feature the rape case from Jo's past in DC (the one she told Lindsay about in "Vigilante" last season). According to Entertainment Weekly, a young woman named Ali (played by Beau Garrett) accuses John Curtis (Jason Wiles) of raping her. The site also posted that Jeffrey Nordling will play Senator Matthews. The Senator's daughter Serena (Jenn Proske) was the victim in the original case, and he comes to New York after Curtis is arrested for raping Ali. He puts pressure on the NYPD to catch Curtis this time--he doesn't want this rapist to go free again.

~ Set pictures of Sela filming with Jason Wiles.

~ Tony Oller will guest star in an upcoming episode.

~ Pictures from Twitter. The crypt is from 8.06. I believe the exterior of that house will be featured in 8.07. The trashed living room appears to be from 8.07 as well. No idea about the guns:

~ Here's a picture of Gary and Sela:

~ This post has some pictures from 8.05 featuring Flack and his sister Sam (Kathleen Munroe), along with one picture from 8.06.

~ According to TV Guide, Michael Weston (House, Six Feet Under) will appear during the 3-episode arc relating to the rape case that drove Jo out of the FBI. Weston will play Frank, Jo’s former partner from the FBI crime lab in Washington, DC. Frank made a mistake processing evidence in the Serena Matthews rape case, and Jo refused to cover up his error. This caused serial rapist John Curtis to go free, and Frank shows up when Curtis strikes again in New York City. His episode is scheduled to air November 18. (Thanks to Perfect Anomaly.)

~ The cast recently filmed on location in NYC. Hill shared a picture of Grant's Tomb, and he also revealed that the cast filmed at the Marble Cemetery on Second Avenue. AJ posted three images featuring the Gapstow Bridge in Central Park. Click to enlarge:

~ Mixed martial artist and former UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Tito Ortiz posted on Twitter that he'll appear in an upcoming episode of NY.

~ Pictures from Twitter:

~ Here are some pictures from 8.06 "Get Me Out Of Here", with Jo, Hawkes, Lindsay, Danny and Flack. Also, perlnoir shared this link, which features pictures of Sela and Eddie taken on location in NYC.

~ Not strictly a spoiler: TV Guide has CSI:NY on the list of Bubble Shows once again, and they don't have high hopes for the show continuing past this abbreviated (18 episode) season. (Thanks to Perfect Anomaly.)[/QUOTE]
8.12 spoilers thanks to Faylinn!

8.12 "Brooklyn Til I Die":

~ A drunk young man is playing baccarat with a rich, dangerous-looking man. The rich man's bodyguard has a gun, but the drunk man isn't quite what he seems. He shares a look with a beautiful woman at the end of the table, and she lifts a tube of lipstick to her mouth. The lipstick has a hidden camera, and she takes pictures of the rich man and his bodyguard. When things start to go wrong, the young man tosses his chips up in the air and escapes with the woman before the man's bodyguard can make use of his gun.

~ The woman winds up dead, shot once in the stomach, and the young man is still missing. When the team retraces their steps, they find the baccarat room and the rich man. Mac and Flack head inside, but the man is unconcerned to see the police there. He is dismissive when they try to ask about the young woman and her companion, and he says they got off lightly. When Mac and Flack handcuff the man to arrest him, he starts to freak out. He thought they were part of a "game", and he had no idea they were real cops. He's just an actor.

~ The game is a scavenger hunt, where teams of two take on personas and complete a series of tasks. The man and woman were pretending to be undercover FBI agents, and the mission was to take surveillance photos of a 'crime boss'. The so-called bodyguard's gun is fake.

~ When the CSIs contact the people running the game for the names of their players, they discover that the missing young man is the son of one of the wealthiest men in New York. The kidnappers send a package to the father to let him know they mean business: his son's severed finger.
Some spoilers that I keep forgetting to bring over. :rolleyes:

~ A few spoilers on 8.13

8.13 - The Ripple Effect

~ The episode starts off with a "thug" walking down the street with a chainsaw. He approaches a house and starts to cut down a tree, where inside the house a "punk" makes a drug deal. The punk catches a glimpse of what's going on outside and starts to run after him. One of the two ends up dead...

~ Danny and Flack share a few scenes together. I see Hawke mentioned as well.

~ Jo and Mac visit a house that is being investigated by the CDC, and one of the people that they'd like to speak to is incredibly ill.

~ A CSI Files spoiler report for episode ten, "Clean Sweep."

~ A few guest-star scoops. Ben Bledsoe and Patrick St. Esprit will appear in early '12.
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