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Merci Perl!:bolian:

May i assume the "officer down" is Mac???????????:eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek::eek:

6 days and how many hours????:eek:

(again, how beautiful is Mac's apartment:drool::drool:)
So in last weeks episode we were suppose to have Shane Casey using Dannys debit card..Did I miss something or was it cut from the script? I guess I need to go back and watch it again:confused: Still no mention from Mac to Danny or Lindsey about the missing badge not even in last nights episode. So we all just forget about it then? Talk about a dissappointing end of the season. Next week another Mac love affair and then D/L boring finale.:rolleyes:
They cut this part.

One article and video Behind the scene of csi ny

(CBS 8 ) - I haven't been on the set of "CSI: NY" for more than five minutes, and they're already hauling out the bodies.

For Hill Harper, who plays Dr. Sheldon Hawkes, it's business as usual.

"The fundamentals of the shows are very similar. There's always a dead body and we have to figure out who did it and use science to do it. That's the framework," Harper said.

"CSY: NY" chronicles the adventures of a team of forensic scientists who use their skills and wits to unravel the circumstances behind unusual crimes and suspicious deaths.

The highly-rated drama series premiered in 2004 and features a talented ensemble, including Eddie Cahill as Det. Don Flack. Detective Stella Bonasera is played by well-known actress Melina Kanakaredes, who is on the mend from doing her own stunt work.

"A car flipping was part of a dream sequence, but nonetheless I'm hanging upside down in a harness and had a bit of claustrophobia, so that was real exciting," Kanakaredes said.

Melina credits her success to hard work, luck and good Greek genes.

"My grandparents came to this country and it's an amazing place to be, and we were able to do so much, and our family progressed and somehow I made it here," she said.

Carmine Giovinazzo wanted to be a professional baseball player until he was sidelined by injuries. But playing a detective on "CSI: NY" is not a stretch for a guy whose sister is a real-life cop.

"I've been around these kind of people that pretty much go after the bad guy," Giovinazzo said.

Playing a brilliant lab technician is a bit of a stretch for Irish-born A.J. Buckley, who portrays Adam Ross.

"I am so dyslexic, and I failed science, like, miserably. So the fact that I'm playing a gifted scientist that has answers for a lot of things is hysterical. I look at my dialogue and I'm like, what? Who says this?" Buckley said.

Anna Belknap, who plays Det. Lindsey Moore, has a San Diego connection.

"I had an awesome time working at the Old Globe Theatre, doing 'Pericles'," she said.

But make no mistake about it, the Mac daddy of this prime time drama is Gary Sinise's character, Det. Mac Taylor.

"He's got a level of integrity. He knows how to operate things. He sets the tone for everybody and likes everybody to follow that," Sinise said.

For video, click at left (Behind the scene)
"I'm here with Larry Himmel, and we're in a morgue because his career is dead." :guffaw::guffaw::guffaw::guffaw: Oh, Eddie :lol:
hmm he wasn't exactly good at his fact checking was he? lindsay moore? csy:ny in the text? fluffing the title in the intro? how on earth did they let him on tv?! "one of us is a total stiff..." - you said it ;)

edit: i liked his interview with gary, but omg he is a terrible interviewer! and his camera crew didn't seem to be much better, they didn't know where to stand!
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Having just seen Redemptio, I'm thinking a few new things about the finale:
On a serious note
When Shane does come after the Messers, there better not be any woe-is-me stuff from either of them. They should have reported the fact that Casey had stolen Danny's badge earlier. Now he's out of jail and has Danny's badge. When Crazy Man steals your badge, and ya don't report it, even when Crazy Man escapes jail, if said Crazy Man comes after ya, well....you kind of got it coming.
Danny is clearly going to face some personal consequences for his actions on the Casey/badge thing in the finale, which is a good thing. I just hope we get to see him face some professional consequences as well. Especially if Casey hurts or kills innocent people in order to get to the Family Messer. Which he already did, in Redemptio.

On a lighter note,
Maybe Mac throws Danny off the lighthouse
a) for not reporting that badge thing
b) for wearing that godawful orange thing.:lol:
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