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Honestly, I think we'll be lucky if Adam gets like two scenes next week. They might be good scenes, but with Stella at the party, Mac dealing with Craig T Nelson, Julia Ormond...I don't foresee much time for Adam. :p

I loved Adam in Bad Beat!!!!
Hee, I loved the scene where he came up with the 'weathergirl gone wild' DVD like, 'I went to get a pack of gum, and right between the red hots and the chocolate balls, I found this.' :p (Not an exact quote, but close enough.)
i preferred the "adam when your done with that i've got a pair of slacks that need to be ironed."

"i have no comment to that.":guffaw:

atta boy don't take the abuse!

really i'm looking forward to he next 3 episodes....yes i said 3, i can be a danny lndsay fan, so i will be. =) but bleeding adam!!!! and mac praises him for it!! i think? =)

shame i have a late night lecture next week....please be done by 9:30 please be done by 9:30 idcare if you're a kennedy don't talk longer than 9:30!!!:scream:
I too, submit my apoligies TOP! I was just "Horsin" around. I dont really care about everyones ships as you said thats why we are here to opine about our favorites and complain about TPTB. Sorry:(

As for the Chad guy I think he was trying for the same part as Adam before Adam, and when Adam came along... Well the rest is history.:)
I missed him in last nights eppie but with his prominence coming up I think it shall make up for it. I have a feeling when they start concentrating on him we will learn about that mean ole dad of his:eek:
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Thanks, guys. :) I just want everyone to stay happy around here! :)

I'm glad Adam is stepping into the spotlight for 517--it seems like it's going to be a really good story for him, and I think it will do Adam's self-esteem wonders to save a life (or save a live guy from an explosion, semantics, whatev :rolleyes: ;) ).
i think Mac comforting Adam will be a very touching scene. I truly enjoy the "man connection" between them. Mac is a kinda of paternal figure for Adam so it will be truly enjoyable :D

Also i do think we will have a lot of Adam (hope so) next week. The ball only will take the teaser of the episode so Stella's date (grrr) will take just the first minutes. The same could be with Craig. T. Nelson. Probably it will be his introduction to the show and we won't see much of him (just guessing) as they did with Julia Ormond's character. So there is a lot of space for him to interact. I remember last year we had only a couple of scenes of Stella in 4.15 and the we had 4.16 RND so Adam not being in 5.14 could be in the same situation than her last year :)

This second part of the season looks so GOOD! :D

Debbie :D

Sorry, I realized that I hadn't bugged y'all about him on this page. :D Bobby playing Felix Redman, aka the man Adam saves - woot, looks like a good guest role with a nice range of emotions and whatnot (from getting rescued to being relieved to finding out his daughter is dead). Bobby = :adore:

Even though I'm looking forward to Adam's role in 5.17, I think his role in 5.15 will be more developmental (if that makes sense). I'm not sure what kind of role Adam will have in 5.17 beyond saving Felix - it's possible he only has a lab scene or two (if even that) after the action-packed beginning. Still, I really like that they're taking time to develop Adam a little bit - I think it's a testament to AJ's awesomeness in the character that he went from random lab tech #3 in 2.08 to a full-fledged series reg. :D

- I think it's a testament to AJ's awesomeness in the character that he went from random lab tech #3 in 2.08 to a full-fledged series reg. :D
Agreed! It seems since the first time AJ stepped on the set he WAS Adam!!! There is so much potential there , and by developing these charecters there will be plenty of storylines too come. Did I read somewhere that Adam and Sam (Flacks sister) were going to meet and become friends? And I thought Adams big eppie was not next week but the next one?
When they first announced that Kathleen Munroe had been cast as Sam, they commented that she would 'affect' Adam (I think that was the word used) - I'm guessing that meant her first appearance, when Adam went to Flack and withheld the information from Mac for a short time. They could have had something else in mind, but with no indication that she'll be back this season, it's the only thing so far that makes sense.

Who knows what'll happen next season, but for now there's nothing to indicate that they'll meet or be friends.

And I thought Adams big eppie was not next week but the next one?
In 5.15, he has a bit of focus, and he saves the guy's life in 5.17. The promo pictures for 5.16 show him at the scene(?) with Danny, but we didn't have much information about that one to start with - so I have no idea if he'll be prominent in 5.16 or not.
Does anybody really know what will happen in the next episode? (maybe there is a thread in here I did not ind yet, sorry then.) But every episode guide I found just tells me half a sentence.
Elsie shared this with us about 5.15:

5.15 "The Party's Over"
The team are investigating the murder of the Deputy Mayor, who was killed at a gala event. There seems to be a pay issue in the NYPD, with some officers taking a stand and not working as they aren't being paid. It appears that some officers have been calling in sick in protest, and Danny might be one of them.

It looks like Adam will feature quite prominently, and both Gillian and Sinclair also appear in this episode.​
It's also the first episode (of three planned appearances) with Craig T Nelson as Robert Dunbrook, a publishing magnate and 'nemesis' for Mac. It's also Julia Ormond's final scheduled appearance (since she signed on for three). Brendon(Brandon?) Walsh, the firefighter Stella flirted with a bit in "Turbulence", is back as her date for this gala.
well 5.15 seems to be quite a busy episode....i just hope that with all thats going on the story isn't too bogged down with mundane and or confusing facts....i'd like to be clueless until the very last 10 minutes but actually understand what happened at the credits.....busy can be good...learned that in art class, busy, but not loud....although a good screaming match is always fun.....could we get some of those too??!!! possible danny's being a problem child right?

this is sounding like a dr. something or other letter haha, jk lol ??

hopeful and anxious
Thanks. That is more then a sentense:)

I love Craig T Nelson, he is kind of Robert DeNiro for TV isn't he?
Aww @ the first picture. I guess Adam is playing street hockey with the guys at the beginning (the spoilers didn't make it plain, so I didn't want to say it and be wrong when I did the spoiler report). I'd prefer a manhug, but I don't think we'll be lucky enough to get that. :p Mac putting his hand on Adam's shoulder is good enough for me. ;)

(On a selfish note, I wish we'd gotten a promo with Bobby in it. :p)

I still think it's ridiculous that Danny didn't bother to change out of the henley and leather jacket before getting married. :rolleyes: (If the episode is like the spoilers, she's surprised but he knows he's going to get hitched - he couldn't take a minute to put on a nicer shirt?)
^^ I'm really looking forward to seeing how Adam's role plays out in this one (as well as next weeks episode).

As for Danny and his shirt, I kinda like that he's not changing it. Personally, I'd be a bit pissed if a guy 'surprised' me with my own wedding where I had to turn up in my work clothes yet he managed to get changed.:) Aside from that the simple approach is so Danny, and that's one of the things I like about him. As much as the whole baby/wedding story is not the route I would have chosen for these two, the downplay of the wedding is definitely the way to go.
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