CSI:NY season 2 comes to the Philippines

whaa...just been out of the operating room (yeah 3 hours of standing and assiting the doctors...)and 3 days without the net..so I guess I had missed the fun around here...anyway, I was watching the OR scene....it didn't convinced me quite a bit...but it looked somewhat real with what you see in the OR setting...

and Mac putting his hand in the open wound and using shoelaces over an artery...it also made me think twice...but you have to choose the lesser evil on situations like that...

whaa....we have to wait until next year for season 3...
Well, I think they'll be rerunning season2 oooorrrrr.... season1.

I mean, have they re-aired CSI:NY before? If not, then it'll be season1.
They're showing Summer in the City this Sunday. I havn't watched that before but I have to do it when my parents aren't looking. *looks around shiftily*
season 2 again? I was also having a marathon at my dorm from season 1 to 2...and its good to see it all again...and feel envious for those who are watching season 3 overseas...argh!!!
I can't believe it! Isn't that episodes from all csi shows should be available in the net after it had been shown?

well, guess what?

it is NOT AVAILABLE for viewing outside the US


^ I know...What a bummer...

That is very frustrating...We have to wait for a long time to watch the new season...
Maybe I could have my cousins rip them for me. Like what they do on "Lost". Right after the episode airs or a few days later, a community member posts a link where you can download the whole thing.

That's how I fed my "Lost" craving. divX format.