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Zombie Reveals 'Miami' Guest Stars

As CSI Files previously reported, Rob Zombie will direct an upcoming episode of CSI: Miami. This weekend, he offered “a small taste of the mind-blowing episode” on his MySpace page by naming four guest stars that will appear in his installment of Miami: Malcolm McDowell, Paul Blackthorne, William Forsythe and Michael Madsen. The image also promised the presence of Eric Delko (Adam Rodriguez) and former medical examiner Dr Alexx Woods (Khandi Alexander) in the episode.

Source:Dread Central
From CSIFiles:

: 'CSI: Miami'
Episode Title: 'Miami, We Have A Problem'
Episode Number: 815
Synopsis: "The CSIs solve the murder of a man who was killed in outer space."

Original Airdate: February 08, 2010
Written By: Brian Davidson
Directed By: Sam Hill

Guest Stars:
  • Christian Clemenson as Tom Loman
  • Christopher Redman as Michael Travers
  • Flex Alexander as Beau Lendell
  • Ted King as Sam Gardner
  • Clare Carey as Janet Gardner
  • Thad Luckinbill as Dominic Cross
  • David Chisum as Keith Palmer
  • Giancarlo Carmona as Neal
  • Dilshad Vadsaria as Jody
  • Mike Foy as Kurt
  • Granville Ames as Ross

"Dishonor" - When Horatio's son Kyle returns from war, he seeks his father's help to solve a murder, on CSI: MIAMI, Monday, March 22 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network.


Horatio Caine............................. David Caruso
Calleigh Duquesne....................... Emily Procter
Eric Delko............................. Adam Rodriguez
Jesse Cardoza............................ Eddie Cibrian
Ryan Wolfe............................... Jonathan Togo
Det. Frank Tripp................................ Rex Linn
Natalia Boa Vista........................... Eva La Rue
Walter Simmons............................ Omar Miller


Kyle Harmon............................. Evan Ellingson
Tom Loman...................... Christian Clemenson


Brian Nassir................................... Ethan Rains
Maya Farooq................................... Inbar Lavi
Salumeh Farooq....................... Necar Zadegan
Rahim Farooq........................ Navid Negahban
Ahmad Salib................................ Assaf Cohen
Glenn Harper.................................. Jeff Kober



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From TVGuide:

Any scoop on the Eric-Calleigh relationship on CSI: Miami? Please tell me the writers plan to give them a happy ending! — JC
ADAM: Would that I could, JC, but I'm leaning toward something a little more dramatic. Here's what we know: Delko will return when Calleigh faces a life-and-death situation at a crime scene. While he's around, he'll also launch an undercover investigation of the CSI lab for the State's Attorney's office. Rest assured, though, that Calleighko fans will get some closure. "They're going to face a defining moment of decision," co-executive producer Barry O'Brien tells us. "All the starts and stops in their relationship are going to be put to the test and they will finally make a decision that will inform their relationship for the remainder of the series."

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Blackthorne Signs On For Recurring 'Miami' Role

CSI Files previously reported that Paul Blackthorne is slated to guest-star in the upcoming CSI: Miami episode directed by rocker Rob Zombie, "LA"The actor has now revealed that he will appear in multiple episodes of the crime drama. (Minor spoilers after the jump!)
Fans first got a glimpse of Blackthorne’s character in "In the Wind", when Jesse Cardoza (Eddie Cibrian) perused a website about Anna Kitson (Mini Anden). Anna was first introduced in "Kill Clause", where it was revealed to the audience that Jesse followed her to Miami from Los Angeles. Blackthorne’s picture appeared on the website in “In the Wind”, but he will make his first actual appearance in “LA” on March 1 at 10:00pm ET/PT. The character is a “bad guy”, the actor told iFMagazine.
Blackthorne will play Bruce Enright, the man living with Anna Kitson—and the reason Jesse is following her around. As Jesse told Calleigh Duquesne (Emily Procter) in "Show Stopper", Bruce is responsible for the murder of a woman in Los Angeles, as well as the death of Jesse’s own wife. “It seems to be a recurring role,” Blackthorne said. “[T]hey’re having me back for a few more next month.”
Episode 8.20 - 'Backfire'

delkolover said:
820 entitled "Backfire"...as described w/o knowing that people didn't know about the ep...my bad btw...is imo a "coming full circle" ep but also does something interesting that this show hasn't done yet and I personally thought was kind of cool.

The ep opens with Ryan and Calleigh pulling up to a burning house. While standing outside waiting for the fire department they notice a man in the window trapped inside. They rush in and try to save him but are not able to. Now this is a little confusing. We see Ryan at the scene once rescue arrives getting oxygen, unable to believe what is happening...then the spoilers skip a little but I was able to get the gist. The man who died, Patrick is actually seen by the audience trying to talk to team as they investigate the home once the fire is out...he keeps trying to tell them, as they deduce that he started the fire, that he in fact did not cause the blaze. Obviously no one can see him but Walter does feel a "presence" for a moment.

Now later, idk when, we see Calleigh at the house looking at evidence. She picks up her cell and calls Horatio leaves him a message to call her back; she thinks she found something that proves that Patrick didn't start the fire. Patrick says "thank you" and Calleigh turns and makes eye contact with him...Patrick realizes she can see him. He asks her how but she says it isn't possible and doesn't know how she can see him. Patrick begs her to help him and she says she will try.

I am not sure how but Calleigh finds herself standing in the hallway of a hospital. She turns around and suddenly Eric is walking towards her. She asks him what he is doing there but he just walks right past her w/o saying a word and heads into a room. Curious, Calleigh follows him and stops at outside the room and looks through the window. She sees Eric and Horatio exchange a sad look....then suddenly one of them moves and she is able to see what Eric is seeing for the first time...the occupant of the bed is her hooked up to machines that are keeping her alive. As she stands looking through the window, Patrick comes up next to her and she asks him if her being like this means she is going to die...he says he doesn't know. Suddenly there is a flash of light and the past few hours flash before Calleigh's eyes explaining to her how she ended up this way and to the scenes she thought were real when in reality she was an ignored observer.

They follow the team hoping to figure out who really started the fire when they see that Ryan is testing the houses internal sprinkler system and hang with him. The sprinklers did not go off the morning of the fire but when he tests them, the sprinklers activate and Ryan gets completely drenched. Curious as to why they didn't go off they follow the pipes and Calleigh and Patrick see why the sprinklers did not go off but Ryan doesn't. Seeing how no one can see them, Calleigh and Patrick, for the time being are left being the only ones knowing what happened.
From Adam Rodriguez' twitter:

amaticrodriguez Twit Fam, I have some news that I hope will make CSI:Miami fans happy. Eric Delko will be back to the show full time 4 all of season 9!!!
Episode 8.19 - 'Spring Breakdown'

Three 20-something year olds seemingly unconnected, party hard during Spring Break but soon end up in the morgue.

One of the victims ends up being found in an industrialized washing machine, while the other is impaled on a flag pole. The last victim is found burried up to his neck in sand on the beach, having drowned to death.
'Miami' Faces a 'Dramatic Betrayal'

Loyalties will soon be tested on CSI: Miami—and careers could be on the line. (Spoilers after the jump!)
CSI Files previously reported that Adam Rodriguez (Eric Delko) would return to Miami full time next season. In the meantime, the character will launch an undercover investigation of the lab for the State’s Attorney’s office that will have a profound effect on Horatio Caine (David Caruso). “That investigation will reveal the most dramatic betrayal in Horatio Caine’s career,” co-executive producer Barry O’Brien told TVGuide.com. “It puts Horatio in a light we’ve never seen him in before, questioning the loyalties of his team. … It will rock the fabric of the team and threaten at least one—if not more—CSI’s future.”

In other Miami news, actor Simon Miller has been cast in an upcoming episode called “Spring Breakdown”. Miller will play a sexual predator who becomes the victim of a gruesome murder. The episode was written by Corey Evett and Matt Partney, with Larry Detwiler directing.
Ausiello Exclusive: The Real Story Behind Adam Rodriguez' Surprising 'CSI:Miami' Comeback

Some spoilery tidbits:

Some fans are worried that, for financial reasons, producers will be forced to cut another member of the cast now that you’re back.
RODRIGUEZ: I would certainly hope not. I would be very, very disappointed if that was the decision that was made. I can certainly tell you that the agreement we came to should not warrant that happening at all.

Should I take that to mean they didn’t back the Brinks truck up to your house?
RODRIGUEZ: [Laughs] Certainly, I can’t complain, but, no, that wasn’t the case. One of the things [they did] to sweeten the deal was they’re allowing me to write and direct at least one episode next season. That was something that was really attractive to me.

Is it safe to assume that Delko will be leaving the D.A.’s office and rejoining the team?
RODRIGUEZ: That’s my guess. I don’t have confirmation of that, but I don’t know what else [they could do]… I think it might be interesting to explore [his current job] a little further before he actually comes back to the team

You can read the rest of the interview in the link provided. :)

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8x18 - 'Dishonor' CBS Promo (0:31)
Courtesy of HCrazy.

*Note: Promo should be available for all regions.

Five promo stills for 'Dishonor', courtesy of mjszud.

Five promo stills for 8x20 'Backfire', courtesy of lusiana88.

Two smaller promo stills of 'Backfire', and one larger (Ryan), courtesy of greatfan.

'On The Set' photos of CSI:Miami, courtesy of mjszud.

CSIFiles 8x19 - 'Spring Breakdown' Spoiler Report.

"Spring Breakdown" - Spring Break raises the body count in Miami when the CSI team splits up to solve three different murders, on CSI: MIAMI, Monday, April 12 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Source: FutonCritic
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