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"Dead Reckoning" information from vegaslights:

~ While en route to a crime scene Delko almost hits a woman with his car. When he gets out of his car to talk to her, he discovers she's already been injured.

~ The episode features the return of Judge Gregory Thorpe. He was last seen in episode 7.15.

~ Natalia is testifying in court in regards to Patrick Clarkson. Lyla and Ross Clarkson also return (in addition to Patrick). She's giving testimony about whether Patrick should be able to have joint custody.
Here's a little bit of information regarding the Eric/Calleigh relationship from Adam Rodriguez' interview with DayBreak USA. Not the most spoilery, but he does tackle a direct question concerning future episodes and shares his perspective/hopes. The bit about CSI:Miami starts at about 3:30.

Interviewer: Will we likely see in next season's string of episodes, the relationship that was building between the two of you [Eric and Calleigh] resume and how might that work out?

Adam: You know I hope so, I've always wanted to see that relationship find its way to a conclusion whether it's a happy ending or an unhappy ending; I really want to see where that all goes. We've been sort of chipping away at it over the years and we've never really gotten to the heart of it so I'm always hopeful that that's going to happen. I don't know yet, the writers, they're working on--they'll start working on next season in the middle of the summer so I don't know, I don't know what direction we're going to go in with that, but I have always wanted to get to the bottom of it one way or the other and I feel like we never really have so here's to hope.

Thanks to hiphugger17 for the link.

Some more information from vegaslights re the new Secret Service agent:

His new "love interest" is Renee Lockhart. She's a member of the Secret Service described as "poised, self-possessed, sexy and confident."

She does get shot in the episode though. ;)
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The finale is now called 'Mayday'.

Thanks to vegaslights for the info.

Cassi Thomson Visits Miami:

Cassi Thomson (Big Love) has been cast in the penultimate episode of CSI: Miami’s ninth season. Minor spoilers after the jump!

According to TV Line, Thomson will play Kaylee, a young woman who is trapped with a killer after he hijacks a car. The actress previously appeared on CSI: Crime Scene Investigation, playing an eager “crime cadet” in season ten’s "Field Mice”
Source: TVLine.com
Spoiler Report for 9x19 - 'Caged'

According to CSI Files sources, "Caged" finds the team in pursuit of yet another escaped prisoner. Dante Kroll went to jail eight years ago, and they know that he likes to steal cars. While the team is searching for Dante, a cop in an unmarked SUV flashes his red and blue lights after he sees a car pull through an intersection without coming to a complete stop. The officer walks up to the driver’s side window and looks in at the driver. It’s not Dante in a stolen car, it’s a man named Tim Garrigan. The officer demands that Tim get out of the car, and he claims Tim’s tail light is out. They walk toward the back of the car, and Tim can clearly see that both lights are working. When Tim demands to know what’s going on, the cop responds by kicking out the light.

Tim tries to get away, but the so-called police officer attacks him, beating him until he is left dead in the street. When the team arrives at the scene, a distressed young woman shows them a picture on her cellphone of the man responsible for this police brutality—it’s not a cop at all, it’s Dante Kroll. He killed Tim and took his wallet, so the team has no way to identify their victim.

This and more, located in the link!
Natasha Henstridge Snags Miami Role

CSI: Miami has cast Natasha Henstridge in a potentially recurring role, and she will make her first appearance during the season nine finale. (Spoilers after the jump!)
The finale will introduce Henstridge as undercover agent Renee Locklear. “We meet her in the course of searching for this missing fugitive and she [initially] appears as another possible witness, maybe a possible suspect,” co-executive producer Barry O’Brien told TV Guide. “We bring her in for an interrogation and she reveals that she’s actually an undercover agent for the Secret Service.”

Sparks fly between Renee and leading man Horatio Caine (David Caruso). The character will also appear in the season ten premiere, and O’Brien hopes Henstridge will be able to return to Miami on a recurring basis throughout season ten. “It’s a relationship we’d like to pursue,” he explained. “She’s beautiful and she looks great with David. It’s a pretty exciting relationship for us.”

For more information, visit TVGuide.com.
La Rue Makes a Daring Escape on Miami

Eva La Rue (Natalia Boa Vista) offers some information about this week’s episode and the rest of CSI: Miami’s ninth season. (Spoilers after the jump!)
As CSI Files previously reported, Natalia will be kidnapped by an escaped killer in "About Face”. “He’s hoping to convince her that he was framed, and that he really is innocent,” the actress told TV Line. She added that he chooses Natalia for a reason. “One of the things he says to her is he’s read a lot about me and feels like I will be open to listening to his plea. He feels like I was his best choice to convince somebody that he was innocent. But I think if somebody else had been available, he would have kidnapped them as well. It’s really not so much Natalia as who was easiest to kidnap—and that seemed to be me.”
La Rue was really tied up for one scene. “They let the camera roll while I was seriously duct-taped and zip-tied to the bottom of the van,” she revealed. “And with varying degrees of success I escaped… or didn’t. They didn’t [bind me] lightly, so I was really chewing through the duct tape.”

Later this season, the team will work a case involving a “co-ed found dead in a hot tub”, and that episode “involves a split personality”, La Rue shared. She also said there’s an episode “where Horatio is involved in the crash of a small plane.” However, those episodes pale in comparison to the season nine finale. “We just wrapped it, and it’s awesome,” La Rue said. “There are two team members down at the end of the episode, which makes for a really good cliffhanger.”

The full interview is available at TVLine.com.
'Paint It Black' Spoiler Report from CSIFiles

According to CSI Files sources, “Paint It Black” opens with Monica Dow and Corinne Palmer relaxing in a hot tub. The college roommates are alone, and Corinne has promised to help Monica find a boyfriend. Monica isn’t confident unless she’s painting, but Corinne says she needs to spend less time with her art and more time with people. It all comes down to trust for Monica—she has never trusted people, but she does trust Corinne.

Monica tries to relax, but she hears a suspicious noise. There’s a party going on nearby, and the music is blaring, but this is something else. She feels like someone is watching them, but Corinne didn’t hear anything. Monica is still nervous, so she goes to get her cellphone so she can call campus security. Corinne tries to tell her she’s being paranoid, but Monica is already out of earshot.

Once Monica is gone, Corinne hears a strange noise too. Unperturbed, she relaxes in the hot tub. She doesn’t realize that someone is sneaking toward her. The person gets closer, and one hand is placed on Corinne’s head. Before Corinne can call for help, she is pushed under the water. She flails and tries to escape. She’s fighting hard, but the attacker has a weapon. A blade slashes down and cuts Corinne’s throat repeatedly, and she collapses back with her face toward the twinkling stars overhead.

Monica returns with her cellphone in hand. She calls out to Corinne, but there’s no answer. When she gets close enough, Monica sees the blood in the water and Corinne’s lifeless body. She starts to panic, feeling the crushing weight of grief before she pulls herself together. She calls 911, reporting Corinne’s death and waiting for the police to arrive.

This and more located in the link above! :)
"GO" Spoiler Report from CSIFiles

According to CSI Files sources, "G.O." opens in a hip, sexy club. Neal Marshall stands out in this crowd, but it’s not in a good way. He’s an average guy, and he looks out of place next to all of the rich, A-list clientele. Undeterred, Neal heads toward the bar and tries to flag down the bartender for a drink. He may as well be invisible because the bartender ignores him. Neal checks his watch, and that’s when he sees an attractive woman at the bar nearby. He tries to say hello, but she sees the wedding ring on his finger and walks away.

Neal attempts to flag the bartender down again, but it’s no use. An attractive waitress named Olivia heads over to help him out. He orders a drink, and she moves toward the bar. Braden Wilkins gets to his feet nearby, and he knocks the tray out of Olivia’s hands. Olivia apologizes, but Braden tosses an insult at her. Neal comes to Olivia’s defense, but Braden isn’t having any of it. He tells Olivia to get her boss because she’s about to get fired, and Neal points out that Braden was the one at fault, not Olivia. Braden shoves Neal, knocking him to the ground.

Neal jumps to his feet, surprising himself and Braden by punching the guy in the jaw. Braden retaliates swiftly, punching Neal over and over until Olivia drags him off and threatens to call security. Braden takes off, and Olivia leans down to help Neal. She tells him to head into the men’s room to clean himself up, and she’ll buy him a drink when he gets back. Neal makes his way slowly toward the bathroom.

Meanwhile, Scott Pendleton has been flirting with a hot girl, and he excuses himself to head into the men’s room. He catches sight of something red out of the corner of his eye, and he sees that it’s a pool of blood spreading across the floor. It’s coming from the handicapped stall, and Scott opens the door slowly to peer inside. He sees Braden on the ground with a knife protruding from his chest, and Neal is standing over the body. Neal turns to Scott, and he tries to proclaim his innocence, but Scott is already running for the door.

This and more, located in the link above! :)
Season finale press release:


Natasha Henstridge ("Species") Guest Stars as Agent Renee Locklear

"Mayday" — After Horatio finally captures the last prison escapee, their transport plane crash lands, and the CSIs discover this fugitive has more planned than just a getaway, on the ninth season finale of CSI: MIAMI, Sunday, May 8 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Natasha Henstridge ("Species") guest stars as Agent Renee Locklear.

Horatio Caine………..David Caruso
Calleigh Duquesne…..Emily Procter
Eric Delko…………...Adam Rodriguez
Ryan Wolfe………….Jonathan Togo
Det. Frank Tripp…….Rex Linn
Natalia Boa Vista……Eva La Rue
Walter Simmons……..Omar Miller

Dr. Tom Loman……...Christian Clemenson

Jack Toller…………...........Callum Keith Rennie
Agent Renee Locklear …….Natasha Henstridge
Kaylee Anderson………….Cassi Thomson
Randy North………………Ethan Embry
Marcel Largos……………..Haaz Sleiman
Allen Hillington…………...Michael Dempsey
Bernard Ashcroft…………..Mark Hengst
Captain Adam Winston……Bo Kane
Judge Ebersol……………...Richard Cox
Flight Crewman…………...Austin Priester
MDPD Officer…………….De' Leon
Desk Clerk………………...Adrian Quinonez
First Officer……………….Adam John Harrington
Caroline Summers…………Jaime Hodges

WRITTEN BY: Marc Dube & Barry O'Brien

Thanks, vegaslights!
'Mayday' Spoiler Report from CSIFiles

According to CSI Files sources, "Mayday" finds Horatio and Frank escorting the last escaped prisoner back to Miami. Jack Toller has spent the past seven months in the Bahamas, and now he’s being taken back to Florida in a private jet. The plane is starting to descend, but Horatio notices that something is wrong. They’re changing course, so he heads into the cockpit to ask what’s going on. Captain Winston claims that they have to circle the airport until it is their turn to use the runway. Horatio points out that they have priority landing, but the pilot tells the flight crewman to show the determined CSI back to his seat. Frank sees the crewman reach into a compartment and pull out a gun.

Frank struggles with the crewman, and a bullet erupts from the gun and pierces the leather seat near Jack. Captain Winston comes out of the cockpit with his own gun raised, But Horatio puts several bullets in the pilot before the man can take aim. Frank is still fighting the crewman for control of the gun, and several more bullets make their way into the cockpit, damaging the controls and striking First Officer North in the torso.

The plane starts to rock violently. Horatio drops his gun, and Frank hits his head on a table while struggling with the crewman. The crewman’s gun is loose, and Horatio dives to reach it first. They struggle, and Jack tries to get free of his handcuffs to grab Frank’s gun while the detective is still dazed from hitting his head.

This and more, located in the link!
TV Guide Mega Buzz:

What's the deal with Calleigh and Delko on CSI: Miami? Should we give up hope on ever seeing them together again? — Megan

Nope. Co-executive producer Barry O'Brien says their cooling-off period this season was necessitated by Emily Procter's real-life pregnancy. "It was a little bit of a detour, a little bit of a left turn," he says. "But... we know those kind of feelings don't just go away ... They may be made for each other." Hope restored, Megan?
Season 10 Spoilers!

From vegaslights

10.01 - "Countermeasures."

Details in a bit...

ETA: Here's what I know (there's not much)...

~ Things seem to pick up almost instantly. Jack Toller is still on the lose, and he seems to be working with an accomplice: Leo Kendry. Jack is in the process of making a counterfeit deal, and he's also taking an 18-year-old girl (Melanie) with him.

~ Calleigh helps get a kid into foster care.

~ Renee Locklear is back and she's assisting Horatio (who appears to be alive!). Oh, and Natalia? Well, she's **a*!

~ Walter and Tripp have a scene together where they discover an important piece of evidence that might lead to Jack's whereabouts.

~ Jack appears to have mommy issues, which might be a reason why he is the way he is today.

~ I see mentions for everyone except for Tom Loman. There's an Eric/Calleigh/Ryan scene that looks promising. Lots of Calleigh from what I can tell!

CSI Files 10x01 Spoiler Report

In the season nine finale of Miami, "Mayday” (review), angry ex-convict Randy North (Ethan Embry) shot Horatio and trapped Natalia in the trunk of a sinking car after his kids were taken away from him following his cooperation with escaped serial killer Jack Toller (Callum Keith Rennie). Toller, meanwhile, was able to evade capture, and he was on the run with two $100 bill printing plates stolen from the US government. According to CSI Files sources, the tenth season premiere, “Countermeasures”, picks up where “Mayday” left off. Horatio and Natalia survive their ordeal, and the team goes on the hunt for North and Toller.

Calleigh speaks with Austin North, Randy’s eight-year-old son. The little boy is worried that he and his four-year-old sister Patty will be split up. Calleigh promises that they’re doing everything they can to keep the children together, but right now they need to locate Randy. Austin says he doesn’t care about his father, and he doesn’t want to be with him ever again. He says he’ll do whatever it takes to help the CSIs track his father down.

Austin waits near a lifeguard station on the beach, and he calls his father. He tells the man he ran away from foster care, and Randy promises to come get him. Calleigh, Eric and Ryan wait nearby to intercept the man, and Ryan is determined to keep him from getting anywhere near his child. When Randy sees the police coming after him, he tries to run away—but Ryan jumps out and takes him down, cuffing him on the ground. [...]

This and more major spoilers in the link!
Some more 10x01 details from Faylinn:

*pops in*

They released a few more spoilers, so I can share a bit about Horatio's injuries: he was hit by a bullet fragment after the bullet itself ricocheted off of something, and it sounds like the wound was a through-and-through. The doctor wants him under observation for 24 hours because he isn't out of the woods yet, but Horatio insists on leaving so they don't lose any time.

Natalia is recouperating nearby, and she seems concerned that Horatio isn't going to follow the doctor's orders.

Have you gotten any new information about Calleigh and Delko on CSI: Miami? — Mary
ADAM: Nothing new to report on the relationship front, but I can promise that you'll see Calleigh out in the field much more now that Emily Procter is no longer pregnant. Her maternal instincts will come in handy when Calleigh forms a strong bond with the rescued children of a wanted fugitive in the season premiere. In fact, the word adoption will come up.
Ausiello Spoiler:

TVGuide are reporting that Alana de la Garza will reprise her role as Marisol Delektorsky Caine in the upcoming season of CSI: Miami.​

We'll update this post as more information gets available.​

From hiphugger17.

Set Photos for CSI:Miami

Thanks, mjszud!

Evidently another spoiler's going around (from mayra) that Eric and Calleigh will have a scene together in which it is revealed that Calleigh is seeing someone else, who's an explosives expert with the government.

Also from mayra:

10x02 is titled 'Stiff'. It involves a man killed in a cabana at one of the upper-end hotels, and it is revealed that he was running a male escort business out of the hotel. Everyone's mentioned except for Loman.

As always, spoilers are subject to change.
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