CSI:Miami - "Road Trip *puts on shades* Number Nine."

Discussion in 'Fan Fiction' started by Finch, Apr 24, 2007.

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  1. CSI_Trainee

    CSI_Trainee CSI Level One

    Oct 20, 2005
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    Aw thats so cute. I think its good Lori has realized what sort of a rut that she has put not only herself but several people in around her. I'm glad she has but the thing is ... will she stick to it? Okay and how many of us ended up in jail cause of the greeter incident lol. I could just imagine our security team running around the store trying to gather up the RT gang lol. I would be a sight to see for sure!
    Awsome update can't wait for more!
  2. Anni Grey

    Anni Grey Coroner

    Jun 22, 2005
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    Awww! What a great father daughter moment! That's what they needed, to clear the air:) Those Speedle's know how to pull at the heart strings:D

    So much so, that I try to get pass the greeter without stopping. It never works though, my daughter is dead on it. *sigh* no one would miss a roll of those dreadful things , would they?

    Excellent work, Geni! ;)
  3. CSI_in_training

    CSI_in_training CSI Level Two

    Jun 21, 2005
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    OH! Lori is so adorable when she's being nice. And I think she just royally confused Speed. He does need a hug!
    Its so sweet that Calleigh got her to talk, and that Lori and Speed are still so close. I remember when Katie was lost in Mexico and I'm positive it was because of Trevor.
    Ah, so many good memories.
  4. that_girl1

    that_girl1 Coroner

    Mar 5, 2007
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    Aww that was so cute between Speed and Lori. Hehe "You need a hug." :lol: I think that Speed definatley needs hugs more often. And now that I think of it I agree with Lora that Gavin is an arse and I think that he's holding Lori back. :) Great update as always.
  5. klj7678

    klj7678 Dead on Arrival

    Oct 2, 2007
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    it seems speed's attitude treatment worked. he knocked some sense into her. good for him and i'm glad she didnt go all columbian on him. that would not end well.
  6. CSI_in_training

    CSI_in_training CSI Level Two

    Jun 21, 2005
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    Although I love the results, I must say I disagree with his parental style. Hitting her was not the answer. But then again, he's never made the best dicisions.
  7. Finch

    Finch Funnier in Enochian Super Moderator

    Jul 30, 2005
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    Thanks so much for the reviews everyone, much appreciated! :D


    Jail cell, Maine

    Katie: *sigh*

    Delko: *frowns* What. What was that about? What did I do?

    Katie: You got us in here.

    Delko: Yes because everytime we end up in a jail cell, it's automatically my fault.

    Katie: *shrugs*


    Everyone: *gasps*

    Lora: What? It wasn't the biggest secret. How was I to know the old guy would call the cops?

    Lilly: You ripped his vest with tongs. I would have called the men in white if you ask me.

    Lora: I didn't.

    Lilly: *frowns*

    Anni: Now let's not be mad at each other. We're a team and sometimes teams get into a sticky situation whether it's anyone's fault or not. We can either continue being mad or we can bust out of here.

    Delko: No. We have nowhere to run.

    Anni: *scratches head* Actually...

    Delko: What.

    Anni: Well before we left, I was grabbin' everything and accidentally grabbed the locator for the Hummercopter.

    Lora: What? We have a Hummercopter?

    Anni: Yeah and I...*reaches into pocket* Brought it along.

    Katie: So you can tell us where it is but you can't bring it here.

    Anni: You underestimate me.

    Katie: Apparently.

    Lora: Um how are we going to get out of the cell?

    Delko: Easy. We stop eating meals and slip through the bars.

    Lora: Eric, there is no way you could stop eating and drop down to three pounds.

    Delko: I planned on dropping down to three inches.

    Lora: *rolls eyes*

    Anni: *pressing buttons* Okay it's in Miami so the copter should be here in...10 hours.

    Lilly: What if it needs gas?

    Anni: Then I guess we'll be waiting longer than 10 hours.

    Delko: Can you make phone calls through that thing?

    Anni: Yeah it's like a Blackberry.

    Delko: So call Horatio and tell him we-

    Anni: NO. We escaped him and we are not going to call him for help. I want him to know that we can handle situations on our own.

    Delko: ...But we can't.

    Anni: Yes we can. All these years, Horatio took us in and taught us a bunch of crap that we already knew but made us actually put it into practice and I want him to be proud of us.

    Colton: We're already in jail, he couldn't get any less proud of us.

    Anni: Shut up, this is just one small obstacle.

    Colton: *shakes head*

    Anni: Let's put our heads together and figure this out.

    Delko: *smashes head against Anni*


    Delko: Oooh your hair smells like lemons.

    Anni: ERIC!



    Katie: Hehe.

    Anni: Don't you even say it.

    Katie: Aw.

    Lora: Yeesh Anni, what's with the nervous breakdown? You were so cool a minute ago.

    Anni: Yeah well we all gotta evolve someday.

    Miami Lab

    Calleigh: *walks over* Hey.

    Speed: Hey.

    Calleigh: I swabbed every inch of that bathroom, please tell me you have something.

    Speed: Well I can tell you this guy has some weird fetishes.

    Calleigh: Anything that will help with the case?

    Speed: Traces of heroin.

    Calleigh: Okay so he's either a user, a dealer or both. *picks up box*

    Speed: *looks over*

    Calleigh: These pizza boxes were collected from his home.

    Speed: Yeah.

    Calleigh: *opens box* ...Have you gotten to these yet?

    Speed: They just came in.

    Calleigh: *turns box around* Look familiar?

    Speed: The same stamp that was on the card.

    Calleigh: Have you heard of this pizza place?

    Speed: No.

    Lori: *walks in* I have a name for our gang. La puesta del sol.

    Calleigh: The sunset.

    Lori: Mhm and they are badass. Big time heroin dealers from Cuba who've recently opened up a connection in Little Havannah. I've never dealt with heroin but the stuff's more valuable than gold to these people.

    Speed: Well we never found a huge stash in the old guy's house.

    Calleigh: You know, I think we did. *grabs scissors, cuts pizza box*

    Speed: *lifts brow*

    Calleigh: *drops piece of box into test tube* Can I borrow the stuff over there?

    Speed: Be my guest.

    Calleigh: *smiles, grabs lab materials*

    Lori: *crosses arms*

    Calleigh: *shakes test tube* Purple.

    Speed: That's new.

    Calleigh: Heroin pressed into cardboard. I think we need to take a trip to this pizza place.

    Pizza place, Little Havannah

    Lori: *lifts picture* Ever see this guy?

    Man: *shakes head*

    Speed: You're the delivery guy aren't you?

    Man: No sé lo que significas.

    Speed: *looks at Lori*

    Lori: We have you on camera mister Renta.

    Renta: No reconozco a ese hombre.

    Speed: English.

    Renta: *lifts brow*

    Speed: Right now.

    Renta: *rolls eyes* Look, maybe I delivered there a couple of times, big deal.

    Speed: The guy's dead and the last one to see him alive was you.

    Renta: So? Doesn't mean I capped the dude.

    Speed: Okay. *sigh* His pizza boxes were lined with heroin. Know anything about that?

    Man: *walks over* Officers, I'm Alonzo Cardenas, I'm the manager. Is there anything I can help you with?

    Lori: *looks down at floor*

    Speed: We're investigating a murder.

    Cardenas: Does my delivery boy have anything to do with it?

    Speed: We don't know yet, which is why we're here.

    Cardenas: It looks like he's answered everything so why don't you two see yourselves out.

    Speed: Don't leave town.

    Outside, near Hummer

    Speed: You were pretty docile in there.

    Lori: You had it covered.

    Speed: Something you want to share?

    Lori: I just didn't think it would have been wise to open my big mouth in front of him. Wouldn't want to get killed on my first day. *smiles*

    Speed: Right.

  8. CSI_in_training

    CSI_in_training CSI Level Two

    Jun 21, 2005
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    OH! What's she hiding? No way she's just worried about getting shot. tell us please!
    And we're in jail...why does that not surprise me? Oh, because we usually end up in jail! ^_^ We're such retards. *shakes head and laughs*
    Come back Geni! you amaze me!
  9. HellsBells

    HellsBells Tormenting Camp Counselors

    Feb 27, 2007
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    Holy Horatio.

    That is a whole lot of updates that I've missed. How did I do that?

    And why am I in jail? I didn't do anything wrong... it's all his fault! *Points to the guy sitting in Ronald McDonalds lap* Yeah, I said it!

    Katie and Anni CRACK ME UP! :lol:

    Delko... I think we need to duct tape his arms to his side.. but then he would probably find a way to break something even with his arms useless.

    There are way to many updates (like 10 of em? oO) to say what was so great about each one, but awesome, just awesome.
  10. Anni Grey

    Anni Grey Coroner

    Jun 22, 2005
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    Geni, your genius, I said it before, and I say it again, knows no bounds! Anni was all cool and collected up until Eric decided to take things literally and clock her. Wonder what's going on under all that coolness of Anni? hmmm

    And Lori...clearly there's something going on with her. She recognized something or somebody,didnt she? I can't wait for the next update!

    excellent work!
  11. Finch

    Finch Funnier in Enochian Super Moderator

    Jul 30, 2005
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    Be afraid, be very afraid. :devil:


    Woo! Thanks for the awesome reviews everyone!

    Oh, before I forget: Because Lori and Gavin won't really be seen again after this thread, there will definitely be a time where one will 'show up' in the future, but just as a one-time thing.



    Delko: *banging head against bars*

    Lora: You mind not doing that?

    Anni: Makes for a good song beat though.

    Delko: I'm bored.

    Missy: Welcome to the club.

    Delko: Can't we play 'I Spy' or something?

    Colton: There's nothing in here to spy. Sometimes I wish I had X-ray vision.

    Anni: ...*covers self with arms*

    Colton: I meant so that I can see into the other cells.

    Anni: It still sounds dirty.

    Ryan: *lying under bench* I'm actually learning a lot about the jailer. Apparently he's a c-

    Delko: You know what Ryan, no one wants to know.

    Ryan: Well fine. If anyone wants to know, come down here and read it for yourself.

    Heather: Did anyone else notice the window up there?

    Delko: What about it?

    Heather: It's glass and there are no bars.

    Delko: ...Huh.

    Heather: We could break it.

    JC: Wouldn't the guards notice?

    Heather: We might as well take the chance.

    Ryan: Yeah and you getting away while the rest of us get stuck? I don't think so.

    Heather: Fine, we won't break the glass.

    Katie: We're going to rot in here.

    Guard: *walks over* You guys can go.

    Katie: What? Why?

    Guard: Apparently all of you put Horatio Caine down as your emergency contact. He's on his way and he posted bail.

    Katie: Wow, he IS rich.

    Two hours later, outside sheriff's building

    Horatio: What did I tell you about Wal-Mart?

    Delko: *kicks rocks* Not to disturb the peace.

    Horatio: That's right. You know, I've been looking for you guys for the past couple of weeks. Do you know how worried I've been?

    Lora: Aww about our safety?

    Horatio: Yes. I even got Stetler to help.

    Delko: *GASP* Nooo.

    Horatio: Yes.

    Delko: *hugs Horatio* YOU ARE SO AWESOME.

    Horatio: *pushes Eric* Yeah, yeah I get that a lot.

    Lora: How come he gets to hug Horatio and I don't?

    Missy: He never said you couldn't.

    Lora: YAY! *hugs Horatio* Never ever let us go ever again.

    Hummercopter crashes into nearby tree

    Anni: ...Well look at that.

    Horatio: Is..Is that my Hummercopter?

    Anni: ...Maybe.

    Horatio: *frowns*

    Anni: *hides behind Eric* Protect me.

    Delko: No way. *hides behind Ryan*

    Ryan: What are we hiding behind me for? Statistically, I'm the weakest link.

    Horatio: Actually, I wanted you guys to take a look at a new project I'm working on. It's in the Hummerhome.


    Horatio: ...No, it's not an ice sculpture.


    Horatio: BEHOLD! *points to blueprints* The Hummerail.

    Everyone: *blinks*

    Horatio: No, it's a great idea. I was thinking about it when Stetler was talking about twinkies. If we can build a giant railroad system sponsored by Hummer, do you know how far we could travel without wasting Hummerhomes?

    Delko: As opposed to wasting millions of dollars worth of steel and iron?

    Horatio: This will be the strongest and safest way to travel.

    Anni: But what if it derails?

    Horatio: No worries, it has retractable wings just in case. It'll fly back onto the tracks.

    Colton: *knocks on Horatio's head* Eric Delko? Get back into your own body.

    Delko: I'm right here.

    Horatio: I know it sounds a little 'out there' but I just don't have the budjet anymore for Hummerhomes.

    Anni: You mean...We might never have another Hummerhome built for us ever again?

    Horatio: Yes.

    Anni: ...*lip quivers*

    Delko: Now why did you go and say that for? *hugs Anni*

    11pm, Henderson house

    Lori: *walks in, throws purse down* Gavin! I'm home! *looks around* Hello!

    Gavin: *walks downstairs* Hey.

    Lori: You always keep the lights off?

    Gavin: Yeah, especially when I'm not using the room. How was your day?

    Lori: Fine. Yours?

    Gavin: Got a job, actually.

    Lori: Oh. I thought you were working at the Herald.

    Gavin: I got a call um from my old job. In San Antonio. They want to put me on the bomb squad. Apparently my old partner convinced them that I would be a better choice than he would. They offered to triple my salary.

    Lori: I thought you didn't want to be a cop.

    Gavin: I've been thinkin' about it ever since you wound up in the hospital.

    Lori: So are you going to take it?

    Gavin: It would mean I couldn't come back to Miami and I can't ask you to just up and leave.

    Lori: *nods* So you are going to take it.

    Gavin: I didn't expect you to get better, at least not this quickly. And I'm sorry, I can't...I can't pass this up.

    Lori: ...I guess that explains the new car.

    Gavin: Lori, I'm sorry.

    Lori: I understand.

    Gavin: *nods*

    Lori: *scoffs* It's kind of funny. None of us like cops but here we are, wearin' the badge.

    Gavin: *hugs Lori*

    Lori: *sighs*

    Gavin: I love you.

    Lori: I love you more.

    Gavin: *laughs* Corny.

    Lori: *smiles* Hey it was either that or cry.

  12. CSI_Trainee

    CSI_Trainee CSI Level One

    Oct 20, 2005
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    AWWWSSSS I hope lori goes with Gavin, they just make such a cute couple! Yay horatio to the rescue ...*sighs* yet again lol. Although I have to admit I thought he would be a little more ticked then he acted lol. Especially after the hummercopter crashed into a tree.
    *Gaspage* no more hummerhomes *lip starts to quiver with anni's* Not our precious hummerhomes, I thought Jesus couldn't run out of money. Oh dear, Oh my! ... I want some pie... okay that was off track but NOOOOOO NOT THE HUMMERHOMES!!!! *slams fist on desk* we can't loose our trademark!
    Can't wait for more side splitting fun geni!
  13. Anni Grey

    Anni Grey Coroner

    Jun 22, 2005
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    Oh no! No more hummerhomes? Although , I like the idea of Hummer rails...interesting to say the least :) More monkey business! Speaking of which... I crashed the Hummercopter? And Horatio didn't bat an eye lash? He must be getting soft in his lean years...lol

    Aw, Gavin and Lori...looks like there's a trip to Tx in the wings. It would be sad to see them go, but I had a blast reading them....Lori remains kick ass... I don't think she can be anything else .

    Fantastic update, Geni!
  14. that_girl1

    that_girl1 Coroner

    Mar 5, 2007
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    Okay, first it was drugs in clothes and now in pizza boxes. :lol: Criminals are surely getting creative in the way that they deliver drugs. :p It is a shame that Lori and Gavin are leaving Miami. :( As always a great update.
  15. CSI_in_training

    CSI_in_training CSI Level Two

    Jun 21, 2005
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    AWWW! Lori! and just when we thought her life was getting better SPLAT! Down she goes again! *huggles* I feel so bad for you!
    Oh, we're in so much trouble...but I would have H down as my emergency contact. He's always rescuing us. A hummerail? He can't afford more hummerhomes but he wants to build a hummerail? Works for me.
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