CSI:Miami - "Road Trip *puts on shades* Number Nine."

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    Thanks! :D

    Heh, sunshine is for sure, that and a lovely bedside manner. :p

    LOL, well the whole Lori/Gavin storyline is going to come to an end before the end of this thread. They aren't going to break up or anything, we're just not going to see them because well, everything must come to an end.


    Maine, US, Wal-Mart

    Anni: *grabs shopping cart*

    Delko: You sure Horatio won't find us here?

    Anni: Relax, the US is huge.

    Delko: Yeah but how many blimps do you know of that are at Wal-Mart?

    Anni: Not many but here's to hoping he checks out Florida first. Man, I never thought we'd be fleeing the red-headed wonder.

    Katie: Yeah it seems so evil. *looks at watch* We'd better hurry. Wal-Mart's going to close soon.

    Anni: This store closes?

    Katie: Yeah.

    Colton: So what kind of groceries are we looking for?

    Katie: MUSTARD.

    Colton: No.

    Katie: What's wrong with mustard?

    Colton: I'm tired of eating it. I don't like it and it's even worse without something to put it on.

    Katie: *eye twitches* Bite your tongue.

    Colton: Let's get some Hungry Man dinners or something.

    Lora: OH! OH! Can we get a bucket of ice cream? Please?

    Anni: We only have so much money.

    Lora: How much exactly?

    Anni: I don't know, it's Stetler's credit card.

    Lora: I thought you gave that to the blimp guy.

    Anni: Stetler had more than one.

    Lora: Why don't you get your own credit card?

    Anni: I can't use mine. Speed took it.

    Katie: Is that because you kept buying all those baby things with it?

    Anni: Yeah which is weird because I never saw them again after I ordered them.

    Katie: Okay, let's split up to cover more ground. I'll go with Anni and the rest of you just spin around until we get back.

    Colton: Wait, that's not splitting up.

    Katie: No kidding.

    Colton: At least make it even.

    Katie: Fine you can come with us.

    Colton: Fine.

    Katie: Which means Delko, you'll be with Ryan and Lora. Lilly and Missy, you two are together.

    Lilly: What happened to Carly?

    Katie: ....I think we left her in England.

    Missy: Way to go.

    Katie: Off to aisle five! *runs with cart*

    Anni: Wait for me!

    Aisle five

    Katie: ....

    Anni: ...

    Colton: Ha ha ha. It's the toy section.


    Manager: *walks over* I'm the manager.

    Katie: Where's the mustard and why isn't it in aisle five?

    Manager: Mustard doesn't get its own aisle. You'll find that on aisle fifteen with the rest of the condiments.

    Katie: 0_0

    Anni: Bad idea.

    Colton: You're in for it now.


    Manager: *grabs toupee off of floor* YOU'RE INSANE! *runs away*

    Katie: *places hands on hips* That's more like it. Now help me to put all the mustard in this aisle.

    Anni: Um, you don't think the people at wal-mart will notice?

    Katie: Pretend we're buying all of the toys and when you get to aisle fifteen, pretend you don't want the toys anymore and just chuck 'em on the floor.

    Anni: You're not allowed to do that.

    Katie: I pay taxes. I can do whatever I want.

    Anni: You don't pay taxes.

    Colton: Yeah you haven't paid taxes in a long time.

    Katie: WELL YOU GUYS PAY TAXES! Come on, help me out here.

    Colton: Sorry Katie but wal-mart's too big of a company. I don't want to mess around with it. It's like taking Burger King and smashing it into McDonalds. Ain't gonna happen.

    Katie: We're not talking about pushing two stores together, we're talking about the integrity of everything that is aisle five. It's where I met the love of my life and if you don't help me, I'm going to stick your head in this mop bucket.

    Colton: ....Okay. *runs*

    Anni: *crosses arms* I knew it.

    Katie: What.

    Anni: You still love him.

    Katie: OH MY GOD CALL THE COAST GUARD. Of course I do. It's like Clark Kent and Lana Lang..Or...Luthor or...Lang again, anyway we both love each other but we're not gonna say it.

    Anni: I thought you were like Ross and Rachel.

    Katie: Oh that is sooo 2006.

    Anni: *lifts brow* So what does this make me?

    Katie: It makes you stupid. Clar-I mean Speed isn't gonna stay with you.


    Katie: Pfft, takes one to know one.

    Anni: What does that even have to do with anything? And if anything, you're the one who's dating everyone from Lexx Luthor to Jason Teague.

    Katie: Mmmmm I love me some Jensen Ackles.

    Anni: Katie, focus.

    Katie: *blinks* Look, it's one of those things you can't change. You're like the middle man. Or well, middle woman. See, you have the biggest disadvantage.

    Anni: You know...This might be very confusing to people who don't watch Smallville or Friends.

    Katie: Ah man now you have me thinking about Jensen Ackles....

    Anni: *rolls eyes*

    Katie: Hehe.

    Anni: Take a cold shower already.

    Katie: Ugh, just help me move the toys.

    Gun aisle...It's Wal-Mart people

    Ryan: Okay Eric don't move.

    Delko: What? Why?

    Ryan: You might kill someone.

    Delko: I haven't touched anything.

    Ryan: Let's keep it that way.

    Delko: Ooh look at the pretty knife. *extends hand*

    Ryan: NO!

    Knife falls off shelf, glass breaks around them

    Ryan: ....


    Ryan: Um it was your fault. I told you not to move.

    Delko: Yeah well learn to control me better.

    Ryan: You want a shock collar?

    Delko: Can it have spikes on it?

    Ryan: *frowns* You aren't supposed to be with me on this.

    Delko: Oh.

    Ryan: *sigh* Let's go look for a shock collar.

    Delko: YAY!

    Near front of store

    Lora: *hiding behind shopping carts* Okay, here's the plan. You take the greeter's buttons and I'll rip his vest.

    Lilly: Aren't you supposed to be with someone else?

    Lora: Are you kidding me? We make the best team out of all of them.

    Lilly: What are you going to accomplish by taking the greeter's vest?

    Lora: Um HELLO. The Wal-Mart vest is like Superman's cape. You take it from a greeter and they're powerless to give out buttons and stickers.

    Lilly: So you're going to attack and old man just so he doesn't give out stickers?

    Lora: Not just ANY stickers. Happy face stickers. The nerve of it all. *shakes head*

    Lilly: You are not tackling a 90 year old man.

    Lora: I'm not touching him. *whips out tongs*

    Lilly: *frowns*

    Bathroom, Miami

    Lori: *sigh*

    Calleigh: Okay what's the first thing we do?

    Lori: Well he's naked so stealing the money from his pockets is going to be impossible.

    Speed: *frowns*

    Lori: Clear a path and take photos.

    Calleigh: Exactly.

    Lori: *steps over body*

    Calleigh: Massive blood loss. Blunt force trauma could be our cause of death. Alexx'll have to confirm.

    Lori: *kneels* The guy's a drug addict.

    Calleigh: Based on?

    Lori: The track marks on his arms.

    Calleigh: Good find. Might indicate a motive.

    Lori: *looks at Speed* See? Drug lords might be on the list for my first day afterall.

    Speed: *shakes head*

    Lori: *clears throat* Anyway, could also be overdose.

    Calleigh: Yup.

    Lori: *clicks on flashlight* Or not.

    Calleigh: What do you have?

    Lori: *picks up paper* There's a stamp on this. A purple star.

    Calleigh: You recognize it?

    Lori: *nods* Yeah.

    Calleigh: Gang?

    Lori: They're based in Little Havanah. They deal mainly in heroin.

    Calleigh: Okay, we'll look into it.

    Lori: *stands*

    Speed: Lori, outside.

    Lori: ...

    Speed: Now.

    Lori: Alright. *leaves*

    Speed: *looks at Calleigh*

    Calleigh: *lifts brow*

    Speed: *leaves*


    Lori: *crosses arms*

    Speed: *walks over* You're off the case.

    Lori: Wow, two minutes and I'm already in trouble. What, did I not do that right? Was I supposed to print the old guy's ass first?

    Speed: You're too close to it.

    Lori: Why? Because I was a drug user? You can go ahead and say it.

    Speed: ...

    Lori: *shrugs* Whatever, I'll go chill in the break room. *walks away*

    Speed: *grabs Lori*

    Lori: *turns around* What.

    Speed: You can drop the attitude anytime.

    Lori: The guy's dead, he's not goin' to care about my opinion.

    Speed: I do.

    Lori: Deal with it.

    Speed: *backhands Lori in the face*

    Lori: *falls against side of house*

    Speed: *glaring*

    Lori: *holding face*

    Speed: Get back to the lab and stay there.

    Lori: ...Yes sir. *pulls out phone, walks away*

    Three hours later, driveway of house

    Calleigh: *places kit in Hummer* I'll meet you back at the lab.

    Speed: Yeah.

    Black car pulls up

    Calleigh: I'll call you if I get anything. *gets into Hummer*

    Calleigh drives off

    Gavin: *steps out of car*

    Speed: *closes Hummer door*

    Gavin: *walks over*

    Speed: This is a crime scene.

    Gavin: Yeah well in a minute there might be a whole new one.

    Speed: *turns around* What are you doing here?

    Gavin: My wife has a black eye and I'm the one with the temper problem.

    Speed: That's none of your business.

    Gavin: You know I got to thinkin' and...See, I thought you were a good guy but you've definitely got issues.

    Speed: You finished?

    Gavin: No. You touch her again, I will kill you. You got it?

    Speed: *stares at Gavin*

    Gavin: And I'll make sure no one finds the body.

    Speed: *gets into Hummer, drives off*

    Gavin: *glares*

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    oh no old speed is back. tis not a good thing. poor young naive gavin. he couldnt take speed. besides speed gots friends. friends mean backup which means gavin stands an even less chance of winning. anyways excellent update. stetler should check his wallet more often. hes gonna go bankrupt.
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    Oh come on don't steal the nice old greeters vest, thats just harsh.... and for the record they don't hand out buttons... well at least at my walmart we don't lmfao. We do however have the ever annouying happy face stickers i have about three on my name tag and one of my co-workers made one into a frowing face for me lmfao. .... Come to think of it I don't even know which aisle is our mustard aisle... ours doesn't even have numbers lol. And what exactly is speeds freaking problem, I can't believe he's doing that crap again. At least Lori has Gavin to protect her tho. Although the threat may be a little much. Speed certainly needs to think out his actions a little better tho. I wonder what Katies reaction would be if she was to find out. ... Ironically enough where was I in walmart lol..... probably the shoe section trying to help people lmfao. Great update geni! (by the way the besdie manner sounds lovely lol, god knows we could all use a little R&R once and a while lmfao)
  4. Anni Grey

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    Geni... genius, pure genius! Wal Mart, the bain of society! Fitting that Katie loses her mind in there...:lol: And ouch much, katie telling Anni that even though she is married to Speed, she will always be the third wheel...jeeze , talk about friends.

    Delko...good lord..the man can't sit still for more than five mins...

    The greeters are awesome, they give my little girl crap loads of those yellow stickers,...that oddly find their way all over the backseat of my car...grr, down with the greeters!:lol: jk...

    And SPEED! My God, the man has lost his mind..AGAIN! wtf? why the hell would he hit Lori, despite losing his ever loving mind? And Gavin...whoo HOO for coming to Lori's aid! But still wondering about Speed....

    Excellent update!
  5. CSI_in_training

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    Its true! Traiter!Betrayer!Blah!
    Lori! I'm glad she's healthy again! But ouch! speed! How could you!?!?! That was beyond not cool.
    And all this supernatural talk...two very very very hot guys! touching off the angst with comedy. I like!
    YAY GENI!!
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    My gosh y'all reviewed while I was writing my update. :D Yay!

    Anni! Omgosh your daughter sounds so cute. And yeah, I steer clear of those greeters. They're like clowns, can't stand 'em. :p

    lol, yeah I suppose Gavin thinks he need to prove himself up against Papa Speedle, which is er, not the best idea. :lol: He ain't no killer (unless it's self defense, lol) and he certainly isn't violent...As long as he has an anchor. He's just in wuv. :eek:

    One might think however that Lori needed a 'refresher' as to how to regard things--An attitude and the way she regards life (with little respect) is her downfall as we've seen. There are possibly two ways to see Speed's actions. (I think--and I'm just putting it out there, because I only laid it out) 1) He's snapped again. Either because of the frustration that his own daughter is a self-centered witch with a capital B even though she almost killed herself and probably should have died and came back and seemingly hasn't changed one bit. Or his own issues about people being disrespectful and not acting serious about a serious job which we saw before, or the fact that he's just as damaged as Lori. 2) Lori deserved it. She tends to get away with a lot, especially since she's 'daddy's little girl'. She may be an adult but her way of thinking very much reflects that of a child.

    Okay so that's more than two things but it's all up to interpretation. If I were to claim "this and this happened because of this and that's how it is" would be a tad ignorant of me, lol. There are many ways to analyze it, albeit sometimes it's the most simplest answer. In regards to Speed's character, he might have just wanted to smack the backtalk out of her. :lol: Where in the show, he would never have done it as we haven't seen his interaction with his proper relatives. Here, we do. And I agree, Jaci, he needs to think his actions over a little more whether they're well-intended, defendable or uncalled for. It would be absolutely boring if these characters were perfect. Unless we all just want to go on the notion that it was out of character and I'm no writer. :p

    *sigh* Okay so my love of literature is splashing all over the proverbial carpet. Carry on. Nothing to see here. *sweeps analytical mumbo jumbo off the stage*

    Thanks for the reviews! :)



    Cop: *writing report* Sir, can you calm down?



    Cop: One at a time.

    Lora: *in handcuffs*

    Lilly: Nice. Now we're going to prison because of you.


    Cop: Sit on the bench.

    Delko: ...You mean the one with Ronald McDonald on it? Sweet. *sits on bench* Quick! Someone take my picture!

    Katie: Oh YES! I can add this to the scrap book. *snaps picture* Someone go sit with Eric and make a stupid face.

    Ryan: *sits on Ronald McDonald's lap* Okay, snap away.

    Katie: *snaps picture*

    Heather: *walks in* ...Okay I was about to ask what was taking you guys so long but now I'm not sure I want to know.

    Cop: Ma'am, are you responsible for these people?

    Heather: Why, what did they do?

    Cop: *hands over three notebooks* It's all in there.

    Heather: Nope, I don't know them.


    Heather: I especially don't know her.

    Lora: *frowns*

    Lilly: *sigh* Go to college, my parents said. Become successful, my grandparents said. Be the President, my teachers said. But oh no. No no no, I'm sitting in a Wal-Mart handcuffed to the very person who thought it would be a good idea to steal the stickers from an old man whose only job is to greet people at the door and make sure their shopping experience is a pleasant one.

    Lora: You wanted to be the President?

    Lilly: *rolls eyes*

    Anni: Hey I could be the President of the US. It's an easy job.

    Lilly: Oh really.

    Anni: Yeah. I'd merge with Canada and make 'em do all the work. We can be Canericans.

    Lilly: That's a horrible idea.

    Anni: *shrugs* To each his own. At least I'd be entertaining. You'd bore the general public into a catatonic state.

    Lilly: How do you know that?

    Anni: Um no one elects a president named 'Lilly'.

    Lilly: And you think 'Anni' is any better?

    Anni: Yeah. It'll be like Little Orphan Annie. I'll be the cutest president ever.

    Lilly: Then how are you going to scare the enemies?

    Anni: Put Horatio's face on our new flag.

    Lilly: You're an idiot.

    Lora: Ugh can we stop talking about politics please? It gives me a headache.


    Anni: Katie, you're not meeting the cast from any show on The CW.

    Katie: *frowns* You don't know if that's what I wanted to do.

    Anni: ...

    Katie: ...Yet.

    Cop: Okay gang, let's get you all into the van.

    Ryan: In my defense, I didn't do anything illegal.

    Cop: We've heard of you and your gang. You're known as the RT 14.

    Ryan: We have a number? There are more RT gangs?

    Delko: Um I think he meant because there are normally 14 of us. Which makes it very difficult to have all of us in one location if you ask me.

    Katie: Would make it even worse if we still had Jess, Trevor, Kristin, Katie1 and Emy.

    Delko: Man I totally forgot about them.

    Katie: Life goes on.

    Delko: Yeah I remember Kristin had this huge crush on Horatio.

    Anni: Yeah didn't H ask her to marry him?

    Delko: *laughs* Yeah.

    Lora: WHAT!

    Delko: Don't worry it never happened so you can calm down.

    Lora: Oh good. Please don't do that again. Now who is this Kristin person and what is her address?

    Police van, road

    Anni: It's so cool that Maine has heard of us.

    Katie: This is like the most forgotten state, who cares if they've heard of us.

    Anni: But we're like outlaws. Cowboys. A real gang.

    Katie: Yeah but none of our well thought-out missions turn out very well.

    Anni: So stop botchin' 'em up.

    Katie: YOU stop botching them up.

    Anni: Um HELLO you're the stupid one.


    Delko: She has a point.

    Colton: Hey how come we never went back to Africa?

    Katie: *kicks Colton*

    Colton: OW!

    Lounge, Miami

    Lori: *drinks tea*

    Speed: *walks in*

    Lori: *flips channel on tv*

    Speed: *sits on table*

    Lori: You're blockin' my view.

    Speed: Your husband threatened me.

    Lori: *looks at Speed*

    Speed: You should appreciate him more than you do.

    Lori: Look, I'm sorry. I was out of line, okay? Can you leave now?

    Speed: *nods* Sure. *stands*

    Lori: Thank you.

    Speed: *leaves*

    Lori: *flips channel*

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    Ooh I spell d-r-a-m-a (is that how it goes :confused: ). lol At the talk that Anni and Katie had about Friends and Supernatural :lol: .
  8. CSI_in_training

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    actually I think he proposed to Jaci...
    DRAMA! Everyone loves DRAMA! And Maine has heard of us which totally rocks. And were there really 14 of us? That's amazing!
  9. Finch

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    ^ You know I believe you're right. :lol:

    I suppose that happens when I'm updating at 11 o'clock at night. :eek: My apologies to Jaci.

    Yep, there are a whoooole bunch of us. *counts*


    And then if you count in Tripp, Yelina, Stetler, Natalia, Josh, Lori, Gavin etc there would be more, lol.

    Thanks so much for the reviews! I should have more later.
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    what happened to jake, cait, ethan, and aleana?
  11. Anni Grey

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    Hilarious as always, Geni...I remember the old gang! *sigh* good times, good times:lol:

    Awesome, we are famous...granted it's by Maine standards (and there's nothing wrong with Maine, mind you) but still, it rocks! We're famous :D I can't wait to see how the gang gets out of this one...

    BTW...Eric sitting with Ronald McDonald on the bench... Fantastic visual:lol: Add Ryan on Ronnie's lap...comic gold:)

  12. Hunter

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    *bursts out laughing* :lol: Oh my gosh *cant stop laughing* That is so mean. *laughing*

    Whoa. Lori, Calleigh and Speed are actually wokring on a case. Trying to solve a murder! Man, when's the last time we did that in RT? :lol:

    WHY IS HE NOT DEAD YET. GENI! Why can't you just kill this guy, he's just a thorn in everybodys side. And he threatened Speed!! If the girls were there, Gavin would have claw marks all over him. :lol: Speed, you better kill that dork.

    The humanity!

    Wow. There actually are 14 of us. The RT 14. :lol: Sounds like a movie rating almost.

    Awesome updates Geni! Don't forget to kill Gavin! :D
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    I love me....and Katie....Katie is awesome *sighs*

    If this goes down on Thursday, I am going to cry...I will need something to cheer me up on Thursday...for obvious reasons. *looks at name and then CSI previews*

    Update Soonish Geni :)
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    Anni, Those stickers are so annouying lol. They end up all over my department, especially on my mirrors lol, which is really hard to get them off. I can't believe this one set of parents at our store today, they let their little like two year old daughter wander around on her own and she was in my boifriends department while they were in clothing, she was watching another co-worker play guitar hero, so my boifriend took care of her till her parents came to get her, it was the cutest thing lol.
    Geni, ur right I didn't think of it in that light, but then again a male hitting a female, well its just wrong but like u said, if we were all perfect in this fic, it would make for a very boring fic I do admit lol.
    And no worries about the mix up of me and kirstin lol, its all good.
    Great as always Geni can't wait for more!
  15. Finch

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    ^^^ The RT kids are still hangin' around and we'll definitely see them again.

    I don't know, Lori's boyfriends seem to all die? :lol:

    *snuggles Colton*

    LOL, Jaci like I said, it's all up to interpretation.

    Thanks for the reviews everyone!


    Miami, A/V lab

    Calleigh: *walks in sits down* Hey what are you workin' on?

    Lori: Security tapes.

    Calleigh: From our vic's house?

    Lori: One in the same. *typing*

    Calleigh: Get anything good?

    Lori: Just that he orders a lot of pizza.

    Calleigh: *drinks coffee*

    Lori: *typing*

    Calleigh: *smiles* So is this the Southern side of you or the New Yorker side of you?

    Lori: *opens folder*

    Calleigh: *smile fades* ...Can I ask you a personal question?

    Lori: *leans back on chair* Sure.

    Calleigh: All these years, why had you been torturin' yourself?

    Lori: Why drugs? Easy. It either makes you forget or not care. On the other hand, I was a stupid kid.

    Calleigh: *scratches head* Um...Your dad gave you that black eye, had he ever done it befo-

    Lori: No. Look, despite how much it seems like I hate his guts...When I first got back to Miami not only was he a great father but he was a friend. I told him everything, stuff I wouldn't even tell a priest or my own mother. Point is, I understand why I have a bruised eye and I'm not about to write a book about it.

    Calleigh: *nods*

    Lori: To tell you the truth, I'm tired of buttin' heads with him. Sometimes I wish I could just tell him everything that's on my mind again. *smirks* Especially since it's clean.

    Calleigh: *smiles* I'm sure things'll work out.

    Computer beeps

    Lori: *looks at screen* Bingo.

    Calleigh: What is it?

    Lori: I programmed the computer to let me know when any unauthorized entries into the house were made. The whole security system's automated. At 10:27 pm, we see this guy here...Waltz right in.

    Calleigh: Can we get an angle on the face?

    Lori: It's too distorted. I think we can definitely say this wasn't an accident or suicide.

    Calleigh: I think we have to go back to the house.

    Lori: *nods*


    Lori: *places down kit*

    Speed: *walks in* Gardener confirmed the security system's been wiped. She noticed it when she found the vic.

    Lori: Wouldn't it be easier just to knock out the power? Why wipe the system?

    Speed: Most security systems are hooked to cameras.

    Lori: So wiping the system would theoretically wipe the cameras out, erasing anything they recorded. Except these were hard wired on a secondary line.

    Speed: *looks up* Must be an older system.

    Lori: ...Why.

    Speed: New security systems are all wired on one direct line. It's cheaper for the companies.

    Lori: So did you talk to the coroner before you got here?

    Speed: COD was blunt force trauma, multiple strikes which accounts for the amount of blood at the scene.

    Lori: Someone was angry.

    Speed: *nods*

    Lori: *sigh* Dad, I'm sorry.

    Speed: *looks at Lori*

    Lori: I'm sorry for givin' you crap about everything. I don't hate you, I hate your job. But remember when mom was missing somewhere in Mexico and I wanted to go with you so bad to find her? Well despite how I feel about cops, I still want to help and it's why I'm here.

    Speed: *lifts brow* You remembered that?

    Lori: ...Yeah. It's probably the only thing I remember before being shipped off to hell but the point is I don't want you to think I hate you and that I don't respect you.

    Speed: Is there a reason you're in a caring sharing mood...

    Lori: Well I...Don't think I should keep everythin' bottled up anymore. There's probably a reason I keep missing death by half a second and I've decided it's because I've wasted so much of my life and it's time to grab it by the balls and just do this thing.

    Speed: ...Are you feeling okay?

    Lori: *hugs Speed*

    Speed: Oof. *drops kit*

    Lori: I never hug you enough. You need a hug.

    Speed: *confused face*

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