CSI:Miami Road Trip #11: We Ain't Comin' Home

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I feel like Lori's starting to poke a sleeping bear...

And I think it's kinda cute the way Katie's prodding... I'm intrigued! :lol:

Great update!
Well...aren't we getting cozy...well not Speed and Katie- their banter is about as cozy as an ice cube. It's inheritently obvious that it's just strictly business between them now. As so it should be, things need to fall into the norm. It's about...TIME :)

Kimmy and Scott...somehow, I feel as if things are teetering on the edge with them. I just hope that Scott doesn't slip and fall. I'd hate to see the end of Lori and Scott. That's unfortuate...

....HOWEVER on the flip side, Lori's having the time of her life getting Tom out and about. I do realize that Tom is more suceptible to Lori and their edge is a lot more slippery. I do expect to see him and her in the afterglow of...lol. It's just a matter of time.

Excellent work, Geni!
*just letting you know I'm still reading* I'm catching up on some earlier chapters that I'd missed (which turned out to be a lot so it's taking me a while...I reckon I still got around 4 pages to read before I'm fully caught up.

Anyways, my thoughts:

* Scotts mum is a piece of work. Seriously, someone needs to slap her.

* Aw, Steph is so cute! She reminds me so much of Lori, taking the cup with two hands. AWWWW.

* Oh, poor Tom. I kinda feel sorry for him. Which I didn't think I would cause he was such an ass.

Anyways, great work! *goes back to reading*
Anni , Better watch Speed & Katie! just when you think its safe to go back in the water! ou know what I mean! those to can turn eachother on with a booger at any given moment and ponce! Lol!

Scott, you need to take you ass back to Miami where you belong and check yourself, because what Kimberly is trying to give you may not come of with bleach or the free Clinic!

Why do I have a feeling that Lori is going to be having another child and it want be Scott's. On the other hand why don't Lori set dear friend Tom up with her sister if she wants hom to have a girlfriend so bad! We haven't seen Riley lately why need introduce her to Tom. Could be an interesting pair! HHHHHMMM!

Great Update Geni!

I need to find a way to get my diabolical laugh emoticon on here. :lol:

Aw Carly, so good to see you again! Take your time, dear.

Thanks so much for the reviews!


Miami, house, 7pm

Lori: *runs to door, opens it* Dad!

Speed: Is Scott around?

Lori: No, he has to stay in New York an extra couple of days.

Speed: *nods* May I come in?

Lori: Sure. *steps back*

Speed: *walks in*

Lori: *shuts door, turns around* What did you need Scott for?

Speed: He has my tool box.

Lori: Oh.

Speed: Your mother called you and said I was coming over.

Lori: ...Did she.

Speed: Yes. She did. I was there when she made the call so close your robe.

Lori: *smiles* Oops. *closes robe*

Speed: *shakes head*

Lori: *looks down at floor, brushes hair behind ear*

Speed: The tool box.

Lori: Right. *walks away*

3 minutes later

Speed: *crossing arms*

Lori: *walks over* This the one?

Speed: Yeah.

Lori: *nods, drops tool box onto floor*

Speed: Mind if I use your washroom?

Lori: *smiling* Not at all.

Speed: *walks upstairs*

Lori: *bites lip*

Upstairs, bathroom

Speed: *opens medicine cabinet, grabs pill container* ....*frowns* Filled 5 months ago, not a single pill gone.

Downstairs, living room

Speed: *walks over*

Lori: *turns around, takes off robe, throws it to the floor*

Speed: *stares at Lori*

Lori: *smiling*

Speed: Put the robe back on.

Lori: Or what, you'll spank me?

Speed: *picks up robe, holds it out* Put it on.

Lori: *grabs robe*

Speed: Now.

Lori: *drops robe, pulls knife from counter*

Speed: Lori!

Lori: *swings knife*

Speed: *grabs Lori's arm*

Lori: *screams*

Speed: *spins Lori to the floor*

Lori: *screaming*

Speed: *covers Lori with robe, grabs knife*

Lori: *swings arm*

Speed: AH! *kneels on Lori's back*

Lori: *screaming*

Speed: *reaches into pocket, grabs phone*

Lori: *starts slashing at arms with knife*

Speed: LORI! *grabs at knife*

Lori: *shoves Speed*

Speed: UGH! *falls over, drops phone*

Lori: *picks up knife, backs into wall*

Speed: *stands* Lori...I'm trying to help.

Lori: *grips knife tighter, looks around*

Speed: Lori.

Lori: This...this is my fortress. My CASTLE!

Speed: *stares at Lori*

Lori: Can't you see it! ALL lined up along the walls! MY GUARDS!

Steph: *hangs onto stairs, steps down* Momma?

Speed: *looks at Steph*

Lori: *looks at Steph, frowning* You little whore.

Speed: *steps in front of stairs* Lori, why don't we go outside.

Lori: *runs, swings knife*

Speed: *grabs Lori*

Lori: *screams, gnashes at stairs with knife*

Steph: *steps downstairs* Momma!

Speed: NO! BACK!

Lori: *slices at Stephanie*

Steph: *falls on stairs, starts to cry*

Speed: *slams Lori onto floor*

Lori: *screams*

Speed: *grabs at phone, picks it up*

Lori: *scratches at floor*

Speed: *places phone up to ear* Yes! This is Detective Tim Speedle with Miami-Dade PD, I need a patrol unit and a bus at 427 Wood Avenue, Coconut Grove. I have 2 stabbing victims following a domestic incident, put a rush on it. *throws phone, twists Lori's arm*

Lori: *screams*

Speed: *slides tool box over, dumps tools, grabs duct tape*

Lori: *struggles* BASTARD!

Speed: *tapes Lori's wrists together*

Lori: SNAKE!

Speed: *tapes Lori's ankles*

Lori: GUARDS! FINISH HIM! *starts to laugh*

Speed: *throws tape, runs over to stairs*

Lori: *laughing*

Speed: *picks up Steph*

Steph: *crying, holding leg*

Speed: *runs over to kitchen*


Speed: *snatches towel, wraps Steph's leg*

Steph: *hugging Speed's shirt, crying*

Speed: *places hand on Steph's head*

Miami-Dade Health Centre, psychiatric ward, 1am

Speed: *stares through glass*

Katie: *covers mouth*

Doctor: *walks over* You're Lori's family?

Speed: *nods*

Katie: Why is she strapped into that bed?

Doctor: It was necessary in order to sedate her.

Katie: ...I could hear her screaming when I got off the elevator. *looks at Speed* What in the hell happened?

Speed: *staring into room*

Katie: *shakes head* What's going to happen to Stephanie?

Doctor: CPS will be conducting an investigation. And until we can contact the father-

Katie: Can't she stay with us?

Doctor: You'll have to talk to them.

Katie: How is Stephanie?

Doctor: The last I heard from my colleagues downstairs is that she's stable. You'll have to talk to them for more information. I do have to know, however...is Lori on any medication?

Katie: Some...bipolar stuff. I can't remember what it's called.

Doctor: *nods*

Katie: She never takes it. *looks at Doctor* She's not on drugs, is she?

Doctor: Her labs came back clean.

Katie: *sigh*

Doctor: I'll give you two a minute. *walks away*

Katie: *scoffs* We get her off the drugs and here she is, STILL messed up.

Speed: ...I'm sorry.

Katie: For what?

Speed: ...I couldn't stop her in time. I couldn't stop her from hurting Stephanie.

Katie: *looks at Speed* You were looking out for both of them.

Speed: I didn't do my job. I was so concerned about hurting Lori, I couldn't-

Katie: Hey. You did the best you could.

Speed: I should have done more. I shouldn't have let it get that far. *rubs eyes* I knew there was something wrong the second I got there.

Katie: *stares at Speed*

Speed: And now she's going to lose everything. Again. Because of me.

Katie: She didn't take her medication. That's not your fault.

Speed: *walks away*

Katie: *sigh*

House, 3 months later

Scott: *runs over to door, opens it*

Speed: Hey.

Scott: *steps aside*

Speed: *walks in*

Scott: *shuts door*

Speed: How's Stephanie?

Scott: Steph!

Steph: *skips over, holding teddy*

Scott: *kneels, picks up Steph*

Speed: She looks good.

Scott: *stands*

Steph: *smiling*

Scott: *smiles* Say hi to Grandpa.

Steph: *waves shyly* Hi.

Speed: *smirks*

Scott: How's Lori?

Speed: She's doing a lot better now that the court has ordered her to take her meds.

Scott: What does it look like for custody?

Speed: That's why I'm here. I'd like you to come with me and talk to the judge. Right now she's not allowed within 100 yards of Stephanie and I'm hoping to persuade the judge into bumping her up to supervised visitation.

Scott: I'm definitely open to that.

Speed: Why don't you go visit her first. I'm sure she'd like to see you. I can watch Stephanie for a while.

Scott: *nods* Sure.

Speed: And you should know...even though she's doing better...she's still a little out of it. When she found out what the court decided regarding Steph, she had a bit of a breakdown.

Scott: I understand.

:eek: :eek: :eek:

Holy crap! Lori lost her freaking mind! Poor Steph... *hugs her* And poor Speed thinking it's his fault...

I can only imagine what Scott thinks about the whole situation...

You know, when you had her answering the door in the robe, I was half-afraid she was cheating on Scott with Tom... :lol:

Great update!
:wtf:...And diabolical it is, Geni! Poor, Poor Lori! She didn't take her meds and then she lost her mind, attacked her father, and daughter and now is somewhat comatose to the world. I would lose it too if I did those things, but I'm going to believe that she's gonna get better, and if she couldn't get Stephanie back, she could at least see her. This is so so so sad...

Hope things work out!

Great work, Geni!
Well I thought the same thing! i thought for sure Speed was gonna walk in and catch her and Tom together in the bed! nice twist Geni! Poor Speed now he feels like everything is all his falt now. Will it ever end!

Great Update Geni!


Thanks so much for the reviews!


Psychiatric facility, 10am

Scott: *steps in*

Lori: *sitting on bed, staring out window*

Scott: Lori.

Lori: *staring blankly*

Scott: *walks over, sits on bed* How are you doing?

Lori: *blinks*

Scott: *places hand on Lori's shoulder*

Lori: *looks at Scott*

Scott: *smiles* Hi. Good morning.

Lori: *stares at Scott*

Scott: I hear you're doing better.

Lori: I'm starting to think I need a sign around my neck that reads "00 days without incident".

Scott: *smiling*

Lori: So far, it's been about 80.

Scott: I'm glad to hear it.

Lori: How's Stephanie?

Scott: She's just fine. Growing like a weed. *lowers head* She misses you.

Lori: *nods*

Scott: I miss you.

Lori: *sigh* Scott, I've been doing some thinking. I'm...I'm a danger to Stephanie.

Scott: Just keep taking your medication, you'll be f-

Lori: No. No I...having me around is not what's best for her anymore.

Scott: There are kids out there a lot more worse off than Steph.

Lori: *shakes head* I don't want to put her through that again.

Scott: I'll be there, Lori. I'll make sure she's fine.

Lori: I know you will. You'll just have to do it without me.

Scott: She needs her mother.

Lori: She needs to be safe.

Scott: What am I supposed to say to her?

Lori: ...You're good at comforting people, you'll find something.

Scott: What about us?

Lori: *stares at Scott*

Scott: *reaches over, hugs Lori*

Lori: *sighs, wraps arms around Scott*

Scott: I'll never stop waiting for you, Lori.

Lori: *closes eyes*

Scott: I love you.

Lori: *hugs Scott tighter*

Scott: *lets go*

Lori: *leans back in bed*

Scott: So this is it.

Lori: *nods*

Scott: And I can't talk you out of it.

Lori: I think if you tried, your mother would kill you.

Scott: *smiles*

Lori: Take care of yourself.

Scott: *nods*

Lori: And remember the golden rule. "If you hear a fire alarm, get the hell away from harm".

Scott: *laughs*

Lori: And teach that to Steph too. Being related to you, I'm sure she'll need it.

Scott: *salutes* Will do. *stands, walks over to door*

Lori: *stares at Scott*

Scott: *looks back* ...If you ever need anything...anything at all, my door's always open for you.

Lori: *looks down at lap*

Scott: *walks away*

Lori: *rubs forehead*

Outside, parkinglot

Scott: *walks over*

Speed: How'd it go?

Scott: We can go ahead and try our hand at the court stuff.

Speed: Good.

Scott: And then Stephanie and I will be heading to New York.

Speed: *lifts brow* What for?

Scott: Lori and I are separating. *gets into Hummer, shuts door*

Speed: *blinks* ...Wait, what? *opens Hummer door*

Hummerhome, road, 4 months later

Delko: *punches Heather* PUNCH HUMMER YELLOW!

Heather: OW! *kicks Eric*

Delko: OW!

Heather: *rubs arm* It's punch BUGGIE you moron.

Delko: But we see a lot more Hummers.

Horatio: Now Eric, at least punch people when it's a pewter Hummer.

Ryan: You know what would be a lot more entertaining? SHOOT buggie. Except well, Speed can't play.

Speed: *frowns*

Anni: HEY. He shot his gun in Barbados!

Katie: Pfft yeah right.

Anni: It's true! Isn't it.

Speed: Yep.

Katie: His southern border doesn't count as a gun by the way.

Anni: No no. We were in a sewer with a 17-year old towel boy who kidnapped me and wanted to stab me because he was mad at Tim for being such a cruddy husband.

Katie: ...He wanted to stab you.

Anni: And then Tim showed up and shot him.

Speed: That's not exactly how it happened. I didn't just shoot him.

Anni: Well no, he was trying to get away and you shot his knee cap.

Delko: Yeah right. I doubt Speed can go all Rambo on someone's ass.

Speed: No. Rambo would have killed the kid.

Katie: Right because you're big on restraint.

Speed: I haven't killed you yet.

Katie: *smiles* That's 'cause you wub me.

Speed: *frowns* Unless by love, you mean 'absolutely despise beyond belief', then yes.

Katie: YAY! *hugs Speed*

Speed: *pushes Katie*

Katie: ACK! *falls onto floor* HORATIO! HE PUSHED ME AGAIN!

Horatio: Speed, the floor is for furniture, not Katie's buttocks.

Speed: My mistake.

Colton: It's okay, Katie looks a lot better when she's lying on her back anyway.

Katie: *frowns* Ha ha Katie's a slut. Hilarious.

Colton: We have the tape to prove it, sweetheart.

Katie: Anni did it too!

Colton: Anni wasn't sober.

Katie: That's it, this trip will go no further until us gals get a gay cowboy tape.


Ryan: Let's not volunteer Ryan unless it involves something I actually want to do.

Katie: Fine. Speed, Eric, pants off.

Speed: *laughs*

Delko: *smiling* Katie's funny.

Katie: Katie's serious. It's only fair.

Speed: Only not.

Horatio: No more porn videos. Geez, when did you people get so dirty?

Colton: You were probably napping when it happened.

Horatio: I need to associate more with people my age.

Carly: Oh no problem, I have just the place for you. *opens laptop* We've all been researching. *clicks mouse* Oak Pines Mature Living.

Colton: And not in the way Katie thinks.

Katie: *rolls eyes*

Horatio: Where is this place?

Carly: Miami.

Horatio: I've never heard of it.

Carly: Yeah, well, apparently a certain group of folks forgot that Miami is where America sends its old to die.

Horatio: *looks in rearview mirror* Sorry? I didn't catch that.

Carly: They have jacuzzis.

Horatio: Oooh.

Carly: And bridge on Mondays.

Horatio: I'm not sure that'll work. I'm busy on Mondays.

Colton: Oh come on, Horatio. You can stand in the middle of Oak Pines with your hands on your hips staring into the sunset just as easily as you can at the lab.

Horatio: But...I feel more important at the lab.

Ryan: No it's cool. I can be your stunt double at the lab. I just need to invest in some hair dye.

Horatio: What else does this Oak Pines place have?

Carly: Nap time at 5pm.

Horatio: I like nap time.

Carly: Unfortunately, their supply of Brazilian gang members ran out so you'll have to get your jollies from crossword puzzles.

Horatio: How about Miami gang members?

Speed: Fresh out.

Horatio: ...Russian mafia?

Delko: THE HORROR! *holds head*

Speed: Can't you go one day without pissing off every bloody mafia and gang on the planet?

Horatio: I never do anything. They get angry with me for no reason and then here I find out, I've got 13 000 hits on my head. That kind of weight can cause serious osteoporosis. It's probably why I only ever sidestep my way around town.

Delko: You think YOU have it bad, you should spend a day in my shoes. I started out a playboy newcomer with a good heart and great hair and I turned into a brain damaged, hallucinating, drug dosed, balding 12-year old school boy illegal alien.

Calleigh: Oh yeah? At least you haven't been dumped into a canal, almost run over, kidnapped, held at gunpoint, caught in a fire, dangled over a gigantic hole in the floor trying to save a guy twice your size, suffocated with a plastic bag and involved in 12-year old school boy's inane fantasies, all in 13 inch heels.

Ryan: Yeah? Yeah? At least people don't constantly forget about you and then kick you when you're already down and make you look like the idiot in front of the entire lab and I HAVE BEEN FIRED SLASH SUSPENDED ONE TOO MANY GOD DAMN TIMES WHEN THE SHIT YOU PEOPLE DO SHOULD SEND YOU TO PRISON!

Speed: Try being dead.

Everyone: *looks at Speed*

Speed: You think you're forgotten about? You think you are constantly looking like the idiot? I don't think I've ever solved a case on my own according to the team. Because apparently, I'm so old, technology didn't exist. HO NO. Horatio has the pefect solve rate and he's older than the Earth itself. Oh and by the way Eric, you SUCK at finding evidence. When your own HEAD tells you that I'm better at it, maybe it's time you tacked a few more cheat sheets to your dashboard.

Everyone: *staring at Speed*

Speed: And Horatio, fuck you.

Horatio: *lifts brow*

Speed: I need a beer.

Anni: *pats Speed on the head*

:wtf: Seems like I'm doing that alot today, Geni. A tradgey has befallen ...Lori and Scott are splitting up. Yes, I say tradgedy because they were SOOOOOOOOOO good for each other. Poor Lori doesn't believe she's safe enough for Stephanie, and...he's taking her to NY:( I wish this would solve itself in the right way, meaning of course, Lori has her family back. *sigh*

Alrighty...can we say getting it off our chests? Speed's rant was HIL-ARI-OUS!:guffaw::guffaw::guffaw::guffaw:

Speed: You think you're forgotten about? You think you are constantly looking like the idiot? I don't think I've ever solved a case on my own according to the team. Because apparently, I'm so old, technology didn't exist. HO NO. Horatio has the pefect solve rate and he's older than the Earth itself. Oh and by the way Eric, you SUCK at finding evidence. When your own HEAD tells you that I'm better at it, maybe it's time you tacked a few more cheat sheets to your dashboard.

Everyone: *staring at Speed*

Speed: And Horatio, fuck you.

Horatio: *lifts brow*

Speed: I need a beer.

Anni: *pats Speed on the head*

I especially loved the tag at the very end:lol::guffaw::guffaw: What a way to get it out of your system!

Excellent update!
OMG!:guffaw::guffaw::guffaw::guffaw:I can't believe you put all that in there! I can't stop laughing at Speed! He is so damn funny! I love it! That was to good !

Poor Scott now he'll have to raise Steph on his own!

Great updat Geni!
Carly: Unfortunately, their supply of Brazilian gang members ran out so you'll have to get your jollies from crossword puzzles.

Horatio: How about Miami gang members?

Speed: Fresh out.

Horatio: ...Russian mafia?

Aw, poor Horatio. No-one for him to shoot. Looks like he'll have to be a regular old man, like he really really is.

Yikes. Lori is a little crazy. I mean, I'm no parent, but I'm pretty sure those parenting books don't tell you to stab your own kid. Poor her. Poor everyone. But Scott'll be a great dad.
Speed: Try being dead.

Everyone: *looks at Speed*

Speed: You think you're forgotten about? You think you are constantly looking like the idiot? I don't think I've ever solved a case on my own according to the team. Because apparently, I'm so old, technology didn't exist. HO NO. Horatio has the pefect solve rate and he's older than the Earth itself. Oh and by the way Eric, you SUCK at finding evidence. When your own HEAD tells you that I'm better at it, maybe it's time you tacked a few more cheat sheets to your dashboard.

Everyone: *staring at Speed*

Speed: And Horatio, fuck you.

Horatio: *lifts brow*

Speed: I need a beer.

Anni: *pats Speed on the head*


Oh, my God. That's way too funny. And I think H would be lost if he didn't have mafias to piss off... hahahaha.

*hugs Lori and Scott*

Great update!
:lol: Thanks so much for the lovely reviews. I enjoyed them ever so much. :D


Miami, café, 11am

Lori: *typing on laptop*

Tom: *walks over, sits*

Lori: *lifts eyes*

Tom: *looks at watch* Thought you said you had to work.

Lori: Yeah. I'm at work.

Tom: You work at a café?

Lori: I'm the assistant manager. I'm doing the accounting.

Tom: I thought you were a waitress.

Lori: I was until half the staff quit.

Tom: And...you plan on running this dump forever?

Lori: I'm taking a part-time course in business management.

Tom: Oh. Well good luck with that. *grabs Lori's coffee, drinks*

Lori: *frowns*

Tom: *spits coffee*

Lori: UGH. Tom!

Tom: *looks down at cup* What the hell is this? Double cafe mocha swizzle stick grande?

Lori: *grabs cup, places it on table*

Tom: *wipes table with napkin* You have terrible taste in coffee.

Lori: Mhm. *typing*

Tom: *stands, walks around table, sits beside Lori* So what exactly does this program do?

Lori: It accounts.

Tom: *looks at Lori*

Lori: ...*looks at Tom*

Tom: That's a sexy description.

Lori: *rolls eyes, looks at screen* Don't you have a job?

Tom: I just got off work. I was hoping we could hang out for a while.

Lori: I'm not off until 3.

Marie: *runs over* Hey Lori, where's those cinnamon stick thingies that we put in those big plastic tube thingers?

Lori: Storage room, bottom left shelf.

Marie: *looks at Tom, smiles* Who's the hot guy? Your new boyfriend?

Lori: *lifts eyes*

Tom: *looks at Marie*

Lori: He's just a friend.

Marie: Are you a cop?

Tom: Yeah. Detective.

Marie: *smiles* That is SO cool. Have you ever shot anyone?

Tom: Sure.

Lori: *mumbles* Was it work-related?

Marie: You're like, real hot for a cop. Most of 'em are like...SO totally not hot.

Tom: Yeah I'm quite the distraction at the station.

Marie: *smiling*

Tom: *winks*

Marie: *giggles*

Lori: *shakes head, typing* Marie, get back to work before the drool becomes a hazard.

Marie: Oh. Right. *walks away*

Tom: *smiles* Hear that? I'm hot.

Lori: You mind if I crash at your place tonight? I'm renting out my house for the rest of this week to some television crew wanting to tape in an expensive neighborhood.

Tom: No, go ahead. You need the extra cash or something?

Lori: I live in a million dollar home and I make about a grand a week, you do the math.

Tom: Wasn't long lost hubby paying for the house?

Lori: *frowns*

Tom: *laughs* Ho ho, he cut you off?

Lori: I cut me off. I don't need to suck money from someone who needs it to take care of a child.

Tom: He's a millionaire. I think he'll make it.

Lori: I need to get back behind the counter. I'll meet you at your place tonight around 5.

Tom: *stands*

Lori: *closes laptop, stands, trips over wire*

Tom: *grabs Lori's hand*

Lori: Thanks. *snatches hand away* See you tonight. *walks away*

Tom: Sure thing.

Kendall, house, 5:30pm

Lori: *walks in, throws purse*

Tom: *leaning over table, looking down at paper*

Lori: Ugh, the customer is NEVER right. What are you doing?

Tom: Practicing my interrogation technique.

Lori: *lifts brow*

Tom: I'm reading this recipe.

Lori: You don't cook.

Tom: *points to dining room*

Lori: *looks over at dining room table*

Tom: Thought you'd be hungry.

Lori: ...You made me dinner?

Tom: It's no screaming hell but it's food. *walks over to stove, grabs pot*

Lori: *stares at Tom*

Tom: Have a seat.

Lori: *blinks*

Dining room, half hour later

Lori: *staring down at plate*

Tom: Regular people eat.

Lori: This was...very sweet of you.

Tom: I had all these cans of pasta in the cupboard and I thought what the hell, may as well use them up. You are the guest in my house, right?

Lori: *lifts head* Right.

Tom: *drinks beer*

Lori: *looks down at plate*

Den, couch, 7:30pm

Lori: *staring at TV*

Tom: *flips channel* Monday nights are terrible for television. What the hell is this CSI:pensacola garbage? This bloody show never ends. *flips channel* AH! Die Hard. Finally, something good.

Lori: *looks at Tom* You like Die Hard?

Tom: Yeah, it's my favourite movie. *drinks beer*

Lori: ...Me too.

Tom: Sayanora, Takagi.

Lori: *smirks*

Tom: *staring at TV*

Lori: You ever feel like we do this too much?

Tom: Do what?

Lori: Sit here and watch television.

Tom: Nothing else to do.

Lori: We could go to the beach and hang out.

Tom: The beach doesn't have Die Hard.

Lori: Yeah, but I-

Tom: *places finger up to Lori's mouth* Shh. John's trying to escape the evil bastards.

Lori: *blinks*

Tom: *lowers hand*

Lori: *looks at TV*

1 hour later

Lori: *sigh* I could really go for a beer.

Tom: *hands over beer*

Lori: Except I can't.

Tom: *shrugs, takes beer back*

Lori: I think I'm gonna hit the hay. *stands*

Tom: *lifts head* Why?

Lori: ...I'm tired.

Tom: *looks at watch* Kind of early.

Lori: That just means I'll get more sleep.

Tom: *tilts head* Knock yourself out.

Lori: *walks away*


Lori: *sits on bed, pulls out wallet* Where to put this...*looks around* of course, nightstand. *throws wallet onto nightstand* ...*opens wallet, looks at pictures*

20 minutes later

Lori: *staring down at photos*

Tom: *leans into doorway* Thought you were going to sleep.

Lori: *lifts head* Yeah I uh...*sigh*

Tom: *walks over, sits* This is probably the last time I'll ever say this to a woman but...I know exactly how you feel.

Lori: *looks at Tom*

Tom: *grabs wallet, places it on nightstand* I'd say all you need is a few good beers to knock the grief out of you but apparently that's not an option for you.

Lori: *lies down on bed* Bravo to my half-baked plans.

Tom: You have visitation, right?

Lori: Doesn't matter. I'll just want to stay with her and...no.

Tom: Lori, at least you can see her.

Lori: *starts to cry*

Tom: *stares at Lori*

Lori: *crying, grips pillow*

Tom: *lies down beside Lori*

Bedroom, 1am

Lori: *sleeping*

Tom: *staring at Lori*

Lori: *nestles into Tom's chest*

Tom: *lifts brows*

Lori: *sighs*

Tom: *whispers* Lori.

Lori: *grips Tom's chest*

Tom: *winces* Wow girl, you need to clip those nails.

Lori: *starts to laugh*

Tom: Oh so you're awake.

Lori: *smiling, opens eyes*

Tom: Comfy?

Lori: Don't you have your own bedroom?

Tom: You looked like you needed some company.

Lori: Mm, I dreamed about you.

Tom: Really. *smiles* Was this a dirty dream?

Lori: You would like that, wouldn't you.

Tom: What can I say, my raw animal magnetism carries over to the dream world too.

Lori: *smiles*

Tom: I should get going. I'm clearly too much of a distraction to you.

Lori: Cute.

Tom: *sits up*

Lori: *stares at Tom*

Tom: *stands, looks down* Sleep well.

Lori: You too.

Tom: *walks away, shuts door*

Lori: *closes eyes*

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Well I'm surprised that she didn't totally jump his bones while she had him there where she wanted him! or vise versa! I can see this is a start of a beau..tiful friendship! Go lori!

Great update Geni!
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