CSI: Match Game, Season 7: The ___________ stops here!

A. Ryan and Natalia were introducing Jesse to everyone in the lab. When Jesse met Horatio's son Kyle, his first thought was: "Man, he really looks a lot like _______."

B. Tptb at CSI: NY decided to do an even more shocking pairing than Stella/Adam. It was ___________.

C. Sara was really glad to be back in Vegas with her former colleagues and her still good friends. However the second crime scene she got sent to made her wish she'd chosen a different day to return because it was a crime scene where __________.
A: better than his dad.
B: the ghost of Jessica Angel and the ghost of Warrick Brown
C: cooked meat was involved and she had missed lunch
A. Zac Efron
B. Mac and Sid :eek:
C. (Multi-card) There were a bunch of people who died at an all you can eat steak bar :devil:
Greg said "It's bad enough that I still get treated like the Spiked-haired lab geek. What's worse is that I have a hard time getting a _________!"

Horatio Caine said "After Eric... gave me my shades.... I found out.... that they were taken....from __________'s car... when it was illegally parked!"

Adam said "Boy! That night with Stella was fun. While the black lace lingerie was expected, the fact that she was into ___________(ing) was a BIG SURPRISE!!!"
Haha @ your answer for phrase C, GNRFan - that gave me an idea...

A. parking spot at the lab
B. Detective James Crockett (from Miami Vice)
C. playing Guitar Hero
A: life insurance policy after that lab explosion
B: vacationing Clint Eastwood
C: Lady Heather's techniques
Lady Heather's techniques
Somehow I knew Lady Heather would enter this discussion sooner or later. ;)

A. a decent cup of coffee since the lab rats drank all my Blue Hawaiian.

B. Calliegh's (drawing a blank)

C. (going for the Lady Heather theme also) LEATHER :eek: :evil:
A. A Date with a Decent Woman
B. Kanye West's
C. Robospankers!!!

Nick said "Things seemed to have slowed down bit at the Crime Lab. Me and Sara were sent out to investigate a _________ing at the Mall!"

Ryan Wolfe said "I am sick and tired of being treated like a Metro-sexual by Natalia. I mean just because I colour coordinate my shirts and ties, doesn't mean I also want to wear _____________!

Sid Hammerback said "Why do they call ME a pervert? Though I may have dated Madonna back in the 1980s, it' not like I hooked up with _____________! Now THAT would be PERVERTED!!!