CSI Las Vegas Sites

vegaslights said:
Bev said:
The CBS board is desperately in need of live moderation. Argh!

I don't even bother posting there. It's so immature there with those bashing and "kill" threads.

BTW I love your site. :D

there are too many fans who don't know that much about the show! frustrating...
I've given up on the CSI message board. I feel like I'm talking to pre-teens that only know nasty words.

I guess when I want a mature chat I'll come here.
Great sites everyone! but I sp love your's WillosWannaBe It's a very good one, it have a lot of csi stuff and is update it.!
butterflylove206 said:
anyone got banners? preferably GSR?

Wrong forum & thread but I'll point you in the right direction ;). Visit this thread & you can make a request for a GSR banner or snag one that someone already created. Good luck :).
Who is Keppler site has been down all week, anybody know when it'll be back up, I love the vids
I am not sure about the Keppler website.

But I was trying to find a George Eads website (I didn't even think to look here, haha) and I found this great one:
George Eads Fan I like it, and have it bookmarked although it isn't updated all the time.