CSI Las Vegas Sites

Just want to say that the GrissomSaraRomance webpage is brilliant.

Also kirsty87 I've just checked out your Burning Love GSR hompage and it looks wicked too. :)
My friend has a board ' Mea Culpa ' that's just starting out. Right now it's only a CSI:LV board, but eventually she and the other leader of the board want to branch out to CSI: NY, and Miami.

We need all the member we can, so please join if you're interested. Thanks.
Just an Update on my CSI: Central Forum Since The Threads gone I'll post i here though it's basically For all 3 CSI Shows (Vegas, Miami, NY).

Anyways, CSI: Central's Moved from InvisionFree To CreatemyBb.com

Here's the new forum CSI: Central. we need more members, More Members = More Staff.
WillowsWannaBe said:
In the weekend http://fan-sites.org/csi-vegas/ is moving http://csi-vegas.net :) The forum is not going to be available on Saturday and Sunday. If it's bookmarked in your browser, please refresh the location. And keep visiting the site! :)

question for you, for the old site id had an index page of all the photos bookmarked that i found very useful to find what i was looking for. but since you moved that link doesnt work anymore. is there a new index page or do you just not have one anymore?
The CBS board is desperately in need of live moderation. Argh!

Anyway, here's a link to the Terror Twins Fanfiction site. We specialize in G/C and Brass/Sofia fanfic.

Terror Twins, Inc.
Bev said:
The CBS board is desperately in need of live moderation. Argh!

I don't even bother posting there. It's so immature there with those bashing and "kill" threads.

BTW I love your site. :D