CSI Las Vegas Sites

Hey Dayna,

Great site, you've done a good job. :)

Something you might need to correct, though. mh.com isn't Marg's official site. She doesn't have one and it seems that her people aren't interested in having one for her. Just thought I'd let you know. :)
Thanks Erica. Thanks for the feedback. I can only do so much with the website. I have to use one of the templates that Freewebs offers me. It's part of the deal when I get a free site. I love the site that you have put together with Zsazsa. I made the changes that you suggested.

Take Care,
Heya, does anyone know any good Eric or George sites, with pics and stuff :p cause I can never find any :(
Hey 1Nick! Gotcha! :D See ya at the message board. It was good to see the link, I would have forgotten to go up there. I'm an admin, yey! :D
WillowsWannabe, wow thanks.... Yeah we got lots of forums to post on there...
Another actor site here...for Archie Kao (Archie Johnson on CSI:LV), Pronounced "kay-oh". Message board, LOTS of photos/screencaps, up-to-date news, and we're waiting on the answers to the Q&A Archie did for us this summer (he's busy, I'm patient, they'll be in before too too long, honest... :cool:)...

And yes, I named the site that because he really DOES pronounce his last name "kay-oh". :)
anyone know any sites that stand out with their photo collection? A good GSR photo site would be a plus!