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To avoid clutter on this forum I've created this thread strictly for anything related to the LV show whether it be sites or message boards for the actors or characters. Also, if someone is looking for a certain site they can ask here so others can answer them. If there are any further questions you can pm to me. Have fun!
Hmmm I guess. Well, if anyone is looking for a certain forum or site related to any actor or character they can ask here insteading of having to create a thread. Oh, and is that eye rolling icon necessary?
IMO it would seem better if this way just be a 'where can I find a 'insert actor here' website, rather than just post links to your websites.

One, it gives the person posting there own thread to post updates or links, and then have people comment on that website in THAT thread, rather than having 17 websites in one thread, with different people commenting on different things.

But again, just by opinion. :)
yourtaxdollarsatwork.org.///GSR fan based to the max ;)and


hope this will be signifigant and helpful ;)

P3_km, please add more content to your posts as what you have posted is considered spam. Thanks :).
I'll check it out WillowsWannaBe. :D Anyone know some good Sandle websites??
Hey all,

I noticed that my site isn't on the main page anymore. I did a check and didn't see it listed. I'm going to repost it for all the newbies that don't know about it.

It's called Undeniable: CSI's Catherine Willows & Warrick Brown. Obvious I guess that it's a Yo!bling ship site. I have pages on Gary and Warrick, Marg and Catherine. There is a page of banners and avatars. I also have a yobling page that has my favorite Catherine and Warrick episode with summary, pictures and transcript. It's the episode that I chose to be the theme for that month. There is a fanfiction page with all of the Yo!bling fanfiction that I have written over the last bit. I also have a mulitimedia page that has a ton of links and webpolls for all three CSIs.

Come and take a look and tell me what you think.

Undeniable : CSI's Catherine Willows & Warrick Brown

Take Care,
sandlesgirl254 said:
I'll check it out WillowsWannaBe. :D Anyone know some good Sandle websites??
GOTCHA!!! :D You joined, thank you. BTW, I dont know if I have mentioned but my username is Cath Willows there. The crazy forum supervisor :)
haha, yes I like it very much over there, but I still love it here! :D