CSI Las Vegas Sites

Thank you so much vegaslights I found so many great icons. That was so much help. if anyone else finds more sites, let me know.
hey I saw your message and thought you might like our new site of only a month with over 160 pages crammed with anything and all things GSR, we are ranked #32 in the the Wetpaint top 500 sites, so come take a look and have some fun while your at it, and if you like tell all your GSR friends to take a peak too. Here is the link to 'Home of the GSR Addict.com'


have fun bee happy!
hi i am new on here but i have just created a really good GSR site that you might like with tons of pic's of the couple. We have over 160 pages packed with GSR fun stuff for fans to enjoy. come take a look and you wont be disappointed!


Thank's but the site came up "OOOPs web-site not responding" may want to check it out and find out why, also here's another one that's new and going hog wild!:eek:all about Billy:drool:and a new GSR site created by our own PiperGrissom


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Does anybody know what happened to the website Anthology which used to be located at www.kilohoku.com? It had transcripts of CSI: LV, some of Miami and NY, and other shows. Thanks for any info anyone has.
Thank's as usual Piper you rock! and as an administrator it's so refreshing to find you actually compliment and point out all the positive things fans are doing, so you know I'm there, it's so great that we can all discuss what we love are all on the same page, have fun doing it, and NO *spoiler* boxes nor disgruntled peeps. And your other site as well, some awesome pictures of Billy/Grissom baby:drool:

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I have a CSI fan fiction archive site that features all types of CSI (Las Vegas) fan fiction. It's a relatively new site called A Journey Through the CSI Crime Lab, that I think you might like.

You can search for stories to read based on story rating, warnings, characters, pairings, genre, and type of story (kidnapping, blackmail, alternate universe, torture), and more to make finding the type of story that you are looking for easier. :)
Eric Szmanda has launched a format-free Internet radio station and social networking site called erockster

The site is not about Eric himself but he does interviews with the musicians himself, which are shown on video on the site. Worth checking out.
Anyone know of a CSI site that has all season 8 caps? Beyond Imagination has closed and csi-caps only has 6 episodes. Thanks.
Desertwind - are these just Grissom caps? I am looking for a site that has caps of everyone! I will keep that for future reference though. Thanks!