CSI Las Vegas Sites

This is a brand new ART related site dedicated to the beloved labrats of CSI: Las Vegas.


What is this you ask? Well, it's a site over on livejournal that will put your creativity to the test (like so many others out there). If you're an avid icon maker and are looking to toss them into a challenge somewhere, this is the site. The only stipulation is...it's dedicated only to the techs of Vegas (Hodges, Wendy, Mandy, Bobby, Archie, Henry and even SuperDave). We will provide a small selection of photos, pertaining to the theme of the challenge, to help you along the way.

Can't make icons? Well that's okay too, we welcome all. The more the merrier and will definitely make the voting a lot more fun and of course interesting. The icon with the most points once the voting time line ends, will win that particular challenge.

Should there be enough interest shown...we will eventually take it a step further and offer Wallpaper and Banner challenges as well as the icon challenges, but because this is brand new, we're taking things one at a time.

Of course, all of this will purely be for the fun of it and will showcase a variety of talent that we all know is out there. Award banners will be passed out to the winners of each challenge (like many other sites offer the participants...such as here).

If you have any questions or curiosities, just pop on over to the site (address above) and drop us a line or two
Hi !

Does anybody know where do I find clips of CSI ?? I used to download them from Omaetoy.net but now it's not working I get a username and password screen.

I'm looking for funny Greg Sanders clips :), I already found some at eric-szmanda.net but it doesn't has everything.