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stokesgirl, CSI-Caps is listed here. It has it's own thread, in fact. There hasn't been much activity, so you'd have to search back a few weeks :)
Well I am new here but shocked not one of you has mentioned the official CSI website www.csi-official.co.uk it may be a bit boringly official but it does have a great game/comp for lets face it everyones dream come true - a years supply of CSI - ahh heaven.

Some of the links on here are great - I love the pics!!

I have only been watching for a short while but I can see why there are soooo many fans out there - its great!!
Welcome to the board. :D That's the website they advertise on the DVD's isn't it? I'm sure I've looked at it before but at the time it wasn't working properly and didn't appear to be updated, it said 'come back soon' which obviously I forgot to do. :lol:

It looks pretty good, I'll have to check out the contents of it later. Thanks for posting the info. :)

We've created a new roleplaying community for fans of all CSI's to roleplay their favourite characters from CSI:NY,CSI:LV or CSI:Miami .

Our group is a fast growing home for all Active CSI fans. Our group status is set to Mature audience and we will only accept people over the age of 17 with good spelling, grammer and use of the English language.

We will only be taking a limited amount of people (30 Members) so I urge you to join quickly.

Please come join and have fun roleplaying your favourite characters

If you have any queries/ questions or comments, please feel free to email me at allsaints4eva20032003@yahoo.com
Anyone have a CSI:LV site with up to date Season 8 caps? I run a site for Archie Kao (http://www.pronouncedkayoh.com) and am kinda stuck...he was in several eps so far but I've only been able to find caps for a couple of them. Since my former source isn't doing those anymore...I'm kind of in a bind. Anyone help out? :cool:
Seattle CSI

Do you have a story to tell?

Do you want to be part of a bigger story?

Ever feel like just jetting off to Seattle?

Welcome to Imaginatives. A CSI based role play. Set in the vibrant, eclectic city of Seattle, many lives and many stories are constantly crossing paths. Weaving the fabric of our 'Interactive Fiction' site.

Cannon Characters from all three CSIs are welcome, along with any original character of your own creation! Maybe you have a character from a different show, that you always thought would be fun to put in the CSI surroundings. Bring them over! The city is huge, theres plenty of room for everyone.

We like to consider ourselves an 'Interactive Story Telling' site, to let writers stretch the wings of their characters. Though the storyline is based around Seattle's Crime Lab, plots branch out from there. Whether your character is involved in the lab, or just carries on a day to day life in Seattle, its all part of the bigger story.

We're looking for writers, who want to get to know their characters. Who's characters want to get to know others. This is not a fast paced RP. Rather a chance to contribute to an ongoing story.

So pack your bags, and don't forget your back-story! Seattle welcomes you, through Imaginatives.

Hey all this is a post I am sending to all CSI forums on my favorites list
So if I have put it in the wrong section my apology’s.
There is a forum I have spent the past seven months working on and it is called
I thought it was appropriate as it is what you see before you eyes. It has everything and anything you could think of. I was sick to death of going to a CSI forum and though they where good I felt they were still missing a few thing that I thought as a Big CSI fan of all three show I would have liked to see on it.
So this is I am proud to present my forum EVERYTHING C.S.I


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Question- How the heck did the Las Vegas Crime Lab win an all expense paid trip to Honolulu?
Answer- They just did. Period.
No, just kidding. There is a plausible explanation.
There was a competition going on between the graveyard shift, the day shift and the swing shift to see who could solve the most cases in three months.
Of course the graveyard shift won, seeing as how they were being led by the quirky yet genius Grissom.
You may be wondering how Ecklie got included in this... well, poor Ecklie, wanting to be part of the cool shift, took his vacation at the same time the graveyard shift (plus graveyard lab rats) and decided to go to Honolulu as well. He's just pretending he's part of the group, but shhh... we won't tell him we know!

This is my CSI roleplaying site based solely on CSI Las Vegas. As you can tell every one from the lab is going to Honolulu for a payed vacation. The link will be posted on the bottom of this post. I hope some people check it out and possibly even join!

My favorite website for CSI Las Vegas besides this site is crimelab.nl

It is the best website, it is not always up to date with the episodes though, but it is really good. I love to surf CSI websites. I especially like the websites that have avatars.
Hey desertwind, I clicked on that link, but it didn't work. It sounds like a good website though, from what you said. Does anyone have any other websites that have avatars?