CSI games on Wii?

wolfesgamergirl said:
There are trials with the new Miami and Vegas season DVDs and I've tried and liked them. So I'm guessing the Wii verson will be a bit more hands on. Still can't wait for January to get here...until then it's playing CSi Dark Motives on my Nintendo DS. :D

So DM on the DS is out. I'll have to pick it up when I go over to Gamestop to buy a Scooby game for my nephew. And the demo's for the PC games with the DVD's were a nice touch, especially for people who aren't sure their computers can handle the games or are just seeing what they're about and want the PS2 or Wii games (I already have both games on PC, though).
wolfesgamergirl said:
One of the demos is Hard Evidence. It's quite fun, but I reallly want the Wii version to come out!

Yeah, using the Wiimote to grab some evidence and such would be neat. Maybe one day I can convince the people at Gamestop to put the game on their demo Wii for me to try, hahaha.
i work at Best Buy i just saw Dark Motives on the DS for the first time this past weekend. i am soo excited for the Wii version!! i love the Wii the game is gonna be soo cool on this system. i wasn't expecting Dark Motives to come out at all on any other system since the last one only came out on XBox. i got to take home the rail sign with the pic of the game cover on it when the game came out for XBox lol.