Calleigh & Ryan #7: "You’re fantastic" - CaRWash

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Re: Calleigh & Ryan #7: "You’re fantastic" - CaRWash

So I was right about Horatio maybe getting shot? Never thought it would really happen :lol: But it would be a good thing I think, because it always looks like nothing can happen to him.
Nothing about the person who's leaving yet?

Oh, new episode tonight already! :) *prays for some nice CaRWash scenes*

Edit: Finally reached the 50 posts and added an avatar! :D Added just a simple one, I'm not that good with PSP :p
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Re: Calleigh & Ryan #7: "You’re fantastic" - CaRWash

Debby! Love your icon! Anyways, new episode tonight-- I don't wanna post any spoilers right now 'cause I might jinx it... but hope there's at least some CaRWash. *crosses fingers*
Re: Calleigh & Ryan #7: "You’re fantastic" - CaRWash

Thanks karu_mila! :)

So, was there any CaRWash in last night's episode? :)

Curse of the Coffin was on here tonight in Holland, I love that episode! There are so many CaRWash moments in it! :D I love the part where Calleigh says the cemetery isn't that scary at daylight and rubs Ryans back :lol:

Oh, did anyone see the promo for next episode already? :)

Looks like Horatio's lying on the ground, so he's probably really the one getting shot!
Re: Calleigh & Ryan #7: "You’re fantastic" - CaRWash

Ok, just watched the episode. There were a couple of CaRWashy evidence scenes. One of them made me grin because Calleigh was saying about how she should go and talk to this suspect, and Ryan asked her to 'give him a chance to find out where the call originated from'. And I was like 'he's asking her to give him a chance!' But yeah. Oh, and there was another scene where Eric was trying to crack the case because Calleigh had been taken off it and, ok so I might be overanalysing, but it seemed to me that Ryan was a bit jealous that he hadn't been able to think of a way to make this better.

Unfortunately for us, the Eric/Calleigh thing seems to be developping.

Yeah, I saw the promo. So Horatio is the one who gets shot, and the new ME is the one who gets killer. So that just leaves the person who leaves the lab because Alexx left. I'm still thinking that's going to be Eric, given the problems that he's been having and his attitude towards Alexx in her last episode. (I still think that was very random. I really hadn't seen a closeness between them before that.) Ryan and Natalia weren't in the promo very much (but when are they ever?) but I'm hoping we'll get some decent CaRWash scenes. We deserve some after the deprivation we've had this season.

Oh, also, in last night's episode Calleigh and Eric had a illuminating talk. Calleigh said that she 'felt for him' but that 'he already knew that'. So my thinking here is that Eric is holding back on this relationship for whatever reason. If that is so, Calleigh, look around you. Can you not see the guy who loves you standing right there?! Look, it's Ryan! Go to him!


Debby, I love your icon. It's simple, but simple works better than complicated sometimes.
Re: Calleigh & Ryan #7: "You’re fantastic" - CaRWash

i beg to differ Salean even though eric and calliegh had their moments last night it seemed she was more aggrivated at eric . I'm surprised no carwash last night o well hopefully in the finale there will be
Re: Calleigh & Ryan #7: "You’re fantastic" - CaRWash

99 posts so far and one more to go!

Okay, about last night... I loved the 'give me a chance' line! Not to mention he proved himself... too bad TPTB did do a scene about what happened with Calleigh and Ryan afterwards. Missing scene possibly?

Is it just me or was that scene between Eric and Ryan tense? They were struggling about what to say and avoided talking about Eric's confrontation with Calleigh. Jealousy on Ryan's part maybe?

I agree with you hahaguy, Calleigh almost seemed exasperated with Eric questioning her, not to mention that Eric took offence to Calleigh's concern for him. It seem to me that trouble may be ahead for those two.

Next time I hope TPTB don't leave out Ryan... he doesn't deserve to be a third wheel... give him some quality time with Calleigh, damnit!
Re: Calleigh & Ryan #7: "You’re fantastic" - CaRWash

Missing scene or perhaps a fanfic? Lol. Someone go write it!

It wasn't just you Karu_Mila it did seem kinda tense.

I was disappointed with the lack of CaRWash, but I guess I'll take what I can get. I sincerely hope that there will be some CaRWash interaction in the finale. Ugh, I hate season finales :(.

Maybe Horatio didn't actually get shot, could be some sort of distraction, or an act? Just an idea, because... I'm pretty sure Horatio is like, immortal.
Re: Calleigh & Ryan #7: "You’re fantastic" - CaRWash

Horatio is definitely the one getting shot or faking it. But didn't Eva say that you wouldn't be sure whether they even made it? (yeah, right :rolleyes:)

I definitely thought the thing between Eric and Ryan was tense, but I think it was because it's Eric's fault that Cal was taken off the case, and Ryan blames him for not taking the blame. Ryan doesn't know that Calleigh asked him not to, and since Ryan has been blamed for some mistakes, to see that Eric got away with getting a teammember suspended must hurt.:scream: Now jealousy is what I saw when they played that therapy session. Ryan was quick in defending Eric, but I saw something in his eyes when he listened to the tape. The way he was like: "that has nothing to do with our case"... I don't know. There was something.

I only saw one CaRWash scene when I was skipping through it, Salean, did I miss some? I only noted the "give me a chance" one. Hey...who thinks that would make a great thread title for our next thread? Calleigh & Ryan #8: "Give me a chance..." -CaRWash :D

I don't think Eric is holding them back, Salean. He is the only one that has clearly showed his feelings, and this tape is just the icing on the cake. Calleigh is the only one who has been careful with her words. For the EC shippers she might have said a lot, but IMO she has never used words that DEFINITELY suggested anything more than friendship. You could read into them that way, but you could also not read into them that way. With Eric, it's just...clear.

I'm actually afraid there won't be much CaRWash. Knowing CSI:M it will be a cliffhanger, perhaps Horatio getting shot is the end scene. And to start new drama, old drama has to be resolved...I'm thinking that the E/C is going to be decided this ep. Either they get together, or they don't, and if they don't, I doubt it will ever happen then. It's like a now or never situation to me. And I don't think Eric is the one leaving because if it was a major character, we'd know. But since they're targeting all CSIs apparently, it would be nice to get a scene where Cal and Ryan are somewhere and then get targeted and maybe protect each other, or do a 'Recoil'.
Re: Calleigh & Ryan #7: "You’re fantastic" - CaRWash


Erm...I'm new and when I say this I mean really a rookie when it comes to posting about a fictional tv couple-that-isn't. I'm still trying to understand the whole thing behind Carwash (funny name, meh) and working my way through the threads and whatnot. Been a fan of CSI-Miami since the beginning and as soon as they brought on the character 'Ryan' I thought I was disillusioned in seeing something happening between him and Calleigh, some sort of chemistry that's rare nowadays. Well, my friends thought I was seeing things. Anyway, after all this time I've discovered this place. Very cool. Now I know I'm not alone in the world and the whole "relationship" isn't just a figment of my imagination. Fanfiction too has been helping a lot. :guffaw:

We’ve finished watching season 5 here and they promised us that The 6th would begin airing next week. I'm still processing everything that happened and I just realised that once again TPTB (I had to Google that to know what it meant) aren't taking any risks. For what I gathered, Ryan will become a huge disappointment for Calleigh, thus dimming any chances they got to actually begin something akin to a romantic relationship. Oh, they had such potential. Not to mention that I think the love-triangle between Ryan/Calleigh/Eric would be far more enjoyable to watch. None of the other CSI shows have that, for one. And secondly, there's always that underline tension between Ryan and Eric, some kind of rivalry that again none of the other shows has. Ok, maybe Catherine and Sara Sidle did have it going for a while.

All I'm saying is that it would be interesting to watch they play it out. I know, I know - it would be a bit soap-opera'ish, but hey it worked for Grey's Anatomy didn'it? :rolleyes:

Oh, can't wait to watch the new Carwash scenes.

Sorry for the long post. Great place!

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Re: Calleigh & Ryan #7: "You’re fantastic" - CaRWash

Hi, SelinaKy, welcome to the CaRWash thread! :)
Well, Danny/Lindsay works on CSI: NY, so Ryan and Calleigh can be together too, in my opinion :D

Debby, I love your icon. It's simple, but simple works better than complicated sometimes.
Thanks, Salean! :D

There were a couple of CaRWashy evidence scenes
Hopefully someone will post them on YouTube or something! :)

He is the only one that has clearly showed his feelings, and this tape is just the icing on the cake. Calleigh is the only one who has been careful with her words.

I agree with that. After Calleigh was abducted and Eric asked her to come home with him, it also seemed like she was hesitating, to me.

Well, I'm sure Horatio is going to make it, he always survives :lol:
And I'm afraid EC is going to happen.. :(
I would love to see something like Recoil again, Dutchie! ;)
Re: Calleigh & Ryan #7: "You’re fantastic" - CaRWash

Welcome to the thread SelinaKy! Always good to have new CaRWashers on board... especially this late in the season. I'm not sure if I'm authorized to do so but feel free to help yourself to a cosmo. Oh, and don't worry about the long post, we need more of those!

Hey...who thinks that would make a great thread title for our next thread? Calleigh & Ryan #8: "Give me a chance..." -CaRWash :D

I second that! Seriously, a second chance would do wonders for the CaRWash relationship! And I agree with you on Calleigh not being clear about her feelings for Eric. She's too careful and hesitant with what she says. Methinks she needs to clear that up before things go too far.

So it wasn't just me Dutchie! I thought I saw something in Ryan's eyes when he heard the recording, but I can't exactly pinpoint what it is... a little help here guys?

Oh, by the way, I now have PM-- and made Witness-- so you guys can give in your suggestions for the CaRWash dictionary. Here's what I've got so far...

on the clock- period of the day when CaRWash maintains a professional, yet playful conduct... until after hours that is :devil:

babe ©- term of endearment used by Calleigh to address Ryan in Going Under; phrase 'thanks babe' is copyrighted by CaRWash forums, fanfiction and other media

we love alibis- we're onto you, punk :p

cosmopolitan- CaRWash choice of drink as seen in Legal

taking her class- CaRWash creativity; used by Ryan in Legal and inspired by Calleigh

laptop combustion- caution, ship will cause sparks to fly!

diamond in the rough- metaphor used to describe CaRWash's relationship

colour coded orange- CaRWash's signature colour

OCD- aka Ryan's 'obsessing over Calleigh' disorder

bonding over evidence- source of many famous CaRWash quotes; what Calleigh and Ryan spend most of their time doing in the lab

subtle- term to use CaRWash's connection

"You, in the elevator. With me. We're leaving now" - what Calleigh says when she is on Ryan's side but can't show it [although Ryan couldn't quite see it at the moment, could he?]

"Can you focus on the task at hand, please?"- 'We'll talk about that later!'; (after the famous line "Never pushed aside the dinner plates to get some?" in Nailed)

Gator Bait - Nickname for Ryan as given by Calleigh in Under The Influence

"You could've been Gator Bait on your first day" - "Don't you ever do something like that again."

CaRWash - Calleigh and Ryan Wolfe addicted shippers, relationship between Calleigh and Ryan as referred to by shippers and other fandomers.

"I don't follow" - Comment used by Ryan twice when talking to Calleigh, meaning "I don't know what you're talking about, but please explain it to me so I can talk to you longer.

Ryan- Irish for little king, may be a possibility of him crowing 'I'm king of the lab!' :lol:

Calleigh- name is variant of Kaylee; Kay and the suffix Lee combined. Kay short for Katherine, is Greek for pure.

Wow that was a long post! Not to mention I need to put the entries in alphabetical order... anyways, let me know what you guys come up with!
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Re: Calleigh & Ryan #7: "You’re fantastic" - CaRWash

Karu, how dare you pass out a virgin cosmo!:eek: It's a felony crime, you're just a little witness who has in no way the right to pass out our inviting trademark drink!:scream:

Duh, of course you can give out cosmos!:p Every CaRWash shipper who comes into this thread deserves one, and I don't care who gives it to them;) I already see my entries in the CaRWash dictionary. Perhaps, if I ever get working on that website again, I could put them on there?

SelinaKy, a very warm welcome into our thread! Personally I beg to differ about a triangle, I do not want one. I hated the Eric/Boa/Ryan thing, however short it was, and Eric/Calleigh/Jake was horrible. Now I vote against a triangle. I do want CaRWash to get together, but in another way. But thanks for your thoughts! Trust me, you'll get used to online discussing of ships soon enough :)

I think what was in Ryan's eyes during the playing of the tape was surprise. He probably didn't have the biggest clue on Eric's feelings, because Eric has been clear, but mostly to Calleigh in private. Hearing what was IMO pretty much a confession of feelings was probably a shock to him, and he looked like he was finally connecting the dots. Of course, as a CaRWasher I want to say that there was some jealousy in the mix, or a feeling of losing his chance, but I can't be all too sure.:rolleyes:

I really do like that thread title! :lol: Unless any other brilliant moments come up we could use, I am so for this one.

Yeah, Horatio must live, they wouldn't take him out of the show. So now we only need to know who is leaving, but I honestly have no clue! I really don't think it's an important character, but who can tell? I've asked around, but there's no info on it really. And, despite everything this season, I really don't think EC is gonna happen. Yes, it's probably the way too optimistic shipper in me, but come on, shouldn't something have happened by now? If Calleigh really feels something for him that goes beyond friendship, why hasn't she showed it? Even her feelings for Peter Elliot were clearer than her feelings for Delko!
Re: Calleigh & Ryan #7: "You’re fantastic" - CaRWash

SelinaKy, welcome to the thread! And the knowledge that other people noticed the awesom chemistry between Calleigh and Ryan. (But seriously, how could people miss it?)

Dutchie, I am agreeing with the optimistic shipper in you. After all of this time that the EC relationship has been being set up, I can't see it actually happening. And since I still maintain that Eric will be the one leaving... (of course, I have been known to be very wrong with that sort of speculation before...)
To be honest, I really can't see them killing Horatio off. After all, he is indestructible. It's the sunglasses. They must give him special powers.

Hopefully someone will post them on YouTube or something! :)

Yeah. It's really odd actually, usually the episodes are up on youtube by the next day but this week there's been no sign of them.

Hey...who thinks that would make a great thread title for our next thread? Calleigh & Ryan #8: "Give me a chance..." -CaRWash

I third that! It's was such a cool line.

Dutchie, there was the 'give me a chance' scene, but there was also that first scene where we first see Ryan working on the call and Calleigh came in to see him, much like she did in the 'give me a chance' scene. It wasn't very long, and I think the only thing that came out of it was that the call was made in the victim's neighbour's house. But still. It was Calleigh and Ryan in a scene together.
Re: Calleigh & Ryan #7: "You’re fantastic" - CaRWash

Speaking of which, where IS Hestia? *lures with cookies and virgin cosmos*:devil:

A little late in replying but my CaRWash senses were being blocked by some evil, mysterious forces. Zirco? Maybe. :lol: If those are positivity cookies, I love you, Nikki! :D

I must admit I haven't been paying much attention to the recent Miami episodes. I vaguely remember that there were some nice Calleigh/Ryan scenes in each one (one episode having alot of Calleigh/Ryan interaction in the lab) but I didn't appreciate them as well as I should because I was busy with other things. Bleh. :( I'll definitely pay attention to the season finale next Monday and I'll look for the Miami episodes I missed online (or specifically the CaRWash clips). After that I'll quickly look over the lovely posts you've all made on each of the episodes and maybe even contribute. Better late than never, right? Basically, I'll try and post more often in a week or so when I'm done with finals. :thumbsup:

I love the CaRWash dictionary and the thread title suggestion!

BTW: A huge welcome to >!<[Court]>!< and SelinaKy!
If I missed any other newbies, I'm sorry and welcome to you too!
Re: Calleigh & Ryan #7: "You’re fantastic" - CaRWash

Of course you can Dutchie... you are my co-conspirator of course!

I agree with you about the whole Ryan/Calleigh/Eric triangle... it might make things interesting, but it's too much drama for me personally... though I wouldn't mind seeing some jealousy on Ryan's part. *grins knowingly*

Hestia! *pounces* We were wondering where you went... hope your CaRWash senses will tingle again soon... maybe we won't have to wait so long for that to happen if the finale gives us what we need. *crosses fingers*
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