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Re: Calleigh & Ryan #7: "You’re fantastic" - CaRWash

And that's why CaRWash is awesome for missing scene fics! :D

Hey, you girls, is anyone thinking Jake? I've been saying from the beginning that he would either leave or die. We haven't seen him for a couple of episodes (because the actor Johnny is in a new series I believe), so maybe he has no more time for CSI, and they decided to finish him off? It would make sense to me. As for leaving, I don't think it's a major character either, but I'm thinking Valera. Just a gut feeling. Who gets shot...I think Natalia makes a lot of sense to me as well. Then again, it could be anyone because Miami and their spoilers...remember in the season 4 finale someone would get killed, and it was Jessop, who we barely knew. I guess we'll have to wait and see...

I saw, Debby, lots of thanks from her and me!

No prob Brian.
Re: Calleigh & Ryan #7: "You’re fantastic" - CaRWash

I read the article, too.

I was worried Calleigh would be the one that was leaving, but now I also think it’s not a major character that’s leaving. If it was, we would have heard more about it by now I think. Didn’t think about Jake yet, but I think it’s a good possibility if he’s doing another series right now! But I also read something about the new ME going to die.
About someone getting shot.. I was thinking it could be Natalia, because like Salean said, she had this storyline with learning to shoot. Ryan getting shot maybe could give us some nice CaRWash scenes, which I would love, but I don’t know if I want it to happen that he gets shot. That guy has already put himself in so much trouble last season, I want him to do something good now! :lol:

Just a few more posts and I can finally add an CaRWash avatar! :D
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If there aren't any CaRWash moments, we'll obviously make up for it through missing scene fics!

So much speculation! Zircon? Not you too CaRWash_Cutie! The name is sticking because of that post I made... and because of someone starting it. *looks at Hestia*

It better not be Togo or Emily! Man, what is it with TPTB?... getting rid of Alexx, now someone else is leaving too? We need a break from the drama next season!

Jake? Hmm, there's always that possibility Dutchie. I haven't seen him in a while. Maybe he won't be a threat any more. *crosses fingers* Anyways, Calleigh should totally talk to Ryan... he has been through this obviously. I would love to see that conversation on screen. How do you think that would play out? I guess we'll just have to see to find out if that happens.

Oh cool Debby! Do you have an idea of what kind of avatar you want? By the way, can anyone tell me how to make one and how to post it?
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Well, Karu, to make one you'll have to have a program like PSP or Photoshop, grab a pic and alter it up until the point it's so different and beautiful you want to use it as your icon. If you're not that experienced in iconing, you should get someone who is (i.e. someone in the art thread or, say, me?) and tell them what kind of icon you want (pic, text) so that someone can make it for you. Then when you have one there's a section under profile editing that can easily put it up for you, after you upload it to something like photobucket (needs registration) or imageshack (free and registrationless).;)

I've just realized that with this whole Horatio/son storyline, it could always be like Horatio's ex dying, or Kyle getting shot. We should consider that, it doesn't have to be like a major major role. I'm most confused about who would leave because Alexx left, but I really do think we can only wait and see on that one.

Speaking of which, where IS Hestia? *lures with cookies and virgin cosmos*:devil:
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Heh, just thought you'd like to know that I had an idea for a CaRWash fic last night (these things always seem to hit me at about midnight... :rolleyes:) so I'll be able to start working on that lack of CaRWash problem on my account. :) Don't hold your breath though, I have exams so it could be a looong time coming.

Those are really good points, Dutchie, I hadn't considered Jake or one of Horatio's random family members that have shown up this season. If Jake does have a new show, then I think that he might be the one who's going to die... I can't see him leaving because Alexx left. They just weren't that close. The Alexx one is confusing me too. The only thing I can think is that they've done a very good job of hiding it if it *is* one of the main characters leaving. Usually things like that are discovered a while before hand, or at least a couple of episodes.
I agree with Debby about Ryan getting a chance to redeem himself. I really think he needs it, and it would definitely make me happy. I'm tired of him always being portrayed as the bad guy...
Re: Calleigh & Ryan #7: "You’re fantastic" - CaRWash

You just use Photoshop Dutchie? It's a good thing I know how to use it. I'll try making one first and I'll ask for help if it turns out horrible. Thanks! Sounds good to me Salean... take your time! I know it'll be good!

I haven't even considered Julia or Kyle... these are all good possibilities. I'm glad to see I'm not the only one not liking Ryan being villified. I wanna see him save the day!
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Oh, Julia and Kyle are good possibilities too! Didn't think about them yet.
Or it could be Horatio himself getting shot too, something has to happen to him someday :lol:
And yeah, Ryan has to save the day!

karu_mila, don't know what kind of avatar I want yet, but it's definately going to be a CaRWash one ofcourse! :) I'm going to try something with PSP! :D
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Good luck with that Debby!

Maybe one day, but I doubt it this time. Anyways, about Ryan being the hero, how do you think he should save the day? I wanna hear your opinions.
Re: Calleigh & Ryan #7: "You’re fantastic" - CaRWash

Hello everyone.. this is my first post on this message board, even though I admit I have been lurking for a while and reading some wonderful fanfics, so good job to all you writers out there. ;)

I must say, tis nice to find some fellow CaRWash lovers. Hope to talk to you all soon! :D
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Welcome to the CaRWash thread, Court!

As for Ryan saving the day... hmm... I don't know. He hasn't really been getting a lot of action recently, although he has been doing a lot of finding major pieces of evidence, or big breaks. (Can I just point out, that he has not been acknowledged for any of these? I'm feeling a Greg Sanders issue here.) Aaaanyway. What was I saying? Yes. I think it would be cool if it was Ryan and Natalia who were attacked by a suspect or something, resulting in Natalia getting shot, but Ryan saving the day by catching the suspect. I don't know, but yeah, something with action. He's well overdue some.

The more that I think about it, the more Julia and/or Kyle seem to be good ideas for being shot/killed. It would be a good way to tie up that storyline.
Re: Calleigh & Ryan #7: "You’re fantastic" - CaRWash

Welcome to the CaRWash thread, Court! :)

and thanks, karu_mila! ;)

For Ryan saving the day, I would like something like "Under The Influence" again, where he proved Calleighs father wasn't guilty :). And it would be great if Calleigh has something to do with it too, just like in that episode, because it could also give us some nice CaRWash moments then! ;)
Re: Calleigh & Ryan #7: "You’re fantastic" - CaRWash

I've been popping into the spoiler thread, and there's some new info and speculations:

The person who dies is the new coroner, a female named Shannon Higgins. Why am I not surprised? It's so like Miami to kill a character to keep things interesting. (Speedle? John? Jessop? Ray?) Also, a lot of people say Horatio might be the one getting shot or faking to get shot while trying to protect his family. It sounds plausible, but I still have Kyle and Julia open as possibilities. About Jake, it could be, but I have this (sad) feeling that they've kinda forgotten about him for the time being. But with CSI:Miami, who knows? I also find it unlikely that Ryan will save the day, even though I'd love him too. I just don't see it happening this season.

Welcome, Court! I have to say that I already find your screenname irritating, so I'll just keep it at Court.;) I assume your name is Courtney, perhaps? Or is it just a random screenname? Anyway, I'm sure you'll enjoy your time here, and if you've been lurking I'm sure you've seen what a bunch we are. Grab a chair. Not my couch :p

Karu, I use Paint Shop Pro, yes, and a screencap surely, but I always make my own caps. Let me know if you need a specific one, goes for everyone. I'm the proud owner of every CSI:Miami ep from season 3 on :lol:

Salean, take your time on the fic, but I can't wait for it! :)
Re: Calleigh & Ryan #7: "You’re fantastic" - CaRWash

Wow, creative screen name... oh, where are my manners? Welcome to the thread Court! *whistles* Where are the cosmos people? New CaRWasher here!

The new ME dies... seriously? I guess there's no hurry to replace Alexx.

It's okay if Ryan doesn't save the day this time. There's always next season. But a repeat of Under the Influence wouldn't hurt! But seriously, it would be good for Ryan and Calleigh to have some closure before she's forced off the case. I don't want TPTB to ignore Ryan this time.
Re: Calleigh & Ryan #7: "You’re fantastic" - CaRWash

My name is Courtney, yes lol. And I'm very frustrated with my screenname as well.. but I can't change it because I do not have the ability to PM yet. Sorry. I wish I could.

Why would they kill the ME already? Doesn't make sense.

And I agree, we are long overdue for some Calleigh Ryan interaction.
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Re: Calleigh & Ryan #7: "You’re fantastic" - CaRWash

It does make sense, actually, remember in CSI:LV, they killed off Holly Gribs just to introduce Sara. Rumor has it, they were looking for a male replacement for Alexx. They probably want to introduce the new character in the new season, and therefore they need a coroner for the last 2 eps of this season. Easiest way to get rid of her after that? Shoot her.:rolleyes:

It's no problem Courtney (hey, score!), I was just saying :lol: It reminds me of how my sister uses net speak all the time, so I've become frustrated with it.

*brings out virgin cosmos* Take one girls, and let's toast to hope of CaRWash scenes in the remaining two episodes of this season! New ep tonight, let us cross our fingers, pray and hope for a scene.:scream:
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