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Wow it looks like the Phillies are certainly wanting to win the World Series :) The weeks lay off has not hurt them at all.

Go Phillies and Matt Stairs :)
I had a few problems with last nights game, but with all the umps lately, the strike zone was four inches off the plate? even the catcher was a bit surprised, the tagging at third was called safe after the guy was touched, before even touching the base, alot of the pitches had to go straight up the middle to be a strike, the strike zone moved so much that oy.

Then you have the HP umpire couldn't hold his anger in claiming that the rays were mocking him from the dugout, what the hell is he listening to the dugout and you know he had to be concentrating because that crowd wasn't quiet. He actually started toward the rays dugout yelling at them to shut up, that was so not professional. But the look of the players faces either laughing because he was yelling and alot of them looked like "what did I do".

But I want to add that if you remember the rays vs the Rsox were counted down and just about out, and they came back. If they lose I won't think less of them because for the first time they managed to do what alot of teams couldn't on a limited budget (48 mil I believe), alot of them this is their first time close to anything, like this, and their ages. I am pretty proud of them being the team know as "From worst to first" not a bad way to be known. Their attitudes I love them first off the 30 and out, you get thirty minutes to pity yourself and team, complain about it and be depressed after that move it out and move on. That is a great attitude to have.

I was reading Yahoo sports and found this article Flip Side of Tampa Bays run is lack of experience in it it has this quote.. "But then, perhaps remembering how the Rays let the Red Sox back into the ALCS and still managed to win an epic Game 7, Longoria mustered up his courage and added, “We’ve been written off plenty of times before.”
Cliff Floyd, who is inactive for the series but at 35 remains the Rays’ resident sage, concurred. “We’ve come back from so much that if you doubt us for a minute, you end up looking like a clown.”
But a moment later, Floyd conceded, “This is the worst people have seen this team play.”

And in the article about the The game loss - “What bothers me is we lose a couple of games, and people talk like we’ve got the worst team ever,” Cliff Floyd said. “This team is just going through a tough period. … But we’ve been down before. We know we can come back.”

GO RAYS & PHILLIES!!! :cool: :shifty: :cool:
^^^ That post long, this one not so much...

WS Time (The Game Winner will be in Bold)

Gm 1: PHILS 3 - RAYS 2
Gm 2: PHILS 2 - RAYS 4
Gm 3: RAYS 4 - PHILS 5
Gm 4: RAYS 2 - PHILS 10
Gm 5* RAYS ? - PHILS ? (SUSPENDED - See below)

Gm 6* Phillies @ Rays Wed Oct. 29 8:00 PM
Gm 7* Phillies @ Rays Thu Oct. 30 8:00 PM
* If Needed

ETA: Game 5 was suspended due to rain in the middle of the sixth with the score tied, 2-2. The game will be resumed Tuesday with Philly batting.
ETA 2:
The game is expected to be completed on Tuesday, starting with the bottom of the sixth inning. - “I can’t tell you tonight when we’ll resume,” commissioner Bud Selig said. “We’ll stay here if we have to celebrate Thanksgiving here.”
“The weather (on Tuesday) is supposed to be worse,” said Bob DuPuy, MLB’s chief operating officer.

In other news this is interesting..
Umpires acknowledge another missed call in Series

GO RAYS & PHILLIES!!! :cool: :shifty: :cool:
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Wow, even God doesn't want to see Philly win a championship :lol::D

It seems weird though, I work in New York, and there was absolutely no hint that it was going to rain (even at around 7 PM), even when I got home (which is about 40-45 mins northeast of Philadelphia), I didn't think it was going to rain. Then again, I don't pay attention to Philly weather, I usually pay attention to New York weather (although they are really geographically close).
Wow interesting installment in this years World Series. I was expecting to wake up this morning and find either the Phillies had won or the series was going back to Tampa. Finding it suspended because of weather is a new one.

I feel sorry for the umpire missing the call but that's one of the joys of baseball. It's called by humans and not by machines. We all make mistakes and have to live with them.

Go Phillies and Matt Stairs :)
The World Series, it's never boring is it? lol

Last night's game was insane, I kept thinking that they'd surely call the game any time, but I can certainly understand why they didn't (postpone) until the score was tied. I'm not a Rays fan at all (I don't care for some of their players or their attitudes, but that's neither here nor there), but they deserve every opportunity to win the World Series, and had they called last night's game and handed Philly the WS, that wouldn't have been fair at all. And I don't think Philly would want to win their second ever World Series that way. I'm just glad that no one was injured playing in that weather.

The umpiring in this series has left a lot to be desired. There's been at least two major blown calls; Carl Crawford of the Rays being called safe at first in Game 3, replays clearly showed Moyer got the ball to Ryan Howard before Crawford touched the bag. That one I could almost chalk up to the ump having a bad angle, but the play at third is harder to understand. Longoria clearly tagged Rollins out during the rundown, and I don't see how the ump missed seeing that despite what he said. I guess one consolation could be that of the two calls neither benefitted or hurt the same team, one went for the Rays, one for the Phillies. And as Jacquie pointed out, that's the nature of the game. I'm sure every one of us could post a list of times when bad calls went both for and against our various teams. I know I could. ;)

HEADS UP! Press Release from regarding suspended game.
PHILADELPHIA - Game Five of the 2008 World Series will not resume tonight due to inclement weather. Game Five is now tentatively scheduled to resume on Wednesday evening at 8:37 p.m. (ET), weather permitting.
Commissioner Allan H. (Bud) Selig said: "While obviously we want to finish Game Five as soon as possible, the forecast for today does not allow for us to continue the game this evening. We are closely monitoring tomorrow's forecast and will continue to monitor the weather on an hourly basis. We will advise fans as soon as we are able to make any final decisions with respect to tomorrow's schedule."

Okay there are times and we all know this that fans go a little to far..
"Fan Behavior"
Joe Maddon has enjoyed some good-natured ribbing about beer and baseball with fans behind the Rays’ dugout. - The Tampa Bay manager, though, was angered when some of that notorious bad behavior by the Philadelphia fans surfaced during Games 3 and 4. Maddon said family members of players and other members of Tampa Bay’s organization have been verbally harassed by Phillies fans. He said some Phillies fans even threw mustard packets from the concession stands at his granddaughter.
“I know it’s been well documented. I’ve attended events here as a fan myself,” said Maddon, raised about 100 miles outside Philly. “But when it strikes home at your family, then you have to say something. I think somebody has to make a stand at some point.”

Rays officials have been in touch with the Phillies about tightening security. Maddon said before Game 5 he was hopeful that would improve the hostile situation. -- “Throwing mustard packs at my granddaughter is not very cool,” Maddon said. “The other part about it I’m good with. If you want to be vociferous with us, I am fine with that. If you want to have arguments about Coors Light versus Rolling Rock, I’m good with that, but leave the families alone.”
Destiny thanks for the update.

I feel sorry for the families of the Tampa Bay players. Nobody should be treated like they are. And Philadelphia calls itself 'The City of Brotherly Love'. Yeah right. I know it's not everyone that's doing it but it does give the city a bad rep.
I also feel bad for the fans who aren't doing those things. It's a shame a few bad apples are making the rest of the Phillies fans look bad. Throwing things at people and harassing players' families ? That disgusting and they should be ashamed.
Ugh it's always the few that screw it up for the good-hearted Phils fans. I guarentee you that those players were drunk or otherwise impared. Though it wouldn't surprise me if they were completely in their right mindset either. I really hope they win Wenesday though. I'll be watching. I just hope that the parade will be at a time when I can go because I'll do anytihng to go to that!
I agree and though in this case it is the Phils fans, lets face it they are not alone, what do we hear about the Yankee fans? the Red Sox fans, ect. The problem is that it could be 2-10-20 or a little more, but the fact that remains is those who aren't doing anything but enjoying the game gets that bad rap.

I remember the first game of the WS when they announced the players, I saw the people in the stands who clapped for not only the Rays, but for the Phillies, and as to the Philly players it wasn't just Philly fans, but Rays fans too in the rays T-shirts, etc. I was thinking okay these fans are just happy that these two teams fineally made it, but when it went to Philly that balance wasn't returned at all.

I have heard alot of people before that with Maddon saying that they didn't get to appreciate the game because if you cheered for the Rays you were shoved, or kicked (your seat), yelled at, etc. So alot of the Rays fans that showed up to support their team learned to be quiet. But to be fair I reminded them of some of the other games (with other teams) they went to where this has happened. They admitted it wasn't as bad as them but they were close.

This is why I love watching it on tv, I can enjoy the game, laugh at the goofs on either my fav team or the other team, heck even if someone is hurt on the other team I treat them with the same respect I give my own. Why can't fans (those who cause problems) just learn to enjoy the game and appreciate the fact that they are there because the two teams are able to be there. It's kind of sad to me because in this last game with the field as bad as it was (as said from both teams) it was dangerous and yet for the fans and the game the players made the best of a bad situation.

What I admire from both teams is when they both agreed that if the game was called before the Rays tied it, the Phillies said that they didn't want to win like that (if they didn't play the full nine innings) because it wasn't a real win, and the rays agreed if it were them on that side. Basically if we can't play the full nine no matter how official then screw it, its not a real win, especially in part [the WS] of the season. I give credit to both these teams and to Selig whom I never thought I would give credit to lol.

Here a few articles from Yahoo sports that I thought were good.
Baseball’s crown event is beyond repair
Selig’s unilateral rule change prompts questions
Ten reasons umpires really suspended Game 5 of World Series (this one is kind of funny).
Rays don't let weather dampen spirits - Forced to Delaware, club falls in love with new accommodations

Course now everything if the Phillies don't win tonight gets pushed back because tonight (if the phillies didn't win) was suppost to be done in Tampa. But because the suspended game from what Selig said will finish up in Philly because that is where it started, which he also said meant no matter how long it took. The orginial schedule had the game in Tampa (if the phillies lost) back in Tampa tonight. But that isn't the case.

Again they are calling for an 8:37 start, BUT that is if the weather permits. I am keeping track at
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According to the game will resume at 8:37pm tonight. This will certainly go down as the screwiest series in the World Series history. We can only thank good old Bud Selig for it.
It's still rainy in Philly? When I said I hoped the WS wasn't over too quickly, this isn't quite what I had in mind. ;)

Destiny aka DeShadowSeeker said:
I agree and though in this case it is the Phils fans, lets face it they are not alone, what do we hear about the Yankee fans? the Red Sox fans, ect. The problem is that it could be 2-10-20 or a little more, but the fact that remains is those who aren't doing anything but enjoying the game gets that bad rap.

Exactly. Every Major League team out there has at least a few of 'those kinds' of fans. Heck, any sport/team be it MLB, NFL, NBA, NASCAR, etc. has those kinds of fans. I try, and I hope others do too, to remember that those few who behave extremely bad aren't representative of the team's/sport's total fan base.
Shall we try this again? :lol: Major League Baseball announcement of tonights game and if necessary other games. -- This is interesting Both teams unaccustomed to cold - Rays, Phillies in handful of chilly games, but early in the season. -- No Anthem planned for Game 5 restart 'God Bless America' will be performed before contest resumes.

Gm 1 PHI 3 @ TB 2
Gm 2 PHI 2 @ TB 4
Gm 3 TB 4 @ PHI 5
Gm 4 TB 2 @ PHI 10
Gm 5 TB 2 @ PHI 2 Mon Oct. 27 Suspended (resumes 10/29)

Gm 6* PHI @ TB Thu Oct. 30 8:00 PM FOX

*If Necessary
TBD: To Be Determined

GO RAYS & PHILLIES!!! :cool: :shifty: :cool:

Gm 1 PHI 3 @ TB 2
Gm 2 PHI 2 @ TB 4
Gm 3 TB 4 @ PHI 5
Gm 4 TB 2 @ PHI 10
Gm 5 TB 3 @ PHI 4

Congratulations to:

The Phillies on the WS win the drought/curse is over, you did a good job.
The Tampa Bay Rays on getting to here, keeping a good attitude and never giving up, there is always next year. Be proud of yourselves.