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Well it's taken us over three years to finish the first thread but I think we still need to continue with our love of Baseball :) I had thought of calling this the Blue Jays and Indians update :D but that would be unfair to everyone else who enjoys baseball :)

The first thread can be found here.

So on with the updates :)

The Jays beat the Twins last night 5-4 in 11. John MacDonald had the game winning single scoring Scott Rolen from 3rd. Reliever Jesse Carlson got the win.

Tonights pitching match up is Jesse Litsch vs Kevin Slowey

Friday night see Tampa Bay in town. The schedule match ups are

Roy Halladay vs Andy Sonnantsine
Shaun Marcum vs James Shields
David Purcey vs Matt Garza

On the Tribe update Cleveland lost to Chicago 4-2 on Wednesday. Tonight they are off and Friday start a weekend Series in KC

Go Jays and Tribe :)
Super congrats to the Jays and their win tonight sweeping the Twins...but a bigger congrats to Travis Snider and his first home run in the big leagues. He also had an amazing night at the plate as well, going 3 for 3 and a this what the Jays and fans get to look forward to next season? The young fellow has blown my mind with his play thus far.....
Well the talk in the paper this morning was about Snider's play the last couple of games so it looks like he may be one of the players for next year. Something tells me that he was the Jays top pick in the 2006 draft.

The final score tonight was 9-0 :) Jesse Litsch went the distance. It good to see Litsch looks as though he's turned his fortunes around after the rough patch he had mid season. That little trip to the minors probably helped.

And speaking of minors it was reported in Wednesday's paper that the Jays and Syracuse are parting company at the end of the season. I also saw that the Indians and Buffalo are parting ways as well. Maybe the Jays and Indians are doing a swap of minor league teams?

Go Jays and Tribe :)
Yep and Cliff Lee got AL Pitcher of the month for August after he went 5-0 with a 1.86 ERA in five starts in the month. He averaged 7 2/3 innings per start, tossed one complete game, walked seven and struck out 20.
This is Lee's second Pitcher of the Month Award this season. He also won it in April, when he went 5-0 with a 0.96 ERA in five starts to open the season. Grady Sizemore is an official 30/30/30 man (HR/SB/XBH). Both have made Indians history, and Grady is tied with Kenny Lofton for the most lead off HR's, one more and he bypasses it and makes another historical time again. Fineally Grady was also Named the Cleveland Indians recipient of the 2008 Roberto Clemente Award presented by Chevy. - As was Vernon Wells. Here is the list of the Roberto Clemente Nominee's - Victor hit his first major league HR of the 2008 season on Tuesday (two run Homer) it was the first time since Sept. 25, 2007, Martinez hit a home run.

Tribe is in KC for 3 games Probable Pitchers.
Game 1: Anthony Reyes vs Brandon Duckworth
Game 2: Zach Jackson vs Gil Meche
Game 3: Cliff Lee vs Zack Greinke

Go T & J !!! :) :shifty: :)
Congrads Jays on the Win!
Okay I forgot to list the game scores for the CWS series.
Game 1: Tribe 5 - CWS 0 .. Game 2: Tribe 9 - CWS 3 .. Game 3: Tribe 2 - CWS 4, So we took the series but not the sweep, not bad.

Now moving on, as I said above were into the final stretches we will have three homestand but then we finish on the road. 3 @ KC, 4 @ Bal, then KC (4 1 double header), Min (3), Det (3) all come to cleveland. Then its 4 @ Bos, and fineally 3 @ Cws.

Last nights game against KC went well, with a seven straight singles, all with no outs, then Garko hit into a double play but scored victor to make it 8-0, Tom Mastny came on at one point gave up three runs, but then Garko redeemed himself by hitting and RBI making it 9-3. Anthony Reyes left the game after three scoreless inninging at 39 pitches, due to soreness in the elbow, he hopes to be able to start in Balt, the powers that be are waiting to see before saying yes or no.

Go T & J !!! :) :shifty: :)
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The Jays beat Tampa Bay 6-4 last night. This was Doc's second straight win against the Rays after going 0-3 in his first 3 starts. With last night's win Doc moves up to second place on the Jays all time win list with 129 wins. Dave Stieb leads the Jays with 175 career wins. Last nights win was Doc's 18th this year :)

I was noticing the list for the Clemente Award includes two Canadians. Ryan Dempster and Jeff Francis have been nominated for their respective teams. Good luck to both of them :)
Seeing Greg Zaun's expression as he made his way to home plate in the bottom of the 13th inning after hitting a ...I believe..a walk off grand slam, was absolutely amazing. I was so happy for the man! After feeling bad that his duties as the starting catcher was switch to part time, to see him step up and knock it out over the fence the way he did, I thought to myself that no one else on that team could have hit a better one. It made the winning of the game extra special.

So a seven game win I dare say it? Eight? With the Jays playing like this, even though they won't be in the playoffs, they will do their part in deciding who will should be interesting
First congrats to The JAYS! nice win.

We [Tribe] lost game two yesterday (saturday) 1-3, but we came back today and took the series tribe 3, kc 1. Cliff Lee got his 21st win. Looks like we might be activating Travis Hafner since his rehab is done. Anthony Reyes who left Fridays game in the third due to arm soreness, will not make his next start in Baltimore they called up minor league Scott Lewis to take his place possibly just for this start. Top it off Jeremy Sowers was hit on his pitching hand when a foul ball from todays game hit him, he iced it and its wrapped what will happen to him in the rotation (game two) hopefully its better.

So looking at the Tribe vs BAL four game series, probable pitchers

Game 1: Fausto Carmona vs Garrett Olson
Game 2: Jeremy Sowers vs Jeremy Guthrie
Game 3: Scott Lewis vs Chris Waters
Game 4: Zach Jackson vs Radhames Liz

GO T & J !!! :) :shifty: :)
Well the Jays are playing great baseball these days. They just completed a 6-0 homestand. This in only the second time in their history that they've done this. The first time was in 2002. The Jays have been playing since 1977. David Purcey capped the homestand with pitching 8 shutout innings. Jesse Carlson came in and pitched the 9th for the save. The Jays now head to Chicago for a four game series against the White Sox and then they head to Boston for four. The four games in Boston include a day/night doubleheaded on Saturday.

Pithcing match ups against Chicago

Burnett vs Vazquez
Litsch vs Richard
Halladay vs Buehrle
Marcum vs Floyd

Go Jays and Tribe :)
Welcome back Hafner (aka Pronk) who was activated and played yesterday, though he will not be in everyday he is working his way back. Jeremy Sowers pitched beautifully to the point people are wondering if he can get hit on the hand a couple days before the next start lol, or if Cliff Lee some how switched bodies with him. :D
There was some switching seems the BAL's Jeremy Guthrie got the flu and was scratched so Radhames Liz took his place (orginially scheduled to go against Zach Jackson in game four) so then now going against Zach in game four will be Brian Bass.

Congrats to the Jays on the double header-double win, nicely done. Ten game winning streak, we did that once but then we lost lol. Hopefully you can keep going.

GO T & J !!! :cool: :shifty: :cool:

Game One: Tribe 3 - BAL 14 (ouch)
Game Two: Tribe 6 - BAL 1
Game Three: Tribe 7 - BAL 1

Welcome to the big leagues Scott Lewis, in his major league debute threw 8, 3 hit shut out inninings on 96 pitches, 67 strikes, 29 Balls.

Also anyone who knows Sal Fasano (our backup catcher) then this Interview is really compelling, and if you don't know him, he is 37 yrs old and this is the heading "Sal Fasano refused performance-enhancing drugs and watched rivals grow bigger -- and richer. But, he asks, who's the real ballplayer?"
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Well I haven't been posting much as I didn't want to jinx the Jays and their winning ways :) They did win 10 in a row before losing on Wednesday 6-5. They hopefully started another winning streak last night by winning 6-4 :) The Jays now head into Boston for 4 games. This could be a really interesting series with the Jays in third place 6 and a half games back of Boston :)

Pitching Match ups

Purcey vs Wakefield
Burnett vs Byrd
Litsch vs Colon
Halladay vs Lester

Burnett, Litsch and Halladay are all going to be pitching on short rest. We'll cross our fingers and hope this works out well :)

Congrats to the Angles for winning the American League West Division :beer:
Game four not so go with BAL we ended up splitting, Tribe 3 - Bal 6
But Barfield got to play and his defense was awesome, and he was 1-3 with a single and run scored.

Well there back home and its raining so I am not sure how this will play out, top it off we have a double header Saturday with KC so this should be fun lol. Pitching matchups probable.

Game 1: Cliff Lee (going for 22nd win) vs Gil Meche
Game 2: Fausto Carmona vs Zack Greinke (1:05 game 1)
Game 3: Bryan Bullington vs Robinson Tejeda (7:05 game 2)
Game 4: Jeremy Sowers vs Brian Bannister

Bryan Bullington is another guy called up from AAA on the expanded roster for us.

Go T & J!!! :beer:
Oh the pain of the past weekend oy....
Game 1: Tribe 12 - KC 5
Game 2: Tribe 3 - KC 8 (game one of two)
Game 3: Tribe 4 - KC 8 (game two of two)
Game 4: Tribe 3 - KC 13 (We used 8 relief pitchers in this game just to give them some work, this tell you how bad it was? LOL)

Okay then moving on :lol: The next 3 are against the twinkies. Probable pitchers are...
Game 1: Scott Lewis vs Kevin Slowey
Game 2: Zach Jackson vs Francisco Liriano
Game 3: Cliff Lee vs Scott Baker

Both Eric Wedge (Manager) and Mark Shapiro (General Manager) are Safe in their Jobs in 09 .. Also apparently getting plunked Is one thing were good at :p ... And Fineally how bad is this Brewers dismiss manager Ned Yost Wow. :eek:

GO T & J !!! :cool: :shifty: :cool:
The Jays have tonight but open a series with Baltimore on Tuesday at home.

Congrats go out to the Cubs Carlos Zambrano who pitched a no hitter last night. This is the Cubs first no hitter in 36 years :) The Cubs beat the Astros 5-0.
Game one: Tribe 3 - Twinkies 1 (HAPPY B-DAY TO ME!!!) :lol: Sorry I couldn't resist, the history was on my side for this one, and I loved it. Now if I could just convince them that the next two days are my birthday too then maybe just maybe we could have a sweep? Think I am pushing it? :guffaw:

BTW Scott Lewis came in and through 6 shutout innings, Raffie B came in, in the 7th for a scoreless inning, Raffie P came in, in the 8th for a scoreless inning, Jensen Lewis (no relation to the pitcher) came in, in the ninth gave up one HR but got his 9th save by getting the others out.

ETA: I must look goofy saying history is on my side and not saying how it is. Check this out on this day 9-15 in tribe history... 2004 they beat Det. 5-3, in 2005 they had that day off, in 2006 they beat Min 5-4, and in 2007 they beat KC 6-0.

GO T & J!!! :eek: :shifty: :eek:
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