Anna/Lindsay #2- Montana Girl in the Big City

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Anaconda?? -- Those snakes have everything now :lol: Yeah, I have nothing to add to that. Nope.

How very Lindsay of you! :p
Hey guys, just wanted to pop in and mention that I've made a few posts about Lindsay's 'dark secret' in the "Speculations" thread, so if you guys want to go and contribute... :D
I love her shirt in that picture! That is so cute! I love that color.

And yeah, I don't think she ever has worn short sleeves. I think that's the shortest they've ever been.
Speaking of short sleeves (half way--lOL!): Nice casual work blouse... :)

Lindsay in "Stealing Home"

It's funny how wardrobe and accessories dominate different discussions (Lindsay's clothes, Danny's glasses, Mac's pin, etc). I once went to a website about 80's TV shows looking for TV show information and mostly found stuff about clothes, hairstyles, etc. I guess you could say that the public has fixation with style(which is understandable). Knowing the style of characters/actors seems to be important for fans. If it wasn't then In Style and other magazines would be out of business. ;)

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*examines picture* it looks like her arms are pretty normal... that can be the nezt thread name.. Anna/Lindsay #3- She's Got Normal Arms! jk.. :lol:
Back from vacation, and just checked out Faylinn's Bozeman photos. After viewing them, I must ask, why did the writers choose "wheatfields" for Danny's comparison? I saw no wheatfields, only big beautiful mountains. Since the streets or buildings of New York are sometimes (I believe) referred to as the canyons why not compare the New York skyline to the mountains?

Nevermind I get it :rolleyes: Sorry, the mind was still on vacation :lol:
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