Alexx Woods Appreciation Thread

Hey to all the Khandi fans. I just thought I'd let all of you know that I will be interviewing Khandi soon and I am currently taking questions from the fans of Adam's official group. This wil close on June 12th and then Khandi will be choosing which questions she would like to answer.

All you have to do is join Adam's group (which is free, lol) and from there you can ask away.

I hope you guys can make it as Khandi seems to be well loved and we simply adore her character.

Thanks, Sara
I'm just watching "There's Something About Mary" on FX right now--I forgot that Khandi had a part as one of Mary's Miami Girlfriends in the movie in 1998--4 years before she was Alexx Woods on CSI: Miami. It's kind of a foreshadowing to her being in Miami later on!

It's too bad there's no way Cameron Diaz could be on CSI: Miami as Mary Jensen in an ep as one of Alexx's gal pals outside of the lab--now THAT would be cool!
I like Alexx. She’s a great character :D

Alexx – The Mom. She had such a beautiful relationship with Speedle. I just love the scenes with them. She calls him ‘Timmy’ & ‘baby’ that is so sweet… And now she does the same with Ryan. I just love that scene, where she says so proudly: “My baby’s all grown up.” awww….

And she’s a damn good ME too. I find her talking to corpses a bit unnerving, but it’s just the way she is – the one and only Alexx Woods we adore :D
oh yay!! Calleighspeedle!! you bumbed the thread back!! :D Alexx really needs some more love :D and nice pics :D i love them
She certainly is a stunningly lovely lady, and certainly doesn't look like she just turned *ahem* 50 a few days ago. Nice find on the pictures, Calleighspeedle!
wow!! DC is older than her!? i never knew that!!! and i don't mean that offensivly it's just i pictured her to be maybe a year or two older than DC...but hey i love her anyways!! she rocks :D
oh thanks calleighspeedle for the pics :D
I've always loved Alexx Woods...she is my favourite...right after Calleigh :D.....sometimes she really crackes me up and she so swwetie with everybody :D....
Yep....Khandi is 50....It's ubelievable :eek: I know it :D ...but it's true...she really looks younger :D
she looks younger outof chracter but for some reason i kept thinking she was older...amybe it's cause her chracter Alexx is over 50....maybe that's why. But out of chracter...she does not look 50!!!!!
i think the make up artisit do that on purpose because her character is over 50. not her. so out of character when she does her own make up she looks a lot younger :D