Alexx Woods Appreciation Thread


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Since everyone has one why not our beloved M.E....

The things that I like about her is that she is so caring to the living and dead.. but don't make her mad cuz she will get ya. And that she had that special relationship with Speed i think she was the only one that he really open up to maybe Megan but who know..

So here is my thread to Alexx.. the fastest scapel in Miami

Awesome. It's about time she has her own thread. Alexx rules. She's the only one on Miami that isn't part of the gigantic soap opera.

She's got a soothing voice, too. Those corpses are so lucky.
Oh cool, an Alexx thread! :D

I love the fact that she's so caring and respectful to the people she has to autopsy.
ALEXX! YEAH! *does happy dance* I love Alexx! She's so caring and loving. I loved it when she called Speed Timmy, she was like the only one who did. And i'm sure if eric had called him that speed would have decked him but with alexx he didnt seem to mind.

When I first started watching miami it kinda creeped me out when she would talk to the dead the dead people but then after awhile i got used to it and when i watch the other csi's i expect them to talk to the victims to but they dont and thats whats different between alexx and doc and sheldon!

I don't really know what else to say about her except i love her and I wouldn't mind if she did my autopsy lol.

Here's one of my favorite pics of Alexx

i love Alexx..she is so heart-warming..just the kinda person that u wanna see on the bad days..( lucky for the dead people in miami )..she is also tough but yet very feminine ( the episode where Eric and her almost got killed by the fire in the opening, when she got out and saw Horatio, i remember Horatio called her "honey" or something...its really sweet cus even though she is the tough woman, she can be very dependent at times too)
Yeah i almost cried when she said that "i thought i was going to end up with a tote tag on my own table." and when horatio called her sweetheart that was just the icing on the cake. it made me tear up. But I kinda got mad at alexx this season

POSSIBLE SPOILER ****************************


In the episode Game Over eric didn't find the foot so Alexx couldnt do the autopsy and she was like hurry up and find me that foot or you'll be next on my table. I was like how could you say that when you just lost a a good friend a few months ago. But its ok she made up for it in the season finale i thought the was she handled the situation with calleigh/hagen was sweet.
thanks for the correction!! "sweetheart" it i remember XD i almost cried when i watch that part too...
I haven't watch Game Over yet =\ need to wait til monday >.< but yea i liked the Alexx in 10-7..she was like a mother to Calleigh..telling her to let go of Hagen and she understands the her kids well..she knew Eric is the right person to go and talk to Calleigh ^_^
Thank you for opening this thread! :D
She is a wonderful person!
The way he cares for the dead and the living is so wonderful. ;) ;)
yeah.. i kind of gotten used to her talking to the dead too. I thought it was pretty weird initially. and there's that episode when a girl 'came alive' and Frank told her 'it's about time they talk back to you.' (or something to that effect) It was so funny! She's a wonderful mom too!
Oh cool a Alexx thread! I love so many things about Alexx.... caring compassionate strong. And she is a kick ass ME.I loved the relationship she had with Tim, and the fact that she chose to grieve openly when he died. The autopsy scene was brutal.She's a tough cookie though.
Oh man,that scene was great,if looks could kill then frank would be standing there anymore.

I wish they showed us more of her family and background,because she certainly gets not enough