AGE- does it make a difference?

Even if it doesn't work out baba, you can always say that you tried, and trying can be quite fun.

I'm a fence sitter, it all depends on a variety of factors. There can be two people at two very different points in their lives, and while they may be in love with each other, it can be difficult to suit your needs around the needs of your partner. You want to be with them, but deep down you want to do something else too, and you want to do it soon, you don't want to wait for them to get to that point, and vice versa, your partner wants to do something that you've gotten over a long time ago.

However on the other hand...I was recently attending a CPR/First-Aid course, and most of the people I was there with were a tad older than myself, they appeared to be anyway. The instructors were the closest people to my age, and then this one other person. By the second day, he actually bought me some lunch, which I thought was sweet, especially since I'm recently single :).

We had similar interests, he has a good job, clearly can take care of himself, had aspirations of where he wanted to be (and most importantly, he was single) he surely looked in his 20s, but then somehow our ages were brought up, and I happened to say, "Well I'm still just 19, I have a ways to go before they're looking to hire (on the police force that is [the average hiring age is about 25]) and he said "Oh, well then I guess I'm okay then, I'm 33."

Oh, but if I had to make a choice, I'd definitely go for it, I mean--you only live once, and you know what they say about having loved and lost.
Dolphin said:
It doesn't matter as long as you're in love!

I couldn’t agree more my wife is 10 yrs. older then me and we’re both happy although she likes teasing me about trading her in for a new and improved model.
When I was 16 I dated a 28 year old and the age difference didnt matter to us except in the area where we couldnt have sex because of it. Other than that we got along great so no age shouldnt matter where love is concerned so long as it isnt someone in their teens dating someone in their 30's or over that... if they truly love that person they will wait till they are at the age of consent.. ya know? I'm probably not making sense here. Dun keel meh!
heck no age doesnt matter, as a lot of people say, it is just a frickin number.

as long as the 2 people are in it for the right reasons and all. its silly when people take age into account, it should only really matter if the maturity difference was huge.

anyway, i seem to have a habit of going for older guys haha, so they better not think age matters either!
I don't think it does. I'm 22 and frequently go for older guys anyway. Had a crush on a teacher once who was 14 yrs older and that didn't bother me. I personally wouldn't go older than about 8yrs cos that's the age gap between my parents and i've seen it really work for them given they've been married for 26yrs now. But if i ever fell in love with someone older i don't think i'd be bothered
i wonder if this toy boy thing is hereditary (typo)
my mums hubby is only 8 yrs older than me and mum is 55 im 36 brain is away in la la land oh yes hes 44 11yrs difference there.
(thats what you get from staring a a pc screen all day lol)

and to make it worse he thinks he looks like bruce willis..............LMAO
no chance never does he look like him. pmsl
i dont think so, i mean i've got great friends that r older and younger, i don't care except if they were like more then 9 years either way
I voted no. It doesn't make any difference. as long as you're spiritually on the same line.

And I've my eye on a 8,5 year older guy now... I'm almost 22...

But with being on the same line I mean that a 22 and 12 year old are deffenitly not. but a 24 and 34 yo can be...
This is a funny question for me, since I've always been attracted to younger men... The only time I dated an older guy didn't go so well: he was only 1 year older, and the "relationship" lasted for a whole... 3 DAYS!!! :lol: I married one who was 2 years younger, which lasted a bit longer (15 years), but that ended in divorce a looooooog time ago... I hadn't seen him in years but had to when my granddaughter was born. He hasn't aged so well...

And I had a much younger boyfriend after I left my husband: this guy was 28 when I was 40... ;) That ended when I told him that I didn't want children anymore after he asked me the question. But I was happier in that short relationship (6 months) than during my marriage...

If you're both attracted to each other, I say GO FOR IT!!! :) It's quite an experience!!!
I'd say in general age does make some difference, but as you all know, Love does its own things its own ways. :)
I've started to realize that I'd much rather date older men.
Hello, jailbait. :lol: