AGE- does it make a difference?

^:lol: I know.. just found another reason to love our country :p And there's a group of people who want to start a new politic party which says that it should be reduced to 12.. that's insane though I believe :eek: But I haven't looked into it yet, I don't think they really support a 12-year-old with a 30-year-old or something.. but something like a 12-year-old with an 18-year-old. I remember, my best friend being 13 and her bf being 18.. and 10 years later, they're married.. see some people are just meant to be together, no matter what their ages are :)
I voted no. If you think about it, with the number of people on the planet today, the chances of finding a perfect match is tiny. Why make it even smaller by limiting yourself to a particular age group. Of course if the age gap is illegal than that's a different matter. Everyone should abide by the law of thier country, but only the poeple involved should be able to decide if the relationship is appropriate.

If it makes you happy, go with it.
i dont think age makes much of a difference you cant help who you fall in love with right. it may make it harder socially because others may see you differently but as long as your happy who cares? anyway your a fellow yorkshire lass! oright cock!
VManso said:
If two people are in love, then... what the heck!
how couldn't I quote that? this little something says it all!

my boyfriend is six years older than's not much of a difference but sometimes I feel the difference...he's getting 29 soon and he already thinks of having children :eek: whereas I don't think I'm ready for such a responsability...but we're OK, he accepts that.
Got to know him when I was 17 :) I would have never thought that it would last sooooooo long hihihi...he's my "little hero" *sighs...dreaming..*
No..I don't think age makes a difference. What is really important is the way people feel. If they have true feelings for each other then what the heck who cares there's an age difference!
I voted yes. Age is more then a number. If you date a guy seven years younger there will probably be issues maturity wise. Plus, someone with ten years older will have more experience in certain aspects in life then someone who is say...27. Also, the older person might demand marriage because he/she is reaching their older years while the younger person just may be looking for a casual relationship. I'm 20 soon and I know if I was with a guy 26+ we would have some big differences that would be tough to handle. I'm not saying all relationships like that are bad...there are some out there that can work. I just rather be with a guy my age because we're still both growing up and there's a chance we share the same similarities as well and we probably are looking for the same kind of relationship which is casual, nothing something serious. Anything 5+ years is too much for me to handle.
Baba you go get the younger man! :D you see, im in a very commited relationship with a man 19 years my senior. you may have heard of him, his name is george eads :p
i think there is a point where it becomes innappropriate. say, if their children could be your parents *cough*annanicole*cough* but thats my opinion, i just cant really see how a 20 year old is attracted to and sees a successful relationship occurring with an 80 year old. plus that is creepy. one decade give or take a few years presents no problem to me.
I voted No. If you are truly in love what does a number mean. I have a couple that come into my store on a weekly basis. I believe they have been married 25yrs. He is about 10yrs younger than she is and they seem quite happy together. She is 70+.

baba there comes a time when you have to go with what your heart tells you and if it says go then go. Forgot what society tells us. Do what you feel is best for you.
eyup you alright lol
just go with the flow. if its right its right if not then at least you have tried it. :D
when i first met nig i was going through a divorce with my lazy lump of an ex. nige helped all the way,, he told me he loved me first, and he asked me to marry him 2 years later, we were married on septemberr 11 2004. oh by the way our first date was sept 11 2001 so that day has extra special meaning.

if i was like 60 and he was 24 then i would not have gone for it. uuuuuughh gross what can possibly attract a young person to a person that much older?
allmaple said:
Baba you go get the younger man! :D you see, im in a very commited relationship with a man 19 years my senior. you may have heard of him, his name is george eads.

Well that's not possible I'm afraid because I'm MARRIED to George :D I mean come on, 23 years isn't THAT MUCH *looks sheepish*.
I think, as long as you're in love, age doesn't matter. Adter all, you can't really decide who you're gonna fall for.

yeah 23 aint bad but when its like 30 or 40 + thats bad.
its nice to hear of someone else who is happy. good luck to you both
i like a happy ending lol
BabaOReilly said:
Thanks. :) The worst part of it is, I know this age thing is a total social construct- it's OK for men to date younger woman, but it's looked at strangely when the reverse is true- and yet, despite being fully aware of the foolishness of social discourses, I still totally cater to many of them. I try to open my mind but I guess deep down there are still a lot of areas where I'm afraid to "look bad". I mean, that's what it's really all about, isn't it? I need to stop caring what other people think... the truth will set you freeeeeeeee! :lol:
Eeps! I said those words before, word for that's spooky! :eek:
Yeah, it would seem I "channelled" a lot of people on that one. Must mean it's true then! :lol:

For now, I'm just going to play the "wait and see" game. Hopefully followed by the "if it feels good, do it!" game! ;)