AGE- does it make a difference?



im 36 and my hubby is 24?

gasp everyone says

yeah i know 12 years difference.
i met nige when he was 20 and i was 32 he told me at the time he was 25 lol.
he looks the same age as me. i will post a pic when i have reached my 100 postings.
we have been together 5 years now and married for nearly 2 years.
people who say that relationships with such an age difference dont know what they are talking about.
we are very happily married and we both have so much in common.
relationships like this work because we want them to work and no one can alter how we feel.

his parents were a bit shocked at the age difference but they wanted what makes us both happy.
does anyone else have a relationship where there is an age difference?
I think it isn't impossible to have a succesful relationship with someone who is much older or younger than yourself, but I do believe an age difference is an extra problem. It is difficult to meet someone who is good for you, who has the same beliefs, views on life, etc, and if someone is much younger or older, this is even less likely. It depends however on the people involved.
Also mental age is more important than real, physical age ... Some 32 year olds I know are younger than some 25 year olds!
It always depends on people. It will become a problem when older part is ready for steady life and younger part may find out in some point that they have missed something in their life and go to look for it. Or that they are not ready for the steady life. there is always exceptions.

Of course even in my world, I have limit somewhere. No more than 20 years difference. It's all I can handle. I cannot understand 78yrs old marrying a 25yr old young women. Blah.

My (other) grandparents... grandpa was 16 years older than grandma.
Well that's interesting manda. I met a guy last year who was 8 years younger than I am but looks older than me and we had a lot in common and we like each other. But when he asked me if we can start a relationship, I said no coz the idiotic me has an issue about dating younger men...and now I regret a little but there's no going back. So I'm happy for you!! And I've got things to work out on my own.
yeah i see where you are coming from.
like a 40 yr old seeing someone at say 15 is gross. or like you said 78 seing a 25 yr old ugh doesnt bear thinking about.
if people have a problem with our age difference then its there problem not ours.
we are happy and that is all that matters.
yes i know there will be some difference of opinions but everyone is entitled to there own.
good luck to all ;)
depends on what age you are, the older you get, or the younger you are, the age difference gets exadurated.

i'm 16 n my bf is 20, its all good for us and stuff, but 4 years aint that big.

12 years however is a lot lol, spesh the younger you are or the older you get.

i always find the chick being old a little weird lol, i dont know why.

but age is just a number, what really matters is the maturity level of both parties.
It's kinda relative if it matters or not. It doesn't matter at all in the viewpoint of true love, so you don't have to be afraid, manda :)
There is a couple here in Hungary: the husband is about 90 and his wife is 25 :eek: That's something. I hate them actually because the old man is a famous (and horrible) writer and I'm sure the girl isn't in love with him, but she's become famous as well with marrying her great-grandfather :lol: BTW, it isn't my business :rolleyes:
.....No. :D

Age doesnt matter! At all! :D That's...that for me. :p But no more than 20 years because obviously there wouldn't be anything I'd have in common with that person being older or younger. So yep. :p
I voted for NO but it it depends on their age difference because some people look really really young for their age.
Age doesn't matter.. and like has been said before it really depends on the persons involved. The largest age difference in my case was my gf was 5,5 years younger than I, and I knew my parents had a kind of difficulty accepting it because we were (and actually still are) both young and they saw it as pedophelia.. which in our case wasn't true actually :rolleyes:

I never really cared about ages.. I had real serious crushes on people who were about 13 years older than I.. and I never felt weird about it.
15 years between my husband and me, with me being younger. I met him after his first marriage ended in divorce and despite all the snide comments from our friends about "find someone your own age", we've been married 17 years and have two children. We're very happy.
I'll step in here too. I've been married for almost 25 years and my hubby is 30 years older than me. Yup, 30 years.

Age differences can be a big problem, but it depends on the people who are in the relationship whether or not it works. My husband does not act like he's in his 70's. He can keep up with most 50 year old's any day.

I wouldn't recommend a huge age difference to everyone, but they can and do work...sometimes.
i dont think its that big of a deal. i dont really mind it! beacuse im 15 and i like a teacher
One time I had a crush on a friend of mine and they were like 13 and I was 17. When I told my mom she called me a pervert. She thinks that age matters, but to knows no limits. (especially age. :D )