8x01 - 'Out of Time' ***CONTAINS SPOILERS***

Discussion in 'CSI: Miami' started by Finch, Sep 18, 2009.

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    I loved this episode. Loved loved loved it. I watched it twice this morning on ON DEMAND before I went shopping for some things I needed. If it hadn't been for needing those items I would've watched it 2 or 3 more times. In my opinion, this is the best episode of CSI: Miami since Smoke Gets In Your CSIs. I loved how they would transition between then and now. They showed clips of Eric from previous seasons in a kind of fast "rewind" order (7 6 5 4 3 2 1) and end up in 1997. Then they showed them in a kind of fast "fast-forward" order (1 2 3 4 5 6 7) and end up in the present day. We really need a grade poll like they have in the CSI: NY episode threads over in the CSI: NY section. IF we had a grade poll for this episode, I'd give it an A+ (the highest grade). I can't find anything wrong with it. I definitely hope this episode has commentary when season 8 comes out on DVD in September or October 2010. Now that I finished this post, I'm gonna flip to ON DEMAND and watch it another time or 2. :hugegrin:
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    i loved mo on tripp :guffaw:it was just to funny
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    Okay, first I have to say that Calleigh's attitude back then was SOOOO hyper:guffaw:I mean, that was Emily I saw on screen, it was funny and weird.
    Fav. part, or one them is when Calleigh hugged Alexx, that was emotional and so great because we see Calleigh let her guard down in front of her.

    -Frank with hair
    -Sulley was a jackass
    -Eddie is CUTE!
    -Eric throughout was awesome, especially in those jeans in the flashback:eek::drool:
    -Calleigh meeting him was funny
    -and I dont think I've loved Horatio more! OMG! He was adorable in the entire thing, he of all people looked the youngest in the flashback - hm irony...lol...off to read posts
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    I don't have much time or I will miss NCIS's premiere, but I wanted to say that I thought the Miami premiere was very good. And so far I like Jesse. He's very handsome, and didn't seem at all like a jerk or anything. Time will tell how this character will be.

    I'll give the episode a B, and only because of the flaw in the writing when H told Eric, "You're all I have left" in the hospital scene. It didn't make sense because of the fact he still has Kyle and Ray jr. I know other people have already posted about that when the scene was first posted on you tube, but I had to say something about it, too. Other than that, I loved everyone's performance in the ep. I loved Calleigh's personality back in the past, and Eric's, too. In that one scene where they first met, they both had a sparkle in their eye, and it was a very cute scene.
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    :lol: The minute I saw him the slash thoughts jumped in my head!! However TPTB would never go there so lets hope for a nice friendship.....
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    Thank God I'm not the only one who noticed David looked a little, ehem, plump. Who cares, I love him anyway! I'll just hand his Sunnies of Justice, poke his tummy and watch him laugh!
    The episode was pretty OK. I take the spoilers with a grain of salt, so I didn't have any specific scene expectations. Normally the errors in details would bug me, but I just let it go and looked at the episode for what it was: a flashback. The amount of makeup and video tweeks kinda freaked me out, though. Everybody kinda looked like the Muppet characters in "The Dark Crystal"!
    Loved Frank rockin' the 'stache! And Calleigh was just downright cute to me. I think they spent too much time on Jesse spraying the house, but whatayagonnado, eh? And Eric, good Lord! Somebody's been working out over the summer, haven't they? I had to watch the episode with smelling salts! BTW, miss you Alexx!
    Missed Ryan and Nat, but I figured it would be that way.
    All in all, not bad at all.
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    Erm, if you saw someone 10 years ago for a few mins in some random place and you didn't even talk - would you remember them? ;)

    But of course they _knew_ Snake Lady used to work for FBI
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    I totally loved H's police car, his desk, his phone.... I missed his sunnies though. I was glad they showed immense details in the murders and the characters & their environment. A+ for all of that!!!
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    My thoughts:

    1) Jessie is cute, i like him. And with my dislike to Eric, if someone would shown more then Ryan, it's better be Jessie then Eric. TPTB kill Eric as good character for me.
    2) Calleigh was sweet and fun.
    3) Frank with moustache was :lol:
    4) Case was interesting.
    5) I miss you Alexx, please come back!
    6) H\E scene in hospital was heart breaking, but H probably forgot that he have son, Yellina and Ray jr. :(

    Where was Ryan? Why he didn't say something? :scream::scream::scream: It's so hard to give him just one line?:scream:
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    I guess I just look at it differently. This scene apparently has some people with mixed feelings, but Eric & Horatio are both very close, & H is old enough to be his father. If it were H doing that to Frank or someone older than I can see where it would make some cringe, but considering the age difference I looked at it in the same way I would if that was H emotional with losing his own son.
    I don't recall anyone thinking it was gross when Gil had his arms wrapped around dead Warrick or holding him close rocking him back & forth. If H had done nothing or showed little emotion then some would say he's a robot & not human - so now he really shows how deep his relationship is with one of his teammembers & it's too cheezy or "eww"?? :rolleyes:

    Sorry, Im not picking on anyone in particular here, but good grief, it was an emotional scene & he was facing the death of someone very close to him. He was "in his face" to try & make Eric hear him, to let him know he was there by touching his face -- geesh what is so wrong with a man being emotional.

    Actually, I would expect someone like Horatio to remember anyone he met in his line of work, even if only for a brief moment. Realistically, no I wouldn't remember shit about anyone I came across for 2 seconds a decade ago,lol, but considering this was supposed to be how they all met, where they were at & how they were brought together, it leaves the impression that his "meetings" with those people in the past were the ones he would later recruit to build his team.
    All the same, I honestly think it was just sloppy work on tptb's part & they convienantly forgot the way they originally introduced her. It's a shame no one was there to mention a Ryan Wolfe entering the police academy or something of the like - a reference of any kind would've been sufficient enough to please the fans, sadly they couldn't even magage to squeeze any of that in.

    Re: Eric's past/tow-truck driver -- I really would have expected Eric to be more ambitious in the science or police field, or mention he was attending college classes for that line of work, something, anything other than a 20-something guy who drives a tow-truck & collects tin :lol:
    There was just a 4 year timeframe from that moment up to him already being a CSI in 2002 when the show first aired, so are we just supposed to assume he went strait to college after that, earned a degree in science, did the police force thing, earned his badge & then "wala"?
    That was about my only real "wtf" moment for the flashbacks -- I think it would have worked just as easily if they'd have stuck with him working in underwater recovery. He still could have came across the dead body, the vehicle, & H's beloved sunnies....so why the hell a tow-truck driver? :wtf:

    On another note - too funny that the lyrics "I get knocked down, but I'll get up again" were blaring from Eric's car radio. :lol:
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    You are right!! there was no explanation as to why Eric was getting this operation!! I thought that Alexx would've said something to Calleigh when she sat with her to talk, but nothing. I guess we were just to assume it was his head injury!!

    Also, I didn't like that really no characters spoke in the present day. I know the main focus was on the past ep, but in the present Natalia, Ryan, nor Frank spoke. They should've made them say something. Poor Natalia said nothing in both the past and present. I do like the fact they had everyone come to Eric's side, though. When Calleigh inhaled the smoke, they didn't have anyone at her side, except for Eric and Alexx. Horatio didn't go in to see her not once.

    Anyway, I just feel like whomever wrote this ep could've done their research a bit. Megan headed CSI before Horatio did and left because her husband died. Speed was there before Calleigh, and Eric was in underwater recovery, not a towing company prior to becoming a CSI. Lets get it together!
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    I know! This is one of the things that annoyed me the most. NOBODY confirmed what really happened to him! Was he shot? If so, was it by Calleigh? Or did someone from the Russian mob do that after getting Eric in the Everglades? Was it the impact of the car crash that rattled the bullet fragment in his brain? Did the writers get curious about what they could find in their butts and then decide it was so magnificent that they just HAD to put it in the episode? All we know is that it was a head injury, because they were operating on his head.

    I'm going to put some additional thoughts on this in a spoiler tag because it relates to future episode spoilers:

    We know that in episode 3, both Eric and Calleigh will be questioned about the incident. Apparently, Eric says that he doesn't remember how he ended up in the Everglades, and that he was just at the armory to pick his father up and bring him to the PD for questioning. Okay, that's fine, because if he had a head injury, hallucinations or memory loss aren't out of the question.

    But even if he didn't remember EXACTLY what happened, the DOCTORS would have some idea! I'm going to take a walk on the wild side here and guess that they wouldn't operate on someone's brain unless they knew there was an injury to it. They would eventually KNOW if he was shot in the head an additional time, or if an external trauma rattled the bullet fragment and caused hemorrhaging in his skull. Would they know WHO shot him (if he was shot) or HOW he received some kind of blunt force trauma? No. But they would know WHAT kind of head injury he had, and could have a few theories about what caused it.

    If his medical diagnosis/treatment isn't made clear in the next couple episodes, I will be royally pissed.
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    I haven’t posted in this section for an awful long time, but some of the reviews I read in this thread were interesting enough for me to want to take a look at the premiere of this season – hence me having a look.

    I have no idea what happened in Season 7, so why Eric was wandering around the marshes with a head wound and how Horatio and any other member of the team could have so misplaced him is beyond me. Perhaps there’s a logical explanation, but it seems pretty much contrived to me without knowing the how and why to be honest.

    A sad occurrence was having a horrible giggling fit when I saw Frank harbouring such a ridiculous moustache with his hair kind of fluffed out at the sides because he looked like (and I’m really sorry about this) a clown to me. I’m really glad they didn’t give you a shot of his shoes because I had already imagined them to be size twenties and flat for the majority of them. Sorry...

    Aaanyhoo, my likes were:

    I liked how some shots were filmed and disliked intensely the way others were shot. For instance, I really liked how the beginning was shot, but hated the shuddering/shaking of the camera in the ambulance and when Eric was being wheeled into the emergency room.

    It was great to see Calleigh and Horatio together in a scene and that scene not have me shivering and diving beneath a blanket because the chemistry between them was sooooo cold and detached. There seemed to be genuine feeling between the two at the beginning and it was really nice to see. It seriously gave me a bit of hope. Having said that though, their scene after coming out of the gun room was somewhat puke worthy. It really made me cringe because it seemed so false. Sadly right there and then I resigned myself to the fact that the wonderfully natural and easy going chemistry these two actors/characters shared in Seasons 1-3 is now firmly lost.

    I loved Horatio’s scene in the hospital room. Huuuuge, huge, huuuuuuge Kudos to DC for such a wonderful piece of acting. I’m not ashamed to say that I shed a couple of tears. The sad thing is, it now seems evident to me that Horatio has somehow forgotten about Madison, Ray Jnr and Yelina. Still, even though after the fact it annoyed the hell out of me when realising that, it did not spoil my enjoyment of the scene at the time. Still a massive dip of my hat to DC.

    I really liked the scene between Horatio and Eric at the end. It was good chemistry between the two and it was a really nice lead in to the end scene.

    My dislikes were:

    A complete and utter lack of character continuity. I imagine the beginning was set before Eric goes into the Crime Scene Investigation scene, however, to go from Truck Driver/Scavenger to an LEO of such a high degree I think is completely and utterly ludicrous. If it isn’t so far fetched then it seriously felt like it was. I had always assumed that Eric had trained as an underwater diver and came into the CSIs through that avenue and not from simply watching Horatio work a scene.

    They also showed Eric to be a bit of a dum-dum, a little slow on the uptake of things and that rankled me a bit. I have always had the impression that Eric was an intelligent person and the only time he regressed a bit was when he was recovering from being shot in the head. *sigh*

    Also, I was under the impression that Eric and Speedle knew each other waaaaay before Horatio knew either one of them. Goes back to the, weren’t Calleigh, Speed and Eric on the team before Horatio arrived to take it over?

    Um, the flashback was completely and utterly confusing, firstly, because who exactly was having the flashback? Horatio or Eric? Still, on that front, I came to the conclusion that it was Horatio’s flashback because the only time you ever saw Calleigh, Eric and Tripp was when he was around... but then that does beg the question, why on earth would Horatio be having such a flashback?

    Also, Horatio in charge of the CSI team back then? I was under the impression he came from the Bomb Squad, to Detective, to the CSI, and that Megan was in charge when he made that final transition – and that he only eventually took over the team when Megan went walkabout because she was finding it hard to work after the death of her husband.

    The flashback also made me wonder just how much pulling power Horatio had before he’d even joined the CSI team (when we first see him on-screen) because wasn’t Calleigh, Eric and Speed already on the CSI team before Horatio joined them in 2002? *shrug* Either way, the flashback still remains confusing, simply because the character continuity was completely skew-whiff, off kilter... um, actually non-existent.

    My nitpicks which annoyed me:

    One minute at the secondary murder site, Horatio is touching the body without gloves, perhaps destroying what little evidence there might have been, and then we see him putting on the gloves to touch the body in the ME room – a time when any and all evidence should have already been garnered from the body, thus making the putting on of the gloves completely irrelevant to me. They got that the wrong way round for me.

    I’m afraid Calleigh did grate on me in the flashbacks. She was more like the Wide-Mouthed frog on a permanent high, than the Calleigh I knew and adored in the first three seasons. And she was soooo green that it hurt to see. Surely she would know if she was out of order or not. It seemed a blatant way of fishing for the compliment Horatio gave her and I really don’t like that in a character – and the look she had on her face when Horatio walked away had me reaching for a sick-bag (I imagined violins and a speech bubble with “My hero” stamped inside of it –UGH!!!)

    ~ ~
    Still, all in all, I think I liked it – insofar as to say that I didn’t grind my teeth and I never felt a rant coming on. Yes, there were some major things that annoyed the hell out of me, most especially the lack of character continuity and that it once again seemed more to be a massive, and somewhat erroneous, pat on the back for the Horatio character for getting together such a team, but, all in all, I have to say that the episode has left me with a feeling that it showed promise, far more promise than last seasons premiere.

    I’m gonna give it a go this season, and hope my subdued feelings that this incident with Eric will eventually bring Horatio closer to his team again.

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    Hey guys, just a reminder:

    This will be going here as well as the Spoiler thread.

    Please do not name sources if they're not major magazines (TV Guide, Entertainment Weekly, etc.) or well-known web columns like Ask Ausiello or Kristin at E! Online. Keep in mind that naming sources aside from these makes it likely that those sources will dry up.

    Simply refer to them as 'spoilers' only, please. Thank you.
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    At the end of season 5 Born to Kill, it was revealed that Ryan was from Boston so while I agree it would have been nice to have seen more of him in the present time including him in the flashbacks would not have made sense. His lack of screen time was warrented in this episode. We just have to hope for a great story arc for him and for Natalia in the future.

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