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    "For Warrick" Discussion *SPOILERS*

    Re: "For Warrick" Season Premiere Discussion *SPOILERS* I've never cried during a CSI episode until tonight. And I cried A LOT. mostly in the beginning and at the end; the funeral scene. wow.... I think that was the best episode ever. for sure.
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    I Have An Episode/Character Question *NO Spoilers* P1

    Re: Episode/Character Question *NO Spoilers* What is the episode where the guy hits another guy and he is stuck in his windshield and it ended up that the guy in the windshield was alive but then bled out in the other guys garage... ?? There is a movie out that the same kind of thing happens...
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    Welcome to the CSI Music Forum!

    Re: CSI Thanks!
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    Welcome to the CSI Music Forum!

    Re: CSI I'm wondering if anyone knows the song playing in the beginning of Sweet Jane (7.13)
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    CSI: The Experience

    Re: CSI Experience: MSI Opening Day i was planning on going to the exhibit opening day because i wanted to see the cast, but i'm glad they weren't there because i didn't make it out there. but i'm deffinately going sometime this summer!!!
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    "Leaving Las Vegas" Discussion **Spoilers**

    I thought the mini crime scene killer killed himself after they figured out it was him...
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    Jigsaw Puzzle

    Did anyone fine the scorpion in "everybody loathes somebody sometime"? I finished it a few days ago but forgot to take a picture of it. I have the solution also if anyone wants it.
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    CSI Season 6 on DVD

    I just got s.6 for xmas!!! i'm watching Bodies in Motion right now. I'll be done with it in a few days.
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    "Loco Motive" Discussion **Spoilers**

    Does anyone know when this ep will be on innertube? I forgot to set my recorder thing tonight!!!!
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    "Built To Kill Part 1" Discussion **SPOILERS**

    I'm too excited to concentrate on what is actually happening right now. I think I was hyperventaliting for the first half! I'll have to re-watch it tomorrow morning instead of doing homework. :)
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    Season 7 *Spoiler Lab* Discussion & Posting - Part 2

    Now that you mention beverages, I might go out and buy some Dr.Pepper..... 4 more hours here in Michigan!!!!!!!!!
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    P2 - You Know You've Watched To Much CSI When..

    Re: You Know You've Watched To Much CSI When.. ...reading your textbooks for your Criminal Justice class is making you WAY too excited for the premiere!
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    Thank God for CSI

    When I broke my foot back in June all I did was watch CSI. It took my mind off not being able to do anything or go anywhere.
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    CSI Labor Day Marathon -Season 6

    Re: RE: CSI Labor Day Marathon- Season 6 this thread is depressing me because I don't get Spike TV anymore. :( I'll just have to wait until Christmas when I get S.6 on DVD.
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    S7 Guest Stars Discussion Thread *Spoilers Possible*

    Re: Kevin Federline Guest star ????? He is probably really cheap though, thats probably one reason they chose him.