You Know You Watch Too Much CSI:LV When ...

When the police TELL you so! :lol:

Well, it's not really funny, but there was a murder in the next county (small town) a few months ago, and they caught the punks recently, so it was in the paper today along with an article about the woman who tipped the police off soon after it happened.

She had seen these creeps on her property around the time of the murder and told the cops about it. So there was an interview with her and she said that when she reported the tip, "The police told me I watch too much CSI! But I helped solve a murder!"
When your best friend texts you to call you a b***h for getting her back onto CSI and needs to borrow your dvd's!! So you invite her over for a marathon!
When you can let all those big scientific terms drip off your tongue like you were a scientist. I can actually do that now. And I actually know what they mean too. Where was CSI when I was doing my science exams at high school?
When you tell your friend at work about an upcoming episode and blurt out, "It's episode number 198" and they look at you like they're slightly afraid. :lol:
when you have english and your teacher asks you to think of a example sentence and you can't help but use the CSI characters names and what they're doing.

i can tell you.. i've hat a weeeeird english lesson a few weeks ago.

teacher: "lisa, you wanna give us a passive or active sentence?"
me: "well. how about.. 'nick is collecting evidence.'"
some other student: "isn't this CSI Miami?"
teacher: "noo ! nick isn't from CSI Miami, he's from CSI"
me: "mrs, you actually watch CSI?"
teacher: "of course i do! i think of going to CSI the experience next week, have you been there?"
me: "yes. i really liked it. but it's more for people who watch alot of CSI and know how to think like the characters do and stuff."
teacher: "well! perfect for me!"

i think she's hiding somewhere in this forum :lol:
When you're talking to a fellow, but casual, fan but even she has to tease you about knowing all the names of all the episodes of all 9 seaons and detailed breakdowns of what happens in them!
Since we're talking about school ... I sometimes use CSI names when composing tests for my English classes. Makes me smile and work a lot easier :thumbsup:
yeah me too! and i always have to smile if i read one of their names on the exercise sheet, i'm immediately rasing my hand because i want to read it although i don't have a clue what i have to do but i want to call their names out loud :lol:
When you tell your friend at work about an upcoming episode and blurt out, "It's episode number 198" and they look at you like they're slightly afraid. :lol:

I hear ya


That and dropping in on an episode at some random point and explaining what's happened and what's going to. :alienblush:

Excuse me for a moment - I have a life somewhere around here.......
when you hurry to the library as fast as you can when it's break between the lessons, just to get to one of the computers and login to the forum :rolleyes:
when you're telling a work mate about the opening scene from A La Cart (with the head and the road and the music) and then later realise that your boss's ring tone is the same music to that exact scene so you start to laugh and soon everyone is staring at you because they think you've lost it. :rolleyes:
when you're in french class and come across a time where it's inescapable that you write the phrase à la carte (off the menu/on the menu) and keep writing à la CART because you're thinking about what a great GSR episode that was. :rolleyes: and go-carting accident's and eat-in-the-dark restaurants. :lol:
when you're hanging out with your friends and can't help but watching some CSI fanvideos on your ipod, annoying every other person by singing out loud to for instance the hula song or the fun song with greg and hodges :guffaw:
When you're watching your 2 year old granddaughter and decide it's never to early for her to learn about luminol...

When you're watching the inaugaration parade and some band was from Las Vegas and you look up just in case you might see someone...

When you're watching a movie that you've seen many, many times and realize that a guest star from CSI was in it. Like did you know that Dr. Lurie(Kyle Secor) played in Sleeping With The Enemy as a doctor who owned the boat???