Would you go to a CSI convention??

I'd consider going, especially if there were writers and directors speaking at it. That would be quite a neat experience.
...except for the fact that I, too, am in the broke university student category.
Having said that, I did go to a Harry Potter fan convention a couple years back. (It helps that it was in my university town, granted...)
You bet I would!! :cool:
CSI and forensic science are fascinating!

If only there was a convention where I live -I seriously doubt that will ever happen :rolleyes:
I'd go to a CSI con if there was almost any member of CSI LV present. I don't expect it would be Billy's thing, but the other cast members might be up for it.

I'm part of a club that runs conventions here in Sydney and they can be as much fun as you make them. You can just sit in a corner and watch the world go by or introduce yourself to others and make some great friends.

The farthest I've been to a con is about 18 months ago when I went to Toronto in January. The blizzard was a shock to this poor Sydney girl, but my friend and I had the time of our lives.

Life's too short. You've got to do the crazy things now :)

Sigh...I wish I could go but I know that they wouldn't hold a CSI one in England. And there is no way on this earth that I could afford the plane ticket!!!
I'd definetly go if i could get the money together. I live in the uk though so i doubt id be able to afford it unless it was announced like a year beforehand so i had plenty of time to save up.
If I could afford to go I would but like CSI3 from Hamilton I live 20 Minutes outside of Hamilton. I agree with GilGrissomCSI that it would be better to have a convention in Chicago. If William Petersen was at the convention I would probably grow wings and try to fly to California. :devil: :devil: :cool: ;)
Hmmm...maybe I could plan a holiday to the states around the time of a convention... :rolleyes:

Anyone know where to find all the info on these conventions???
The answer to that question is obvious............ hell yes!!!! I would definetly go!! now if only there were LOST conventions hmmmmmmmmm *at this point in time I start ranting on abouts CSI and LOST theories*
Oh I would go to a CSI Miami one, maybe CSI too, depends on who's there. I would so go to a Lost one also no matter who was there. CSIsam we could bounce around our theories.