Would you go to a CSI convention??

I would go to a CSI convention....if they would ever have one in England..which I seriously doubt..maybe London..
I would love to go to a CSI:NY convention too. It would be great to meet the cast and other fans and everything. Hopefully going to a convention like that wouldn't be too expensive.
Yeah, I would just love to go a CSI convention - LV, Miami or NY. But considering I am in New Zealand, it doesn't seem likely... :(
I always try to go to conventions for my fandoms, but Los Angelos is too far away from me. >< And I can't affored a ticket, but if there was one in Canada I'd so be there.
Well considering that it would most likely be in LA or LV I would most likely go. Only because I live about 3 or 4 hours from LA and LV. I'm right in the middle of the two!!! So yeah I'm just wondering on how much the convention itself would cost...if there ever was one.
Heck yes.
But then I'd have to wear that "CSI Outfit" that I found in that terrible magazine and you can't walk in that thing. It's like being in a tube.

But I'd still go and say "Eeeeehh" to everyone. Like Fonzie. And get kicked out for incompetance.
Depends on which actors would be there! and then another money problem. But it would be great to have a round tour through the US of A though at the same time.