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Good,;) you know newspapers, they always over-exaggerate:confused: I love England/Britain, and have always. My dream is to visit your country someday. I never want to disturb or have any kind of confrontations with any of you. I also love your comments and what's going on over there across the pond. You're our buddies always. So lets hope this gets fixed, sooner than later~
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i just watched "The Deal" with Blair/Brown agreement. How much is true? Scary that politics comes down to the individual politician and not the party. I wonder how things would have gone with Brown at helm from the begining. Last EU - decret: We are on summerholiday until ......:guffaw::guffaw:. So at least the world will not turn bad or ungly at the moment as the politicians are on vacation. wonder what would happen if they prolong their holiday further. Would the world come to an end?;)
^ well obviously it was dramatised, but i think it pretty much was a deal between 2 guys which didn't go down very well with the public - once brown came to power he had to deal with the fact that nobody saw him as elected. party leaders are usually only elected within the party (in fact the prime minister is not elected by popular vote, it's just whoever the winning party happen to have elected as leader), but he didn't even have that, just a dodgy deal in a restaurant.

the sad fact is that politics has been about personality more than politics for a long time and it's going to get more that way i think.
DUH:alienblush:I meant Queen Elizabeth.. sorry, we just had a horrible earthquake and I was all shook up:censored:
ohhh yeah, that makes more sense! haha i thought maybe she'd returned from the dead! was old queenie over there then? you can keep her if you like!
ohhh yeah, that makes more sense! haha i thought maybe she'd returned from the dead! was old queenie over there then? you can keep her if you like!

:lol:Ya' know people ridicule her for carrying her pocketbook/purse, but I as well take mine everywhere too. The hat and flowered dress however, could have been a bit much:confused:I've always honored and admired the royal family and looked up to them, so it was very nice that she visited N.Y.:thumbsup:

More political news form the U.S.~
^^oh so you rather have Berlousconi instead???:p. The fact that that man is still running Italy is chocking ....he once again tried to impose media - law to prevent negative pr. ....I don´t know for sure, but I fear the man is powercrazy...Perhaps he wants to emperor next.
no, really, berlusconi is AWFUL! i think he does think he's an emperor sometimes, he certainly acts that way. but it's possible to have a president that doesn't behave like him, many other countries have perfectly reasonable presidents. and most importantly they're elected - of course the voting system may have problems but it's better than someone being head of state and having tons of money and preferential treatment just because of who their ancestors are.

berlusconi abuses his power in the most crazy of ways and really should be stopped*, but at least he was elected at some point. yes his election may have been purely because of business interests and his clinging to power is totally undemocratic, but i'd rather that than just some idiot who happens to have famous parents/granparents/etc.

* although, thinking about this, what he does in terms of buying up the press/media and controlling politics that way is really no different to what rupert murdoch does via the likes of fox news (us), the sun (uk), etc - but he's never been elected either. at least by berlusconi being "elected" (sort of!) leader, he has some vague notion of accountability - it is at least feasible that he can be overthrown. murdoch controls politics through the press just as tightly in the uk and us (and to an extent australia) and has no accountability at all - his media can mostly say what it wants, it's no secret that politics are in the pockets of his papers/tv cos and do pretty much what they want, and there's no voting system on earth that can get rid of him. vile man.
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