"Willows in the Wind" Discussion **SPOILERS**


Series: 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation'
Episode Title: 'Willows In the Wind'
Episode Number: 1212
Synopsis: "The CSI team says goodbye to Catherine Willows as she makes a life-changing decision."
Original Airdate
: January 25, 2012

Story By
: Carol Mendelsohn and Don McGill
Teleplay By: Christopher Barbour and Richard Catalani
Directed By: Alec Smight

Guest Stars:

  • Marc Vann as Conrad Ecklie
  • Larry Mitchell as Officer Mitchell
  • Jon Wellner as Henry Andrews
  • Larry Sullivan as Officer Akers
  • Tangie Ambrose as Miss Kitty
  • Matt Lauria as Agent Pratt
  • Titus Welliver as Mark Gabriel
  • Annabeth Gish as Laura Gabriel
  • James Black as Jackory
  • Jess Allen as Bouncer
  • Rod Rowland as Ted Jr
  • Jack Dimich as Paul Obrecht
If anyone sees the episode early some how can you confirm Catherine doesn't die? I know they said she wont but for some reason I still worried
Barbour said to Shane that Vartann will be back in Seeing Red (episode 14) so don't worry he's not dead ;)
For Agent McQuaid, I think he is
I wonder if CBS will release any teaser videos for this one. They were so generous with MWR, why not spread the love. Lol

I'd like to see the scene with Doc from the promo. I'm curious as to what point DB and Cath end up there...right after she is shot or later in the episode, and what (if anything) Doc does for her. I've always enjoyed the Doc/Cath dynamo so that scene will be cool.
Love that she is taking her vest ;). Seeing Grissom there made me nostalgic. It would've been so great for him to be in this next episode.
Doc: I thought you said this was the only DB here? (after getting message that says "DB Room 12")


"It's only gonna hurt for a moment.... when you go into shock..."
"You got a bullet I can bite on?"


LOL that girl is funny. "Don't know nothing, didn't see nothing. You can hang me up and pull out my acrylics with pliers" heh.


"Honey, in that neighborhood, the only suit a man wears under his trenchcoat is his birthday suit" :guffaw:


Annie Oakley LOL.



All those who thought Laura was sketchy were right. Good call.

So, that means that the female DB from the car is the girl from the hit squad.

Not really thrilled that they made McQuaid dirty. That's as bad as killing him off.

McQuaid was the one found at Cath's? Okay, so he was trying to save Cath.

Yep, Pratt is the one that gave her a job offer, but because of McQuaid and what he saw in Cath.

"You do know me, but not as well as you thought. When you chose me, you should have known it would end like this". Go, Cath!

Morgan looks like she's about to cry and Cath hasn't even gotten started hardly yet. I guess she senses what Cath's about to say.

"You are a rock solid badass team of criminalists" Love that line!
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