William/Grissom : The Hotness of #12

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Thank's that's cute that you read that to your little boy, so now he knows who Grissom is too, huh? here's a video of Billy talking about Voicing the Chicago bid for the 2016 Olympics it's him talking and the fantastic city of Chicago, wow it's awesome:thumbsup:


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WOW that is a different sort of role for Billy. Sounds very intense.
I'm sure Billy will be phenomenal in that role.
SO, is anyone here going to see that play???

Summer trip to Chi Town. Cubs better be at home as well :D

It'll make a change for me to go to the US in the summer, all apart from one time I've been there has been in the middle of winter.

IT's a British play right? So that means Billy doing British accent?!
Summer trip to Chi Town. Cubs better be at home as well.
Can you imagine seeing Billy & the Cubs in the same trip?!

I had to LOL about the British accent. I guess if he can master Irish brogue he can do British. The thought intrigues me. :)
I tell ya, it intrigues the heck out of me as well!

He's wonderful at accents mind you, I have no worries there!

I'm intrigued what accent it'd be. The UK being the land of different accents all over the damn place! We can't walk 10 miles without a change of accent :lol:
That will be fantastic and interesting, and all you Brits, can critique his 'accent' he also had the Irish Boston accent down to a tea in "The Young Kennedy's of Mass" he's a master of everything he attempts and he accomplishes it :bolian:
I wish I could go see that play. Just the storyline sounds interesting enough. And with WP playing the lead... I could only imagine.
This is Billy chatting about random things in 2003, and how things have changed but he still hasn't starred with Caruso:thumbsup:


Courtesy of WPAP!
Billy and Laurence Fishburne will be presenters together at the Annual Emmy's on Sept. 21 on ABC, don't miss this one!


Courtesy of WPAP!
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