William/Grissom Picture Thread 3

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ebuzz55 said:
Yum. Wet. :p

Whoa ebuzz you made my morning!

Nothing like seeing him all wet!

A shower scene with Grissom.

sophia is a bloody scumbag takin grissom off of sara
not a smart move although if i were in csi i would have to call myself a scumbag too as i would have to have him all to myself !!!!!
mrs grissom
mrs petersen
oh those muscular arms and that muscular chest
and that ass ......*drifts of into fantasy*....
WELCOME orgasmbilly pretty racy screen name :eek: you go girl-- :p and we're really not allowed here--- to rag on other cast members- this is just for Billy pictures- just a heads up-- ;)have fun- glad you have great taste in men- :p

I love your new banner WPRMW! Jackpot rules!

Billy swimming! :drool:
Yeah, thank goodness I have all the DVDs! I got them for Christmas.
Nice collage desertwind! Billy in jeans! OMG! :eek:
Thanks newflame, I sure get a bit confused with cars... and to tell u the truth when Billy is in the foreground I tend to focus on him and pay no attention to anything else in the pic!! :D

desertwind...what can I say?...u did it again!! ;)
Fab collage, I love the pic of Gris talking on the mobile (is it the scene were he's supposed to be talking to "his wife"? amazing look on his face! :D)

Billy is priceless... :D Million dollar baby :p
wow i had a hell of a WP night last night... 2 episodes of CSI on Spike, then they showed Young Guns 2...

I have seen that movie a ton of times, and I never realized he was in it!!! *duh* lol

He can arrest me ANYTIME ;)
1_LaDy_RoSe_1 said:
NICK STOLE HIS MOSTACHE!!!!! :lol: :lol: :lol:

Well, at least Billy is way sexy with the moustache. George look absolutely scary in his. :lol: :lol: :lol:

I love that Jackpot collage! Bravo!!!!!!

ash_billylover said:
I love your new banner WPRMW! Jackpot rules!

Thanks! :)Hmmm I should make another Jackpot banner. :D

Fallen4Grissom it's okay I just know my cars. I just like Billy OMG HOT STUFF. Other Thing He needs a shower scene. And when I mean Shower Scene I mean bathroom shower. Even though the rain is sexy. LOL. But still Billy is hot. Grissom is also hot. ANd I saw Jackpot And Now I'm watching manhunter. this movie is so hot. I love the way he sounds. He's a younger Grissom in it and it's freaken HAWT. And he wears Jeans most of the time. Then ther's his suits.OMG I love this movie.*drools at sight of Billy in shortshorts.*
These are two pictures form one of his earlier movies "THE BEAST" he's a younger looking Grissom- so good-looking just a bit younger- and still 'HOTT' and don't you all wish you were the girl- - (Karen Sillas) from 1996-he was 43 :p


Amen Desertwind I wish I was her. I saw Manhunter and I was drooling. OMG I wish I atleast shared the same bedroom with the guy. I just had goosebumps through out the whole movie. Then I just watched Jackpot. Hehehe
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