William/Grissom Picture Thread 3

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Part One can be found here Part 1, Part 2

Please remember the rules of picture threads.
**Pictures Max Size 400 x 400.
**If they are bigger use the "URL" Code.

Pictures per post:
1 large (400x400)or
2 medium (130x130)or
3 small (115x115)

URL Links: try not to do over 6 in one post please and when you do them (if your using the UBB Code box) paste in the addy you have then, when it asks for a name PLEASE do not paste the address in again.
But rather give it a name like "Cutie Pie". The reason we suggest that is because the addresses are sometimes so long it stretches the screen.

Please remember that "Hotlinking" is not allowed at any point, and will be edited, hotlinking is: when you link a picture to be viewed from a site that you do not own or operate. If you wish to have a picture viewed that belong to another site use the URL Link.

I also have to put in that there is the "Adult content" rule please don't violate it.

Otherwise have fun. ;)
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