William/Grissom: Pass the Drool Bucket! Pic thread #11

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Thanks for the sexy pics Des and CSIz_4. Billy is just so edible. I love the goatee pic especially...because Billy + facial hair...*grrrowl* :devil:

Some Billy hotness for a Friday afternoon:

Well Deserved Award

Billy and Sister I love this picture :)

Moody and Sexy

Young and Brooding

Gotta Love "THE HAT"

People's Choice Awards :drool:
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Yes, thank you for all the lovely Grissom pics. I LOVE :luvlove: the one of Billy and Gary. Thank you Desertwind :D
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Love the pics gilsgal!!! Wow I love that man!! He's so sexy and so hot.
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I can't believe it's just you and I keeping this thread alive,Des. I know that nanigsr can't post pics yet, and that she will when she is able.
So come on ladies. I know that there are many of you out there that LOVE Billy. Help us drool over the man by posting pics too.

TV Guide Billy in a suit...need I say more? :drool:

Billy and Gina

Gotta love that SMILE

I'd Love Flowers From Billy

Cute Such BLUE eyes...OMG!!!!

The TUX!!! *Grrrrowl* :devil:
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Hey Ladies, sorry I haven't been here in a while. Life is Crazy..

Great pictures of Grissom and of Billy.

gilsgal I have that EW cover same with the TV Guide of when he left in '07,

Thanks for making my day :D
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Glad you liked the pics ladyhunter.
Billy does clean up soooo nicely...I wish Grissom would have worn more suits...and jeans....LOL!!! :drool:
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Ya'll don't want me posting pictures right now....I'm barely hanging on to sober!

Thanks for the pictures...I'll post a few tomorrow, I think...I think we need some of Blackbird so we can keep ourselves in the present as opposed to the past with CSI. GG: I facebooked you, FYI :) And thanks for the pictures :)


Ok I found some :)

Billy and Mattie Blackbird


My current wallpaper
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