William/Grissom: Pass the Drool Bucket! Pic thread #11


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Welcome to the William Petersen/Gil Grissom Perfect 10 Picture thread!

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Please remember the rules of picture threads.
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As well remember to give URL links a name (not just re-put in the addy) a good descript of the pic will be helpful. Also please only "Showing" pictures from your own site (ie Photobucket, etc.) hotlinking is not allowed Pictures can not carry Adult Content, Swearing, Baiting, Trolling or Flaming in them.
If you are new please note that you have to have 100 posts before you can post a picture, until you reach that mark you can use the "URL" link to the picture.

Have fun posting! :)
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Congrats on the new thread. I would like to thank Hellsbells for doing this for us. :)
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on our new thread, thank's to HellsBells and Destiny and Smokey what better way to start then with photos of him in his play "BLACKBIRD" although these were posted on the last thread, here they are again, for you viewing pleasure


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Congrats on the new Grissom thread.

Very lovely pictures to drool over ladies. :drool:
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Hey there nanigsr WELCOME, glad your here
and he is indeed handsome, sexy and hot:p His deameanor the delivery of his perfect dialogue, his mannerisms, to die for. The tone of his seductive voice, what's not to love? Here's a pic of him and that other guy on CSI:rolleyes:

BILLY AND GARY Chicago boys
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DW: Thanks for the pictures :) He's a SEXY man!!
Ok, I posted as requested, so you are free to do it again :)
Let's fill this thread up, people!!!
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:eek: WOW, now Gina's wearing a hat, and very cute at that. Here's a photo of them opening night in Chicago, 'BLACKBIRD' which some of our lovely fans got to see him

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Thanks everybody for all the pictures!!! He's so so and so SEXY,this man is going to cause me a heart attack...uf!!!